Brocade Ethernet Fabrics and the ODDC


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The Software Defined Data Center
Sander Bakker, Brocade

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Brocade Ethernet Fabrics and the ODDC

  1. 1. Ethernet Fabrics and the ODDC Sander Bakker Channel Manager Benelux 1
  2. 2. “Fundamentally we’ve had to redesign and challenge the way we’ve run distributed infrastructure for the past 15 years. Not a single thing that we’ve done in the past is now acceptable for the future.” Steve Hilton, Chief Information Officer, Credit Suisse Group 19-Dec-13 2 © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary Information
  3. 3. Capture Historic Industry Shifts Closed to Open Blurring of Hardware and Software Software Defines Everything Cross-Portfolio Leverage © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information Cloud Evolution
  4. 4. PROPRIETARY PLATFORMS 4 © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Company Proprietary Information
  5. 5. Blurring Hardware and Software Boundaries Disruptive Growth of x86 Performance Exponential Growth of x86 Performance 200 Virtual EPC 150 Virtual Appliances 100 Virtual Route Reflector 50 Gbs Virtual Router Virtual CPE 0 Intel Platform Total Cores 2008 2009 8 8 Harpertown Nehalem 2010 2011 2012 12 8 16 Westmere Sandy Bridge 2013 Ivytown 20 5
  6. 6. Connecting IT and Networks IT SDN NETWORK 3/14/2012 6 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  7. 7. Evolving Cloud Services PUBLIC SERVICES CLOUD  Basic  Homogeneous  Low Cost 3/14/2012 7  Rich Services  Application Optimized  Public Cloud Architecture  Enterprise Policies  Increased Security © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  8. 8. Brocade Focus Areas Data Center Networking Fabrics 3/14/2012 8 Software Networking SDN, NFV On Demand Data Center Blueprint © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  9. 9. What is an Ethernet Fabric Brocade VCS fabric technology  Optimized for server virtualization and cloud architectures  More efficient, higher throughput, lower latency  Scale-out vs. scale-up to increase flexibility and reduce cost  Simplified deployment and reduce administration cost 3/14/2012 9 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  10. 10. Ethernet Fabrics vs. Legacy Networks AUTOMATION, EFFICIENCY AND SCALE ON-DEMAND ETHERNET FABRIC ARCHITECTURE Access Edge Core Aggregation Core CLASSIC, HIERARCHICAL ARCHITECTURE Scalability  Inflexible: Rigid architecture, optimized for legacy client/server applications  Flexible: Topology freedom, optimized for east/west traffic patterns and virtualized applications  Inefficient: Spanning Tree disables links to prevent loops, limiting network utilization  Efficient: All links in the fabric are active with Layer 1/2/3 multipathing  Complex: Each switch managed individually  Simple: Entire fabric behaves as logical switch  VM-ignorant: No concept of server virtualization  VM-aware: Facilitates VM/network interoperability 19-Dec-13 10 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  11. 11. Brocade Differentiation Data Center Ethernet – Brocade VCS Fabric Ethernet Fabric • No Spanning Tree Protocol • Multi-path, deterministic • Auto-healing, nondisruptive • Lossless, low latency • Convergence-ready Dynamic Services Logical Chassis Distributed Intelligence • Self-forming • Arbitrary topology • Fabric is aware of all members, devices, VMs • Masterless control, no reconfiguration • Logically flattens and collapses network layers • Scale edge and manage as if single switch • Auto-configuration • Centralized or distributed mgmt; end-to-end Connectivity over Distance, Native Fibre Channel, Security Services, Layer 4-7, etc. 11
  12. 12. VCS Virtual Fabric NATIVE, FABRIC-BASED MULTITENANCY AT SCALE  Allocates logical fabric(s) for each tenant within a shared physical fabric  Based on TRILL Fine-Grained Labels (IETF RFC# 6325)  Provides support for overlapping VLANs, VLAN scale and transparent VLAN services  Supports 16 million VCS Virtual Fabrics 19-Dec-13 12 VLAN10 Virtual Fabric 5000 Customer A Customer A Customer B Customer B VLAN10 Virtual Fabric 5001 © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  13. 13. IP Storage Intelligence – VCS AutoQoS Automatic IP Storage Traffic Prioritization  All the nodes in the fabric will autoprioritize IP Storage traffic over other, best effort traffic types  Eliminates QoS configuration complexity or the need to overprovision the network Medium Priority: NAS. iSCSI Traffic Other Priorities: Best Effort Traffic  Reduces capital and operational costs IP Storage Racks Compute Racks 19-Dec-13 13 © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information 13
  14. 14. IP Storage: Scale-Out NAS and Clustered Storage Brocade VCS Fabric Value Propositions • Scales out linearly in real time without disruption • Load-balanced multipathing provides very high link utilization, reducing over-provisioning • AutoQoS for IP storage minimizes traffic contention and ensures performance • Native network automation and Logical Chassis delivers massive OpEx reduction Back End Storage Network FC, Ethernet or Infiniband NAS NAS NAS Storage cluster nodes NAS VDX’es Front End IP Network Servers 15
  15. 15. Brocade Differentiation Data Center Ethernet – Brocade VCS Fabric Automated • Zero-touch VM discovery, configuration, and mobility • No configuration to add links or switches • Fabric managed as single logical device 5x less time to deploy network capacity Efficient • All links fully active; none on standby • Multipathing at all layers of the network • IP storage-aware 2x greater network utilization CloudOptimized • Native multitenancy with Virtual Fabrics • Scale out non-disruptively • Orchestration through Open APIs and OpenStack Faster time to tenant deployment, lower cost 16 3/14/2012 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL—For Internal Use Only 16
  16. 16. Brocade VDX Switch and VCS Fabric Evolution RAPID PACE OF INNOVATION Brocade VDX 8770 Brocade VDX 6710 and 6730 Product Milestones/ Announcements Brocade VDX 6740/6740T September 2013 October 2012 September 2011 Brocade VDX 6720 January 2011 Announced Brocade VDX/VCS June 2010 CQ2 10 Cumulative Installed Base Q4 10 Q1 11 20+ Customers Q2 11 100+ Customers Q3 11 200+ Customers Q4 11 300+ Customers …. Q4 12 900+ Customers …. Q3 13 1500+ Customers
  17. 17. Brocade Focus Areas Data Center Networking Fabrics 3/14/2012 18 Software Networking SDN, NFV On Demand Data Center Blueprint © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  18. 18. Software-Defined Networking: A Taxonomy Gartner Report, March 12th, 2013  “Ending the Confusion About Software-Defined Networking: A Taxonomy”  Defines the two main SDN approaches: 1. “Device-Based SDN Deployment”  Control protocol such as OpenFlow provisions hardware devices PROGRAMMATIC CONTROL 2. “Overlay-Based SDN Deployment”  Use IP tunnels, e.g., VxLAN, NVGRE, or STT, between vSwitches to create logical overlay networks 3/14/2012 19 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION
  19. 19. Software-Defined Networking: Device-Based/OpenFlow Approach: Move Control Plane Out of Routers  Physical Infrastructure Today  With an SDN enabled infrastructure  Network Controller abstracts physical network  Applications run as distributed embedded software INFRASTRUCTURE  Applications: BGP, OSPF, ISIS, etc.  Controls infrastructure with Programmatic Interface: OpenFlow Openflow
  20. 20. Brocade OpenFlow - MLXe Hybrid Port Mode IP/L2/VPN Network with OpenFlow Overlay Traditional Network Management SDN Controller INFRASTRUCTURE Protection Layer OpenFlow Overlay  OpenFlow as an overlay to existing network   Virtual/Logical Networks using OpenFlow Allows for new revenue-generating features on top of existing production network  Enabled by Brocade’s “Hybrid port mode”  OpenFlow and traditional features enabled concurrently on same router ports (Virtual/Logical Networks) Traditional IP, L2, VPN Network (DC or WAN) 3/14/2012 21  Hybrid Port Mode with optional Protection    © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information OpenFlow does not affect Traditional traffic Protection in hardware Allows for initial OpenFlow overlay service development/testing without risk
  21. 21. Internet2 BROCADE OPENFLOW ENABLED 100G NATIONWIDE BACKBONE Seattle Spokane Olympia Missoula Dickinson Fargo Albany Billings Portland Bozeman Eugene Miles City Boise Bismarck Minneapolis Detroit Madison Indianapolis Sacramento Salt Lake City Sunnyvale Denver Kansas City Las Vegas San Luis Obispo Tulsa Albuquerque Los Angeles San Diego Nashville Memphis Chattanooga Raleigh Charlotte Tucson Dallas San Antonio Jacksonville Houston (2) © 2013 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL— Discussed under NDA Only Internet 2 • 49 Custom Location Facilities • Jackson Baton Rouge Exchange Point 15,500 miles of dark Fiber • 8.8 Tbps of Optical Capacity • Hybrid Mode with protected OpenFlow traffic Atlanta Phoenix El Paso IP router node Optical add/drop facility Louisville Philadelphia Washington DC Ashburn Cincinnati St. Louis New York (2) Cleveland Pittsburgh Chicago (3) Reno Boston Buffalo 22
  22. 22. Software-Defined Networking: Overlay-Based Approach: Build Overlay Logical Networks  East-west tunnels between software switches (vSwitch) enable physical network abstraction (logical networks)  VxLAN, STT: VMware  VxLAN Tunnels NVGRE: Microsoft  Technology benefits Virtual INFRASTRUCTURE  Proposed tunnel technologies vSwitch vSwitch Server  Server Server Supports millions of logical networks (no 4K limit as VLANs)  vSwitch Support VMs with overlapping IP/MAC addresses
  23. 23. IP Storage and Network Virtualization with VXLAN Not every DC asset understands VXLAN VTEP VTEP VTEP Mgmt vSwitch VM VM VM VTEP vSwitch VM VM VM Physical VxLAN Tunnels Virtual INFRASTRUCTURE Storage is still physical and nonVxLAN aware Server Physical Connectivity Storage Services The VCS VXLAN Gateway capability allows for the bridging of VXLANaware workloads with non-VXLAN aware assets such as IP storage
  24. 24. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)  Economics  Reduces CAPEX by shifting basic L4-7 requirements to commodity x86 HW for public/private cloud services  Reduces OPEX by automating provisioning and configuration  On-demand deployment  Virtualized Network Appliance (VNA) or Virtual Machine (VM)  Range of services  Routing, Security, Load balancing, etc.
  25. 25. Brocade Vyatta vRouter ADVANCED ROUTING, FIREWALL AND VPN IN SINGLE SOFTWARE IMAGE  Comprehensive interconnection of subnets WAN  Advanced routing, state-full firewall and VPN  Flexibility to match application environments  Put routing where and when you need it  Increased service agility  On-demand network capacity  Management and deployment  Supports leading hypervisors: ESXi, Xen, XenServer, KVM, HyperV  Supports cloud provisioning Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor Vyatta Vyatta Vyatta VLAN1 VLAN2 Database VLAN1 VLAN2 Application VLAN1 VLAN2 Web
  26. 26. Brocade Vyatta vRouter Without vRouter – With vRouter Core Routers Ethernet Fabric Packet transition point • Packet processing/ queuing • Potential points where packet drops, latency can occur 3/14/2012 27 © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information
  27. 27. Multi-tier data center architecture INTERNET Start with a standard multitier datacenter design, including a segmented network
  28. 28. Virtualize the Network INTERNET Replace hardware networking devices with virtual networking from Vyatta
  29. 29. Make it repeatable, per tenant or application INTERNET
  30. 30. Brocade Virtual ADX Application Delivery Switch FULL COMPLEMENT OF ADC SOLUTIONS FROM PHYSICAL TO VIRTUAL  Key component in L4-7 network function virtualization  Dynamically provision and adapt network services as application and network conditions demand  Leverages advanced ADX architecture  Core ADX functions in virtualized form factor  Flexibility of OpenScript and standard-based APIs for comprehensive visibility and control of app environment  Speeds service rollout  Speeds the creation and staging of application policies  Accelerates the deployment of new application services  Adapt infrastructure to meet diverse business needs  Leverage app policies on a per tenant /customer basis ADX 1000 ADX 4000 ADX 10000 INCREASING DATA CENTER AGILITY AND EFFICIENCY
  31. 31. Putting it All Together LEVERAGING THE FULL BROCADE PORTFOLIO Applications, Orchestration, and Services Control Virtual Resources Physical Infrastructure BUSINESS LOGIC APPLICATIONS, ORCHESTRATION, AND SERVICES NETWORK CONTROLLER NETWORK Network Virtualization NETWORK NETWORK FUNCTIONS SERVER STORAGE Virtual Machines Software Defined Storage COMPUTE STORAGE
  32. 32. The On-Demand Data Center TM 19-Dec-13 33 Brocade is empowering the On-Demand Data Center by interconnecting all resources within and between data centers with the world’s most automated, efficient, and agile fabric-based networks. © 2012 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. Proprietary Information