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EMC IIG Energy Event Brisbane Perth Oil Search July 2013

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Master slide deck from Oil Search from EMC IIG Energy Momentum Events in Brisbane and Perth, Australia in July 2013

Master slide deck from Oil Search from EMC IIG Energy Momentum Events in Brisbane and Perth, Australia in July 2013

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  • 1. The Business Case for EMC2 Documentum D2 and EMC2 OnDemand for Documentum Michael Plon General Manager ICT OIL SEARCH LIMITED
  • 2. My Safe Harbour Statement A Safe Harbour Not Such a Safe Harbour 2
  • 3. Oil Search Limited - Overview An oil and gas production, development and exploration company registered and operating in Papua New Guinea since 1929. Has a 29% interest in the world scale PNG LNG Project operated by Exxon Mobil which commenced full construction on 2010 with first LNG sales scheduled for 2014. Is publicly listed on the Australian and Port Moresby Stock Exchanges (OSH) and trades in the US through the ADR market (OISHY). 3
  • 4. Oil Search Limited - Overview 1,100 fulltime staff and over 1,500 contractors in multiple locations in Papua New Guinea, Dubai, Yemen, Tunisia, Kurdistan and Australia. Market capitalisation of approximately $US10 billion. PNG’s largest oil and gas producer and operates all of PNG’s currently producing oil and gas fields. One of PNG’s largest companies and tax payers. 2012 revenue of $US724.6 million 4
  • 5. Business Drivers for EDRMS Create a simple to use computer interface to efficiently create and save documents. Share, and collaborate on, all Oil Search information no matter where you are (single source of truth). Make accurate and up to date information easy and quick to find (search capability). Facilitate the Oil Search Document Management Governance Standards. 5
  • 6. The EMC2 Documentum Selection 2004 – First business case for EDRMS developed. 2008 – RFP process to support implementation of EDRMS for exploration function. – EDRMS solution (not Documentum) selected. 2010 – EDRMS implementation suspended. 2011 – RFI issued to verify solution selection. - RFP issued to obtain commercial proposals. - Limited RFP issued to address commercial issues in tender process. - - Product demonstrations from short listed vendors . - - Commercial negotiations. - - Contracts entered into with EMC2. 6
  • 7. The Decision for Documentum D2 Greenfields implementation – no existing WebTop customisations. Modern and intuitive user interface. Future EMC2 direction. 7
  • 8. The Decision for Documentum D2 Configuration not customisation. Faster time to deployment. Implementation risks introduced: Limited local support. Early adopter – particularly OnDemand. 8
  • 9. WAN Performance Critical Wide Area Network (WAN) characterised by: low bandwidth. latency. remote locations. Branch Office Caching Services (BOCS) integral part of solution. User interface must perform across WAN. 9
  • 10. Documentum D2 Deployment Documentum D2 version 3.1 deployed. Rapid configuration, deployment and availability. Performance issues experienced across WAN: Login, cabinet navigation, search, right click. Software update rapidly engineered and deployed. Excellent support from product development. D2 upgrade roadmap decision: D2 version 4.0 reduced functionality. D2 version 4.1 similar functionality to version 3.1. v3.1 and v4.1 updated to co-exist. 10
  • 11. What is EMC2 OnDemand? An enterprise class private cloud deployment model for applications managed by EMC2 experts: Created for tier 1 applications including Documentum, Captiva and Document Sciences. Private cloud means that OnDemand is: an extension of the customer’s network. single tenant with a dedicated software stack for each customer. A complete managed service offering for all components. EMC2 expertise extends across the application, operating system, database, application server, networking, virtualisation software, security and monitoring software. 11
  • 12. On Premise Versus OnDemand 12
  • 13. On Premise Versus OnDemand 13
  • 14. On Premise Versus OnDemand 14
  • 15. On Premise Versus OnDemand 15
  • 16. Co-location Versus OnDemand 16
  • 17. Co-location Versus OnDemand 17
  • 18. On-Premise POC Architecture Sydney OSL Datacenter Network BOCS PNGOSL LAN Sydney Test Client PC PNG Test Client PC OSL LAN Remote Caching Server (Read/ Write) 100 Mb LAN / Latency < 1ms 100 Mb LAN / Latency 100 ms Documentum 6.7 18
  • 19. OnDemand POC Architecture EMC OnDemand Data Centre VPN/WAN BOCS PNG OSL LAN Sydney Test Client PC PNG Test Client PC Remote Caching Server (Read/ Write) WAN / Latency 420 ms VPN/WAN BOCS SYDNEYOSL LAN Remote Caching Server (Read/ Write) WAN / Latency 333 ms Documentum 6.7 19
  • 20. OnDemand Decision - Financial Lowest TCO for current project and ongoing expansion. Additional capabilities delivered with minimal financial impact. 20
  • 21. OnDemand Decision - Security Tier 3 Data Centre: HIPAA compliance. White Hat Security Testing ISO 27001 Certification. SSAE 16 SOC 2 Certification. Replicated disaster recovery environment in geographically dispersed US location or EMEA. VCUBE – an isolated single tenant secure customer environment utilising shared infrastructure. Documentum application security equivalent to on premise installation. Accessed via a secure VPN not an external website. 21
  • 22. OnDemand Decision - Flexibility VCUBE can be relocated to an alternative data centre or deployed on premise. Ability to establish alternate links to the OnDemand data centre. Completely configurable D2 user interface for content processes. 22
  • 23. OnDemand Decision - Restoration 23
  • 24. OnDemand Decision – Disaster Recovery 24 hour or less Recovery Point Objective (RPO). 7 day Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Copy of VCUBE replicated on premise using EMC2 Data Domain Device. Superior to existing Oil Search DR capability. 24
  • 25. OnDemand Deployment Letter of intent October 2012, executed contract December 2012. Environments available: Development and Production – November 2012. Pilot go live – 21st January 2013. Deployment issues: Configuration of VPN. LDAP authentication. High level of engagement from OnDemand general and product management. 25
  • 26. Deployment Risks & Mitigation 26
  • 27. Documentum Pilot Engineering & Projects Group. Sydney, Brisbane (Australia) & PNG Commenced 21st January 2013 – Australia. Commenced 19th March 2013 – PNG. Data migration and remediation completed July. 2,744 kilometres 27
  • 28. Documentum Pilot Major Issues System performance (particularly navigation) Improvements delivered through software update. Roadmap to address v4.1, v4.2 and beyond. v4.1 production implementation 15th July. Data Migration: Underestimated effort involved. Poor data quality. Login authentication(resolved). Branch Office Caching Services (resolved). 28
  • 29. Documentum Pilot Lessons Learned Lack of managed change control Scope creep. Data quality More effort on data discovery. Business input. Agreement on non-functional requirements What constitutes acceptable performance? Combination of Documentum and D2 Service requests. Configuration. Lack of requirements traceability. 29
  • 30. Documentum Pilot Benefits No replication of shared network drives for engineering masters. All project teams can access the same project data without the use of email. Document auto-numbering. Documents filed automatically based on metadata and number. Standardised cabinet structure for projects. Cabinets cannot be created outside the standard structure. Introduced discipline for filing and document numbering. Workflow processes for review and approval. 30
  • 31. EMC2 & Oil Search Relationship Documentum has the potential to become Oil Search’s largest enterprise system. Looking for a partner not a supplier. Shared risk – D2 and OnDemand deployments. Long term relationship that does not end when the contracts are signed. Assist in bringing innovative solutions to business problems. Support of industry standards – web services, records management etc. Business transforming – cloud based applications. 31
  • 32. Questions 32