2013 Whirlpool Corporation Innovation Report


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The nature of communities is that they overlap and intersect, weaving strong connections that strengthen us as we together reach for our goals. With over 15 years in a quest for an embedded capability of innovation, we can see the level of maturity and evolution in the 2013 initiatives across the world. This report serves as a reference for teams around the world and for future generations of innovators so they can understand how we saw the future “back in 2013.” This year we confirmed our level of thought leadership in the field of innovation with the award received from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey on their Innovating Innovation challenge.

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2013 Whirlpool Corporation Innovation Report

  2. 2. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 2 Europe, Middle East and Africa Amiens, France Athens, Greece Barcelona, Spain Belgrade, Serbia Bratislava, Slovakia Breda, The Netherlands Bucharest, Romania Budapest, Hungary Casablanca, Morocco Cassinetta, Italy Comerio, Italy North America Benton Harbor, Michigan Amana, Iowa Celaya, Mexico Chicago, Illinois CIeveland , Tennessee Clyde, Ohio Evansville, Indiana Findlay, Ohio Greenville, Ohio Guadalajara, Mexico Knoxville, Tennessee Marion, Ohio Mexico City, Mexico Mississauga, Ontario Monterrey, Mexico Ottawa, Ohio Ramos Arizpe, Mexico St. Joseph, Michigan Tulsa, Oklahoma Washington, D.C. Latin America Bogota, Colombia Buenos Aires, Argentina Guatemala City, Guatelama Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Brazil Joinville, Brazil Manaus, Brazil Lima, Peru Rio Claro, Brazil Santiago de Chile, Chile Sao Paulo, Brazil Croydon, United Kingdom Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dublin. Ireland Helsinki, Finland Herlev, Denmark Isithebe, South Africa Johannesburg, South Africa Kiev, Ukraine Lenzburg, Switzerland Lisbon, Portugal Naples, Italy Norrkoping, Sweden Oslo, Norway Poprad, Slovakia Prague, Czech Republic Riga, Latvia Schorndorf, Germany Siena, Italy Sofia, Bulgaria Stockholm, Sweden Strombeek-Bever, Belgium Stuttgart, Germany Suresnes, France Tallinn, Estonia Trento, Italy Vienna, Austria Vilnius, Lithuania Warsaw, Poland Wroclaw, Poland Asia Beijing, China Changzxing, Zheijang Faridabad, India Hong Kong, China Melbourne, Austrailia New Delhi (Gurgaon), India Pondicherry, India Pune, India Qingdao, China Ranjangaon, India Shanghai, China Shenzhen, China Shunde, China Taipei, Taiwan Innovation from the Whirlpool Global Community As our physical and virtual worlds change at record pace, communities continue to play major roles in our lives. Whirlpool Corporation itself embodies a community. We are over 65,000 individuals, from 50 different countries, speaking different languages, united in bringing product leadership and other innovative solutions to households around the globe. The combined activities of Innovation and Margin Realization provide a common language for creating our future, and are essential for us to remain relevant, profitable and drive growth as we move forward. On the following pages, we share some of the initiatives the various Whirlpool Innovation communities have driven in 2013 to bring about product leadership, increased margins, new business models and a stellar future performance—by leveraging the combined strengths and capabilities of our global and local resources.
  3. 3. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 3 Letter from Our Leadership The nature of communities is that they overlap and intersect, weaving strong connections that strengthen us as we together reach for our goals. With over 15 years in a quest for an embedded capability of innovation, we can see the level of maturity and evolution in the 2013 initiatives across the world. This report serves as a reference for teams around the world and for future generations of innovators so they can understand how we saw the future “back in 2013.” This year we confirmed our level of thought leadership in the field of innovation with the award received from Harvard Business Review and McKinsey on their Innovating Innovation challenge. An example of the success that can come from our collaborations is Armstrong II, a Fabric Care Project in China recently recognized with a W Award. The project, with its origins in the Innovation Turbo Charge initiative, was led by Tina Zhang, China’s marketing GM, who has fully embraced the innovation process and principles. We continue to see the relevance of our tools and process for a variety of contexts. In Product Leadership they were effective to shape the cooking and refrigeration cost reduction initiatives in NAR. And beyond Product Leadership, the tools have been effectively employed in process improvements for the corporate communications project that resulted in the creation of the “news hub,” and the IT related project run in LAR. Our continuous search for the best of the best out there confirms we have a “top of the line” process, but we’ve also found and incorporated some more tactical and practical tools into our kit. We’ve also confirmed that the skill and dedication in their application is what makes them work. On the following pages, we describe some of the most relevant 2013 projects throughout the global enterprise. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed. Sincerely, Nancy Tennant
  4. 4. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 4 Discovery and Insights With a hands-on approach, the team sought out unmet consumer needs across China. The team also used the newly introduced Analogs lens to find successful ways to break into the Chinese market. This phase resulted in the creation of a number of concepts that were then developed in a subsequent phase. The Armstrong II washing machine, winner of 2013’s Chairman’s Award for innovation, is an example of the disciplined execution of the Consumer Solutions Process executed with innovation operational excellence in our core business to deliver product leadership. Tina Zhang, General Manager, Marketing and Product Business, and David Hong, Fabric Care Director, made it all possible— from identifying unique needs for the Chinese market to delivering a product to the market that addresses those needs. Simple as it seems, it requires leadership engagement, focus, open-mindedness and determination. Armstrong II, Recipient of Strategic Focus As important as all other stages in the Innovation process, articulating and aligning the objectives and focus of the work and putting together a plan ensures project focus and sets priorities. Opportunity (Concept) Development The creation, iteration, prioritization and ultimate selection of concepts required a collaboration among marketing, design and engineering teams, ultimately leading into a concept that was selected and brought to the Winning Definition Tollgate (WDT). Leadership engagement throughout the process was key to keeping the team moving along. Deliver and Grow The team utilized the Deliver and Grow phase to develop a launch plan that incorporated the consumer insights found during Discovery to convey the message across multiple channels and to develop marketing plans to “launch and love” this great innovation. The Chairman’s Award
  5. 5. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 5 Latin America Alexandre Czesnat Innovation, Design and Product Development Vice President Mario Fioretti Director of Design and Innovation Paula Crespi Caselli Innovation Manager (former employee) Kelly Galesi Innovation Specialist Daniela Mazzoni Innovation Analyst Thayane Pancieri Innovation Financial Analyst Top Initiatives 2013 was full of adoption of the Triple Diamond and Consumer Solutions Processes by all marketing strategy teams involving 102 employees in 13 different areas with 10 partners involved. This year LAR also applied the innovation process in different areas like IT and Digital, embedding the culture across the region. LAR continues to experiment with corporate venturing for project incubation. Results from previous years like Destroyer, Itubaina and Joy are now delivering in the market or are close to launch. Key Learnings We discovered many opportunities in applying our innovation process beyond products, to areas that involve huge challenges with the opportunity to bring millions in savings. We learned of new methodologies and mindsets to tackle these challenges. These broad projects may even serve as a way to spread Innovation throughout the organization. Partnering with BPEX (Business Process Excellence) on such projects has proven invaluable. The Triple Diamond process has been widely adopted in product development by all categories. Resource allocation this year led us to believe that we should test allocating a diverse, small project team from start to finish, guaranteeing more accountability, speed and alignment to achieve winning results. Results The effort of spreading the Triple Diamond across the marketing teams included: 8 light Discovery Projects 2 full Discovery Projects 3 Opportunity Development Projects Innovation by Community In 2014, the Innovation team was reorganized and is now under the leadership of Marcos Oliveira. Corporate Venturing Great ideas and limited resources forces us to think creatively. To share risk with the market, LAR explored the model of corporate venturing through inventta, a corporate venturing firm that presented a proposal to the Growth & Innovation board detailing how Whirlpool might adopt such a model. The initiative is currently under consideration. Launches Destroyer brings the digital era to cooking with electronic controls linked to an app. Indiana promotes a healthy diet by preserving fruits and vegetables for longer periods. New This Year A project on process innovation, a partnership between BPEX, IT and innovation proved that the Triple Diamond tools can be applied successfully to many different contexts. This project resulted in the creation of a domain for IT processes and embedded the mindset in a different part of the organization. “In the Works” Some projects are ready to storm the Brazilian market. Not much can be shared at this point but the images speak by themselves!
  6. 6. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 6 NorthAmerica Bryan Aown Director, New Business Creation and Innovation Corey Moles Sr. Category Manager, New Business Creation Sheila Stafford Sr. Category Manager, New Business Creation Scot Blommel Sr. Project Manager, New Business Creation Becky Martin Sr. Innovation Analyst Top Initiatives 2013 was a milestone year for NAR innovation with the opening of the Innovation Garage which hosted over 70 workshops and 30 tours this year. But more importantly, it hosts some of the most innovative initiatives currently at Whirlpool. The New Business Creation Team continues to drive two big projects involving a strategic partnership. Both initiatives have the potential to create new markets. The introduction of the first Spark Competition is already providing proof of the strong entrepreneurial spirit at Whirlpool Corporation. Key Learnings Bryan Aown, NAR Director of Innovation, shared his team’s top learnings, “Our biggest learning for 2013 is that we have an organization that wants to be innovative. If you give our people the right conditions, incentives and support . . . amazing things can happen. We must embrace failure and encourage smart risk taking to foster the right culture. There are mavens amongst us who want to create transformational growth. The Garage and the Spark Business Plan Competition are just a few examples of Whirlpool creating the right environment for these people to thrive.” New This Year The Garage opened at the beginning of the year and is already living proof that spaces make a difference in driving a culture of innovation. The garage has 10,000 sq ft of flexible space for workshops, a shop to co- locate teams and drive collaboration and experimentation and a multitude of easily accessible tools and gadgets to immediately drive inspiration. So far, some 70 group sessions have been held at the Garage since March 1st, representing all functions from numerous North American locations. Additionally, we have hosted over 30 tours for internal and external groups. Innovation by Community The Garage
  7. 7. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 7 Key projects Total Kitchen was run to identify opportunities to make KitchenAid be a holistic kitchen experience across majors and small appliances. The iLab was attended by over 60 internal and external participants and has resulted in the creation of 60 opportunities and 16 domains. Colossus was a true execution of the Second Diamond, a project led by Rafael Reyes, Senior Manager for Product Development, to generate consumer relevant ideas to leverage extra space in the dishwasher. Spark Competition Launched in Q4, the Spark competition was created to fill the new business creation pipeline and engage the broader NAR organization. The café sessions offered participants an opportunity to interact with outside thought leaders and practitioners , to cross- pollinate ideas and get professional counsel in the different business aspects of the submissions. New This Year In 2013 we began to create an infrastructure to facilitate a more open, multilateral Innovation process. This enables new ideas and technologies to flow both in and out between Whirlpool and external parties. Additionally, we now engage procurement earlier in the process to mobilize supply base to be development partners and accelerate decision and delivery points to drive product leadership and solve critical gaps. Launched this year A true innovation milestone, this year the NAR Water team launched everydrop water filter, a simple yet very innovative product in the industry. NorthAmerica, continued Innovation by Community Europe,MiddleEast&Africa Tanneke Rienders Director, New Business Creation and Innovation Gianluca Vigato Innovation Lead Marco Signa Innovation Expert Giorgio Koursaris (Former Lead) Top Initiatives In a challenging business climate, EMEA has focused the majority of their efforts on stabilizing the business. This past spring, the Innovation team hosted an International Session on the Drop Go-to-Market Strategy in Cassinetta, Italy, a fitting location since the Drop was originally designed by Global Consumer Design in nearby Comerio. For the workshop, the Innovation group leveraged the creative brain power of students from the CEMS program of Universita Bocconi in Milan, a top international business school. New This Year At the workshop, a new technique in competitive ideation was introduced. Two groups were formed—students versus Whirlpool employees— and each presented European go-to-market concepts for the Drop. Judges were given a budget to fund the competing ideas. The students came out with the most funding, but by a small margin. Innovation by Community
  8. 8. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 8 Subra Komal, Vice President, Asia Marketing, Asia South Innovation Leads Vikram Raman P Pandithura Anand V Hingne Top Initiatives In India, Innovation is embedded in core teams that include Marketing, Global Consumer Design, Engineering & Technology, and Procurement with the close support of Legal. This past year, Refrigeration and Laundry projects have been front and center. In Refrigeration Power Cool Zone and Power Cut Cool are two low cost Innovation initiatives that offer practical consumer solutions. High Definition Sensorial, a Color|Finish|Materials project, offers customers a compelling aesthetic experience. In Laundry, India launched Stainwash, a toploader, and Ace Stain Free at the high end of the Ace Platform. Key Learnings Great things can come from a simple insight. For example, how can Whirlpool Refrigeration lessen a person’s frustration caused by repeated power outages? India is addressing this need in a couple of ways. To ensure innovation project success, the business is placing greater emphasis on Proof of Concept (POCs) through early research. Particularly on low cost initiatives, key performance indicators are identified early on to ensure the innovation will translate into positive Price Margin Realization (PMR). Launched this Year Stainwash This top loader has a unique wash cycle sequence of six steps leveraging maximum benefit from the thermal energy produced by a built-in heater—an idea that came from a brainstorm session. The feature removes sixteen different types of tough stains. As of November 2013, 25,000 units were sold. Just launched in November of 2013, Ace Stain Free brings the first claim for a Stain Free Washer to the Ace, Twin Tub Platform. This enables the Ace to command a premium, being sold at a higher price point than previous models. Ace Stain Free Innovation by Community India Launched this Year Power Cool Zone This integrated compartment in the refrigerator keeps a bottle of water chilled during power outages. “In the Works” Power Cut Cool Leveraging the need for cooling solutions around power outages, India is developing a removable product for the refrigerator made of a thermos- like material that will keep a chilled bottle chilled for up to twelve hours. The concept is currently being tested with users to determine, among other things, target market willingness to pay and trade-off preferences. Launched on GenY platform, 200K+ units with this feature have sold. FY ‘13-’14 and beyond, the feature will cascade down to the entire entry level DC line-up in India (0.5Mn+ units targeted). Launched this Year High Definition Sensorial: The Royale Range of Refrigerators Providing stunning and immediate sales floor impact, these high definition, 3-D door finishes and internal graphics meet an emerging consumer preference for sensorial appeal and aesthetics. Currently in the market, each “high-def” product contributes 3-4% higher gross margin than the typical model.
  9. 9. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 9 Top Initiatives Armstrong II, featured in the opening pages of this report, was China’s breakthrough initiative. Launched in October 2013, the project leveraged all phases of the innovation process. In Refrigeration, China Style: Side- by-Side Aesthetic Innovation explored new ways the SxS could be designed to celebrate Chinese culture. And Icebreaker, a multi- door project, looks at new configurations. In a series of Deep Dive Consumer Workshops, the team is ideating around new-to-the-market configurations and features specifically targeting the Chinese lifestyle, as well as generating insights that can be applied across platforms. Work to-date has included twenty in-home visits to understand users’ unmet needs relating to food management and preservation. At subsequent workshops, the team collected over 500 fresh ideas and eventually fleshed out 9 innovative concepts for further development. The China Style series drew inspiration from various elements of Chinese culture as a means of differentiating our products in the market and connecting with our target consumer. Each model in the series features unique patterns and handle configurations. The Beijing Opera Model celebrates the Chinese Arts with stunning glass panel doors and glass handle design. The two Jade Ring models followed shortly after and feature two new unique patterns that represent luck and fortune to Chinese consumers. Tina Zhang General Manager, Marketing and Product Business David Hong Innovation Lead and Fabric Care Director left: Beijing Opera Model Exterior and Interior with tower lighting far left: Jade Ring concepts Innovation by Community China OpenInnovation Enrica Monticelli Sr. Manager, Open Innovation and External Funding – Advanced Development and Cross Categories 2013 team and contributors: Paola Aresi OI& EF coordinator Andrea Gasparoni OI&EF Project Engineer Cristina Castiglioni OI&EF People programs coordinator Gabriele Colombo PhD– Politecnico of Milan, Assistant Professor Key Initiatives Enrica Monticelli and ADXC (Advanced and Cross Category) team continues to drive thought leadership on Open Innovation on specific technology initiatives. The topic is of relevance in the world and Whirlpool is no exception. While Open Innovation is not a formalized and broad initiative, innovation teams across the world continue to practice it through partnerships with external entities, collaboration with suppliers, doing tech scouting and in other forms. In the US, the New Business Creation team’s work with P&G is a world-class example of Open Innovation. Open Innovation is a key ingredient to innovation success and part of Whirlpool’s toolkit and capability. University Partnerships A successful example of driving innovation through university partnerships is the recently established strategic collaboration with Politecnico de Milano. This on-going relationship yielded 16 projects in 2013 in which the Politecnico is deepening the technical knowledge necessary to deliver product leadership on key Whirlpool projects—across all the product categories . Based on this, a Global University strategy to strengheten the eco- system in NAR and Asia has been outlined and will be operational in 2014. Crowdsourcing/Tech Scouting An explosion of services in the market is proof that this has value to organizations. In 2013 Enrica Monticelli’s team assessed a couple of opportunities for Whirlpool, making a recommendation to move forward with a vendor. This gave us the opportunity to better understand some of these services and build capability in the space. Innovation by Community
  10. 10. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 10 GIobaIlnnovation Moises Norena Global Director of Innovation Suzanne Berberet Manager, Global Innovation Luiz Cunha Senior Manager, Global Innovation Kavita Khatri Senior Manager, Global Innovation Inga Matukhina Manager, Global Innovation Greg Weigand Senior Manager, Global PMR Top Initiatives During 2013, the global team supported most regions in key innovation projects in addition to continuing the proliferation of the innovation playbook and the addition of new, more tactical tools to our toolkit. In addition, the team experimented with the incubation of the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) initiative. As thought leaders in innovation, the team participated in and won the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Innovating Innovation Challenge. On another front, the Global Innovation team supported Corporate Communications effort to increase share-of-voice resulting in the creation of the Global News Room. Key Learnings We’ve learned a lot in 2013  Having seen many innovation processes and approaches out there, we believe we have a top-notch process and it is up to us to extract value from it.  Our innovation teams are finding new ways to engage business teams as time and business demands increase–lighter, more practical and visually appealing approaches help.  The innovation process is a common language as we learned during our work with the China team. • Shelving a project can be as important as continuing it, as was the case with the Natural Gas Home Refueling project. Although it was disruptive, we determined the initiative is not financially compelling at this time. New This Year We have added a couple of tools that support aspects of the innovation process in a more tactical and spontaneous way. Both Innovation on-line Games and KiIn’s IdeaKeg fit within our framework but allow teams to work more independently and do a bit less preparation for their workshops. This is no substitute for our innovation process but a good complement to it. We also looked into new approaches for scoping projects and driving workshops in collaboration with ?Whatif!. Assessing the success criteria for a workshop activity Innovation by Community China Innovation and Product Leadership As with the Armstrong II project, Global Innovation and the China team are applying the Triple Diamond process to deep dive into the Chinese consumers’ needs and preferences to develop new opportunities. This project is proving that having a common “Innovation language” makes meaningful collaboration possible even when there are multiple languages spoken in the room. Consumer Relevant Cost Reduction This new Innovation application was initially applied on the Tesla cooking project. More recently, it is being used in Refrigeration, a project still in progress. Using the innovation framework and some newly developed tools, Innovation and business teams work together to drive dramatic cost reduction. This approach is being documented since it has proven to be an effective means to tackle cost challenges while maintaining or improving upon customer relevance. Capability Building The playbook that was created during the Innovation Turbo Charge and improved by the LAR team is now fully available. A full 3.5 days training has been developed and its first introduction will be executed in India in Feb 2014. This includes new and fresh materials based on the graphics from LAR and makes the training highly energetic and interactive. A series of webinars on a variety of tools and techniques has been created; this database provides a solid expansion of innovation tools and principles for those people who already have innovation fundamentals.
  11. 11. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 11 GIobaIlnnovation,continued Whirlpool Creatives Whirlpool Creatives is an association of employees who appreciate creativity and the arts. “The Arts” is used broadly here, including but not limited to, design, painting, sculpture, music, video, writing and recipe creation. Many of the members produce personal works in their time away from Whirlpool. As the entity that established this organization, Global Innovation has played an essential role in it’s growth. The organization has been designed to strengthen the fabric of Whirlpool Corporation by promoting cross-category interaction while providing an attractive and fertile environment for sharing creative ideas and techniques. Promoting a global culture of creativity & innovation, the group fosters creative and technical excellence here at Whirlpool and in our respective communities. With the support of Global Innovation, Whirlpool Creatives has made tremendous progress this year. A leadership team has volunteered their time, membership increased to two hundred and a newsletter called Creative Bits has received accolades. Additionally, members launched a global website: creatives.whirlpool.com. This includes an online gallery called FOLIO with member works. Submissions are organized by type:  Art 2D, Painting and Drawing  Art 3D, Sculptural Work  Craft  Creative Writing  Culinary  Design  Music  Performance  Photography  Poetry  Scrapbooking  Technology  Video/film Enjoy the site. And if you make artwork, take part by posting. Creatives gathering Right: Montage from the Whirlpool Creatives Website, FOLIO Tab creatives.whirlpool.com Creatives developed the visual language of the Strategic Architecture Commutations Innovation by Community Creatives e-newsletter, Creative Bits
  12. 12. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 12 We continue to consistently and rigorously measure innovation. This has proven to be something many companies aspire to be able to do. While at times it can be difficult to keep up with all these numbers and see their value as we drive our day-to-day, it is something that makes our innovation meaningful and tangible to investors and employees. Metrics
  13. 13. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 13 CertifiedInnovationMentor Module 3 Leading the Innovation imperative Students will develop the acumen to design, communicate and execute an innovation management system that satisfies the needs of the organizational and long-term strategies in a scalable and sustainable way making innovation not an initiative but part of the fabric of organizations Program Structure Module 2 Applying Innovation Students will gain the necessary knowledge to generate innovative ideas and the deep understanding essential to identify, assess and apply the principles, tools and processes that facilitate their generation and conversion into successful innovation solutions Module 1 The business case of Innovation Students will recognize opportunities for starting, improving or scaling the innovation effort. Students will leave with insights and elements to define or improve innovation in an organization as a source of competitive advantage Intersession Blocks Participate in webinars that have been recorded by 20+ of the most renowned experts in the field with topics that range from Innovation strategies to tactical ideation tools to generating consumer insights. Projects Students will complete two projects: a team project for a non-profit organization and a project for their own company. Faculty and peers will assist in making each project a great innovation Innovation is essential for organizations to achieve differentiation and growth. Unlike established competencies such as finance, acquiring it is difficult in a fragmented and inundated market. The program is comprehensive, neutral and rigorous: providing the individual the unique and sought-after acumen and recognition to become an innovation catalyst for the organization. Many companies around the world are trying to figure innovation out, Whirlpool is ahead of the curve. Our 15+ years of experience have attracted renowned institutions and innovation thinkers. We are taking our knowledge and experience to new heights by partnering with University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business and Memorial Hospital of South Bend’s Innovation Center in the creation of the world’s first innovation certification program that combines academy and industry. The pilot program is underway and will be finished in May – this program will help us prepare new innovation leaders at Whirlpool and many of its components will benefit generations of innovators in our company. Moisés Noreña “I am excited to see this, it is really needed in the market.” Former Chief Learning Officer at Xerox and Motorola Program (CIMp ) Faculty Our program is designed and taught by Nancy Tennant and Moises Norena accompanied by Notre Dame Faculty and some of the most renowned figures in the innovation space including Gary Hamel, Peter Skarzynksi and The Tom Peter’s Company among others. Some of the most prominent innovation firms like ITC, ?Whatif!, KILN, Strategos, Clearworks have also partnered to share some of their secrets. Participants In addition to Whirlpool, the pilot program has innovation leaders from Dell, John Deere, Bobcat, Exelon, Saint-Gobain, YMCA, Sonoco, Cardinal Health, Johnsonville and Washington Penn Plastics. What’s in it for Whirlpool? This pilot program will finish in May 2014 and all the webinars and modules will be finalized by then. The content developed is a wealth of innovation knowledge. We plan to extract maximum value for Whirlpool in the following ways: 1. Securing seats for Whirlpool in each session, a candidate selection model will be developed 2. Offering key elements of the program to groups at Whirlpool, like will be done in February for the India team 3. By bringing the whole program to key Global Whirlpool locations in partnership with local institutes (in progress) TM “Our partnership with Whirlpool's innovation network and their thought leaders has been instrumental in creating this new program.” – Roger D Huang, Dean and Professor Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame “This groundbreaking initiative builds on Whirlpool’s long legacy of embedding innovation as a core competency. Whirlpool’s strong and forward-leaning executive leadership has fostered the creation of a truly unique and impactful curriculum for those seeking advanced learning and expertise. Whirlpool Corporation is a remarkable partner in pioneering an expert-level leadership Innovation program in partnership with Beacon's Memorial Hospital of South Bend.” – Phil Newbold, CEO Beacon Health System
  14. 14. WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION CONFIDENTIAL  INTERNAL USE ONLY  PAGE 14 Nations Sized by Populationworldmapper.org © Copyright Sasi Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan) While maps typically show nations by land mass, this map instead distorts nations’ sizes to reflect population. The Western Hemisphere is, for the most part, recognizable. However the representations of India, China, Russia and Australia are dramatically different than a typical map. What opportunities do these changing demographics represent for Whirlpool, as a global corporation? How will the lifestyles of individuals in more densely populated India and China differ from those of peoples in more sparsely populated countries? How will our lifestyle solutions and businesses be shaped by these demographics? Will this influence how and where we manufacture, license, and source products as well?