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Increasing Business Performance For Transactional Processes



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Increasing Business Performance for Transactional Processes© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 1
  • 2. What will you do?... How do I reduce operating costs? Do more with less How do I better retain and acquire new customers? Deliver value faster How do I reduce risk?© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 2
  • 3. Speed to Value Through Dynamic Business ApplicationsConsidering your existing enterprise applicationimplementations, how important are the following Analytics, business Business Insight Informationbusiness problems? activity monitoring, workplace, social information as a Adapt to the business’ computing,(Percent answering “important” or “very important”) service needs for analysis and reporting Inflexibility limits process changes 77% Lack of visibility into process results 77% Business Policies User Experience Dynamic Adapt to the Business Adapt to the Poor cross-functional processes 76% policies, automate Applications context of user, decisions task, process Business requirements vs. application mismatch 76% Poor internal/external collaboration tools 65% Business Process Can’t extend processes to external Business rules Adapt and automate Business process partners 53% management business processes (BPM), business Poor industry-specific event management functionality 47% SOA {“Service-oriented architecture” “IT’s primary goal during the next five “Forrester calls this new generation years should be…enterprise software ‘Dynamic Business Applications,’ that adapts to the business and its work, emphasizing close alignment with and evolves with it.” business processes…and adaptability to business change.”Forrester Report 41397, Sept 24, 2007© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 3
  • 4. Focus on Transactional Applications• People, process and information intensive• Cross-functional & decision intensive• Customer and/or service facing• Must provide an accounting of “how” and “why” decisions were made• Greatest opportunity to reducing operational costs, delighting customers and reducing organizational risk© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 4
  • 5. End-to-End Business ProcessesValue Across the Enterprise Transactional processes are cross-functional, cutting across organizational boundaries “Cross-functional, end-to-end processes are the ones that matter most to the bottom line: to overall efficiency, customer satisfaction, compliance, and responsiveness” — Bruce Silver & Associates© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 5
  • 6. Key Transactional Applications Case Management applies to all industries and directly to transactional applications© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 6
  • 7. Case Management Addresses Problems Facing LOB Managers Case management is a pattern of work common throughout many business transactions that requires a group of people to systematically collaborate on content and data.© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 7
  • 8. It’s All About the Case “Case management departs from themanagement? of What is unique about case traditional view structured and sequential predefined intensive • Knowledge worker and information processes. Instead, workflows are nondeterministic, meaning they • Highly collaborative (internal & external) have one or more points where–different continuations • Highly dynamic process as well as structured are possible. They are driven more by human-decision • Strong compliance/governance demands case making and content status than other factors.” persists even after the processes complete Mark Kerremans “Case Management Is a Challenging BPMS Use Case” 8 December 2008 Gartner , Inc.© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 8
  • 9. It’s All About the Case© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
  • 10. Case Management in New Account Opening© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10
  • 11. A Collaborative Process: New Account Opening© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 11
  • 12. Evolution to Accelerated Application Composition xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) Transactional Content Management Business Process Management© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 12
  • 13. Paper is Here to Stay Paper remains ubiquitous and expensive The Paper Management Problem  30% of all key business documents are paper-based Managing volume and variety  Forms, documents, digital pictures,  An average a document costs $40 electronic formats before it ends its lifecycle Inefficiency and expense  Up to 19 copies of a single document  Slow, sequential, “one-person-at-a-time” processing  $20 in labor to file each document Inadequate information access  Global, 360-degree access to customer  A single Invoice can cost $8 to data and business transactions needed process, (70% related to handling) Compliance  $1.00/per document to store and  Difficult to establish enterprise controls $5.00/per document to retrieve and comply with regulations  Organizations lose one out of every 20 documents© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 13
  • 14. EMC Captiva Intelligent Capture  Invoice Number  10010  Acme Products Vendor Name  30 JanuaryDate Purchase 2008  $Subtotal 6,014.81  Grand Total $ 6,025.88   Net 30 Days Payment Terms Capture Classify Extract Validate Deliver  Capture all of your paper documents and transform these documents into electronic images and business data“Document imaging will continue to deliver many enterprises achievesuccess “The substantial business value that strong levels of business with in – Support centralized and distributed scanningfrom ECM investment areas.” the form of helping enterprises move environments imaging…make imaging one of the safest paper-based to electronic- – Enable digital offices throughout yourbusiness processes.” document-centric enterprise – Identify all documents and automate data capture from business documents – Provide immediate access to your documents to both individuals and processes© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 14
  • 15. Automated Classification and Extraction Captiva Dispatcher  Identify based on graphic and text characteristics  Route documents to appropriate processes or departments  Reduce—or eliminate—manual  document document preparation Reducing preparation costs  Transform into electronic reduces  Automating data capture data that drivestimes cycle business processes App Quotes  Data capture from unstructured  Validating extracted data improves Tax forms Contracts document types the business data quality and Claims returns  process accuracy Invoices, applications, and other business documents CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 15
  • 16. Supporting Global Processes: Enterprise Capture Citrix Network attached scanner Key Benefits Enabling Capture Anywhere Remote Capture Accelerate business processes  Dedicated capture from central locations Remote ScanPlus Server  High volume Clients- from branch offices capture Improve customer service Direct attached  Low-volume ad hoc scanning from scanner Reduce document-processing time desktops, network scanners, and multi- function peripherals Network attached MFP Remote IndexPlus Clients Capture Capture Classify Classify Extract Extract Validate Validate Deliver Deliver© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 16
  • 17. Managing Business Processes Federated Data Content Repository Input ANALYZE Forms  Business process & emails management (BPM) Search Documents Document & Faxes – Understand:Management Complete view of Optimize processes across the MONITOR MODEL Process Compliance organization Records Reports Output – Automate: Execute and Security Applications EXECUTE automate processes in a Information Lifecycle & production environment Dynamic Storage Communications – Optimize: Continuous process Understand, Automate, Optimize performance improvement© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17
  • 18. Process Automation and Deployment Analyze & Model ANALYZE Analyze and simulate processes before putting them into production Intuitive graphical process modeling MONITOR Optimize Model Easily integrate with business applications Rapid application development and deployment EXECUTE© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 18
  • 19. Process Execution Overview Execute ANALYZE Process orchestration Human interaction and collaboration MONITOR Optimize DEPLOY SOA-based integration, adapters EXECUTE© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 19
  • 20. Making the Right Decisions, Faster  TaskSpaceSubstantially accelerates development and deployment UIIncreases Knowledge Worker productivityOptimizes document access and improve decision makingIntegrates imaging and BPM into a single user interface© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 20
  • 21. Collaboration: Enhanced Process Agility Send Notification ? Invite Members Support ad-hoc process events Collaboration as part of work Add process Collaborate Content Quickly make decisions Add Tasks Address in-flight changes Complete audit trail© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 21
  • 22. Universal Process and Application Integration  Connect systems, data and people CRM Enterprise ESB/EAI Web Services Individualsapplications  Outbound and inbound message and event correlation  Built-in graphical data mapping and transformations  “Event-Action” model for ESB- Content and Process Servers based integration (loose coupling)  Robust protocols support: JMS, HTTP/S, SOAP, SMTP, WSDL, S/FTP, JDBC, POJO, FAX Documentum Process Integrator© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 22
  • 23. Real-time Visibility ANALYZEMonitor Track processes as they occur in real time Optimize View Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at MONITOR MODEL overall process and individual work level Continuously make process improvements EXECUTE Rich user experience for dynamic business processes Sense, Assess, Respond© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 23
  • 24. Why Organizations Care About Personalized Customer Communications More than 50% New customer of investors surveyed rated their ability to attrition: 30-40% understand communication Why? Dissatisfaction: between themselves & their firms at or below average 35-40% Source: Document Sciences Analysis, Source: Aite Group TowerGroup, 2006 World Retail Banking Report 51% of health plan Response rate improvement using personalized communication members rate their plans as database, text, images 500% unenjoyable & would consider switching for a more enjoyable experience—more than any industry except cable TV Source: Rochester Institute of Technology Digital Printing Study Source: Forrester Consulting© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 24
  • 25. Customer Communications ManagementRepurposing ofEnable globalcontent in any formatorganizationsMerging it withto improve theirdata in any formatcustomer experienceProducing personalizedthrough consistent,documents in any formatrelevant,For distributionand cost-effectiveto any channelcommunications© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 2008 25
  • 26. Customer Communications Management Correspondence Collateral Acquire Manage Issues Inquire Billing Retain Introduce Develop Welcome Grow ProposalsStatements Contracts© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 26
  • 27. Documentum Dynamic Communication Services Designer End Customer xml xml Design Batch Print xml High-volume batch Collateral Correspondence E-mail xml xml Data Web xml xml Archive Real-time, on-demand Contracts Statements xml Content Mobile© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 27
  • 28. Example: New Account Opening Benefits: Dynamic customer communications can occur at any step of the process Automates customer communications Automatically records transaction Accelerates and streamlines operations© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 28
  • 29. Process-enabled Customer Communication Management Event Triggered InteractiveCustomer communications’ generation Notification request sent via e-mail,request triggered by step in a workflow. text message. Message links to personalized and secured web landingOutput request advances business page.process. Customer receives personalized correspondence and interacts further. Customer receives Customer receives information alert that was information alert e-mail generated automatically as containing link. part of a business process. After logging in, the customer reviews and supplies additional information. © Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 29
  • 30. Content and Compliance with Case Management  Leverage common content and storage platform – Eliminate information silos – Quickly find information throughout the enterprise – Enable case management applications with secure information management  Unified platform to meet all compliance requirements – Archive repository – Records/retention management – Information protection – Full security & audit trail – Integrations with Line of Business applications – Optimized storage© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 30
  • 31. Putting it All Together Increasing return on investment Process Optimization  Continuous process improvement and performance monitoring Process Automation and Agility  Increase organizational productivity, efficiency, and flexibility through increased automation and rules-based decisioning Dynamic Communication Services  Automate customer interaction and deliver personalized content across multiple channels Information Management, Control, Access, and Delivery  Improve access to critical information and ensure secure document retention Enterprise Information Capture  Improve efficiency of paper capture and accelerate capture of data into the business process© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 31
  • 32. Why EMC? Business Benefits  Industry’s only complete, end-to-end composition platform for case-based solutions  Applications up to 50% faster, greater agility and substantially lower TCO  Enhanced productivity up to 30%-50%  Streamlined processes – accelerating work, while reducing operating costs  More compelling/engaging customer experience  Reduced risk; automated compliance control© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 32
  • 33. Get Involved with EMC CMA CommunitiesWhy should you join? Collaborate and share best practices Shape the direction of future EMC products Network with innovators across the globe, 24/7 Join now by going to: community.EMC.com/go/Documentum community.EMC.com/go/SourceOne developer.EMC.com/Documentum developer.EMC.com/XMLtech community.EMC.com/community/labs/d65© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 33