Adoption Factors for Cloud in the Public Sector


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The prime driver for cloud deployment has always been cost saving. And public sector organizations are feeling that need more than any other sector right now. But the security concerns around the cloud do not play well with the traditional role of safe-keeping of the public record.

In this infographic we highlight results from our survey of public sector users, indicating the pros and cons of cloud and hybrid cloud, and making 5 key recommendations.

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Adoption Factors for Cloud in the Public Sector

  1. 1. POLICE STATIONPOLICE STATION FIRE STATIONFIRE STATION Doing it now Plans in 12-18 months TotalDoing it now Plans in 12-18 months Total Paper-free processes 13% 14% 27% Public records/FOI 11% 9% 20% Records management 8% 12% 20% ECM 6% 13% 19% Case management 9% 9% 18% Public archives 8% 7% 15% AIIM ( is the global community of information professionals. We provide the education, research and certification that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile,social,cloud and big data. *Survey carried out in January 2014 with 173 responses from the AIIM community. NoPlans: 8% Goingwithitnow: 26% Consideringit: 48% We’re doing it as fast as we can 8% The decision is made,we have plans 9% 25% It’s under consideration 23% We will do so,but somewhat selectively We’re currently elevating with one or two apps 9% There is no strategy or consensas on this 14% Theviewrightnow iswe’renotgoingthere 12% What is your strategy for moving apps to cloud or SaaS? Why would you? Why wouldn’t you? How about hybrid cloud? Cloud is on nearly every public sector agenda and: but: 45% Cheaper than expanding own data centers 29% Lower office costs 28% Improved access outside the firewall and on mobile 20% Simplicity, ease of rollout, regular upgrades 40% Reduced costs in IT department Security or data breech issues IntegraƟon & customizaƟon Uncertainty over true costs already outsource some IT support or provisioning consider cloud security and reliability as good or beƩer than on-prem Are doing, planning or would consider any or all of these applicaƟons 10% 50-75% 34% Definitely prefer some content on prem, some in the cloud 52% Hybrid goes some way towards resolving security concerns puƫng minimum needed for access and collaboraƟon puƫng enough in cloud to achieve real cost savings 33% one-third/two-thirds split 90% 66% 25-50% Which applications in the cloud? How to get a decision: Keep your business units and your governing agency on-side by defusing emoƟons and covering off issues. Take a look at extending your on-prem ECM in a hybrid cloud model, with extension to mobile. Start your cloud services journey with an applicaƟon where the data is considered to be a public record. Don’t be scared of cloud – it’s just another outsourced resource. Don’t be vague about potenƟal cost-savings: check it out in your fiscal environment. Adoption Factors for Cloud in the Public Sector Adoption Factors for Cloud in the Public Sector Sponsored by EMC Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to transform the way they compete and create value from their information. Click here for free download of full survey support