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EMC IIG - Documentum - Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite - Overview 2013
EMC IIG - Documentum - Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite - Overview 2013
EMC IIG - Documentum - Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite - Overview 2013
EMC IIG - Documentum - Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite - Overview 2013
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EMC IIG - Documentum - Integrated Patient Record Solution Suite - Overview 2013


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  • 1. EMC DOCUMENTUM INTEGRATED PATIENT RECORD SOLUTION SUITE Transform how you organize and manage patient information to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs ESSENTIALS • Get an integrated view of patient healthcare information beyond the electronic medical record or electronic patient record— regardless of source, location or format • Digitize patient documents and manage all medical images, including clinical media integrated into your existing clinical applications, for seamless sharing • Promote clinician satisfaction by providing easy, secure access to all patient information at the point of care • Enable the processes that deliver the right information, in the right context, to the right person, at the right time • Minimize duplicate patient testing and better manage referrals to control costs and improve patient satisfaction • Support regulatory compliance and patient privacy with a secure healthcare information platform HOW ADEPT IS YOUR ORGANIZATION AT MANAGING PATIENT INFORMATION TO DELIVER BETTER HEALTHCARE? In today’s healthcare world, the ability to access, share and optimize patient information is critical to delivering high-quality care and lowering costs. Yet statistics are staggering: despite steep investments in electronic health record systems, only a fraction of a patient’s information is typically available in an electronic format. Volumes of information are locked in numerous systems and document repositories, in multiple formats, without easy access or facility for electronic sharing. As a result, clinicians often lack a complete view of patient history, diagnosis and treatment at the point of care. This fragmentation produces a host of problems, from quality issues to regulatory and privacy concerns. At EMC, we’re meeting the challenge head on with the EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record (IPR) solution suite—transforming how your organization views, organizes, accesses, manages and uses patient information to create efficiencies and optimize care delivery. Built on the EMC Documentum platform, this solution suite unites fragmented patient information, simply and securely. It provides a fully integrated, patient-centric view of all essential information beyond the electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic patient record (EPR)—regardless of source, location or format—within your organization and externally across the continuum of care. LEVERAGE THE POWER OF FOUR SOLUTIONS IN ONE The EMC Documentum IPR solution suite includes four distinct solutions. Working together, they help you better organize and manage patient information for enhanced productivity, improved care delivery and cost management. Solutions include: • EMC INDUSTRY SOLUTION SUITE OVERVIEW Content Enablement for EMRs and EPRs: Capture all structured and unstructured content types—documents, audio, email, digital photos, videos and other electronically produced information—to complete the transition from paper to fully indexed electronic patient records while linking to your clinical software of choice for EMRs or EPRs.
  • 2. A comprehensive solution suite from EMC The EMC Documentum IPR solution suite provides a secure, consolidated view of all patient information. It captures, organizes and manages large volumes of content, both structured and unstructured, from disparate sources, and makes this information available for easy use—by clinicians at the point of care and also by administrators. Processes are enabled, efficiencies increased, and collaboration enhanced to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. • Medical Image Management and Sharing: Access, share and manage all clinical media and medical images including x-rays, MRIs and CTs in an open, interoperable, vendor-neutral archive (VNA) that integrates with your picture archiving and communication system (PACS). • Document Management and Sharing for Medical Records: Digitize patient-critical paper documents, enable healthcare processes from disparate sources and get a comprehensive view of all patient information and services. • EMR Consolidation: Archive patient information to comply with regulatory requirements, maintain long-term patient records and retire clinical legacy applications as needed to reduce costs and maintenance while consolidating EMR applications. ORGANIZE AND ACCESS PATIENT INFORMATION FOR ENHANCED COLLABORATION Accessing patient information at the point of care and sharing information seamlessly and securely are vital to providing high-quality care and ultimately improving patient outcomes. The EMC Documentum IPR solution suite organizes and optimizes all patient records from various content sources, capturing, indexing and fully integrating them into the patient’s EMR or EPR—and enabling the processes to view, manage and share this information. An integrated patient record view facilitates collaboration throughout your enterprise, as clinicians can consult, refer and work together on specific patient encounters. They can view patient records from different sources without launching multiple applications. Duplicate effort, clinician activity and testing are minimized, thus boosting clinician and patient satisfaction while keeping costs in check. Clinicians are empowered to deliver high-quality care while engaging patients in managing their own health and wellness, enabling your organization to improve acute and chronic disease management and prevention. The solution suite also lays the foundation for leveraging advances in population health analytics, telemedicine and mobile healthcare. APPLY BIG DATA ANALYTICS TO DRIVE ORGANIZATIONAL INITIATIVES With the ability to organize all records electronically, and extract data elements traditionally locked in other forms of content, you can readily apply business intelligence and population health analytics to assess trends and support initiatives in evidence-based medicine, while approving operational efficiencies. Aggregating data and applying analytics can also help you tailor your offerings to better educate and serve patients and customers. BOOST PRODUCTIVITY AND MAXIMIZE YOUR IT INVESTMENT The rich content management services of the EMC Documentum IPR solution suite are applied to capture and digitize paper documents and manage patient-centric health information throughout its lifecycle—enhancing the value of your EMR or EPR software. The reliable Documentum platform, trusted industry-wide for highly secure content management, safeguards access and prevents loss of protected information. Healthcare delivery can now be automated across the continuum of care by using patient information in support of critical business processes. Manual tasks such as chart filing, retrieval, deficiency review and archiving are eliminated, and the need to migrate and upgrade clinical applications and hardware is reduced.
  • 3. Support of healthcare IT standards EMC Documentum supports open standards for healthcare information sharing, healthcare interoperability, cross-community access and patient consent. It integrates with PACS, managing Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM medical images, using healthcare IT standards including XML, Health Level 7 (HL7) and Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS). PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL HEALTHCARE LEADER EMC is a trusted healthcare solutions provider serving more than 1,600 healthcare customers worldwide. We provide purpose-built, healthcare-specific solutions that are developed and tested to work together seamlessly. The EMC Documentum IPR solution suite: • Embeds industry-leading best practices, taxonomies, processes and workflows • Lowers your risks and costs in implementation through preconfigured templates designed specifically for the industry • Uses connectors and components that support healthcare standards so that you can meet interoperability requirements across all IT investments • Offers a modular approach to implementation, with phases that fit your budget needs and available resources The EMC Documentum IPR solution suite can lower overall costs by supporting many solutions at the departmental, enterprise, regional or national level. Over time, you can build internal expertise and a center of excellence, supported by EMC Consulting and our ecosystem of implementation partners. As is true of all of our solutions, this suite is designed to adapt and grow with your evolving organization, your stakeholders’ needs and the changing dynamics of your industry. GET STARTED TODAY The time is now. Optimize care delivery, lower costs and achieve an integrated patient information strategy that meets your most critical imperatives—today and tomorrow. To find out more about the EMC Documentum IPR solution suite, visit us at
  • 4. CONTACT US The EMC Documentum Integrated Patient Record solution suite transforms how healthcare organizations worldwide are able to view, access, manage and share patient information. It increases efficiencies in delivering patient care, reduces costs and helps healthcare organizations ensure regulatory compliance. To learn more about the EMC Documentum IPR solution suite, contact your local representative or authorized reseller— or visit us at EMC², EMC, the EMC logo, are registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. VMware are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions. © Copyright 2013 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Published in the USA. September, 2013 Solution Overview. Part number H11092.1. EMC believes the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date. The information is subject to change without notice.