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ANZ Momentum Day 2012


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ANZ Momentum Day 2012

ANZ Momentum Day 2012

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  • 1. Activity Based Work Models (ABW) andthe implication for the traditionalcommunication channels:Transforming the mailroom from a logistics hub into aninformation gateway.EMC Momentum Day ANZ 2012
  • 2. Information …. Transformation
  • 3. Information Intelligence … the first thought?The fundamental problem of communication isthat of reproducing at one point either exactly or approximately a message selected atanother point. Frequently the messages have meaning. - Claude Shannon (1948)
  • 4. What else happened in 1948?
  • 5. What else happened in 1948?
  • 6. 1948 – the office communication
  • 7. 1948 - communication
  • 8. 1948 – the mail room
  • 9. 1948 – office layout
  • 10. 1948 – office layout
  • 11. Industrial to Information Source: Veldhoen + Company
  • 12. Activity Based Working (ABW) Three environments in which work occurs in a integrated manner; 1. the physical environment (the building and the work environment), 2. the virtual environment (the IT and information management) 3. the behavioural environment (people and organisational aspects).
  • 13. Activity Based Working
  • 14. Activity Based Working
  • 15. Activity Based Working
  • 16. Activity Based Working
  • 17. Traditional MailroomsHow to combine the old with the new
  • 18. Mailrooms are the entry and exit for … Courier arrives with Mail forInformation Flow processing Unloaded Mailroom REGISTERED Weighed & Management Items recorded Scanned System PRIMARY SORTATION Mailrooms manage  Mail Branch Mail Corporate Office Mail Interstate Mail External Mail  Courier SECONDARY SORTATION  Freight Individual BSB Building Tranship to DL Aggregation (NSW only) relevant Interstate  Mailroom Document and information Individual BSB Level management Franking Individual BSB Department Non-core service to most Delivery via Toll Collected by Australia Post Delivery via Toll Collected by Toll organisations Bank Branch Network Courier Network Interstate Courier Delivered to Onsite Mailroom Delivered to Delivered to Delivered to recipient work Interstate Bank Branch area Mailroom
  • 19. Traditional Mailroom ServicesOnsite & Offsite Incoming Process Dispatch • Australia Post • Sort • Australia Post • Couriers • Count • Couriers • Faxes • Open • Fax • Internal mail • Prepare • Internal mail • DX mail • Printing • Remail • Office supplies • Franking • DX mail • Newspapers • Bulk mail • Floor deliveries • Reports • Digital information • Postage discounts • Fold & insert • Fulfilment • Document imaging Facilities Support Services • Concierge, reception, management of meeting rooms/office supplies etc.
  • 20. Digital Mailrooms – Information Logistics
  • 21. Digital Mailroom Products Infrastructure & Scanners Locations Applications, Architecture & Systems Transition & Implementation Traditional Mailroom Digital Mailroom - Imaging Digital Mailroom - Intelligent Digital Mailroom - STP •Sporadic / Departmental •Enterprise wide Imaging Document Capture •Automated Mailroom creates Imaging of Paper, Fax and supported by mail handling •Standardisation and actionable data for the majority Email (simple capture rules rules rationalisation of inbound mail of transactions high transactional count) •Simple systems that auto •Introduction of Intelligent data •Rationalised and •Mail is manually delivered to classify and assign mail to capture off documents Standardised forms, systems business unit work queues enterprise work queues • Completion of document and processes fields •Integrated supply chain linking • Address validation •Advanced BPM / ECM to •Multiple BPM tools in use offsite mailroom to Smart across Bank • Correction of OCR errors manage exceptions processing Lockers or onsite service desk • Check signatures presented to a mix of offshore for management of physical and onshore resources •Dysfunctional supply chain deliveries •Customer resources access with slow processing times hosted ECM / BPM for •ECM / BPM integrated with •Delivered to Customer ECM transaction processing Bank systems to aid process •Mailrooms located on Bank for transactional view of automation and efficiency premises to deliver mail inbound mail
  • 22. Digital Mailroom Conceptual Overview
  • 23. Mail Handling Overview
  • 24. Toll Digital Mailroom - Imaging Service A scalable cost effective capture solution Integrated supply chain logistics – National coverage with established imaging centres in mainland capital states – Eliminate interstate Mail movements – Located in Toll Depots to integrate with Air, Road, Courier & Freight services Mail can be processed in 3 shifts – 5:00am – 9:00am - AM/Morning shift – 10:00am – 6:30pm – Day shift – 6:30pm – 12:00 am – Night shift Infrastructure – Robust DR and BCP in Data Centre’s – Service will be monitored and supported by Toll Group IT (24 x 7)
  • 25. Personal deliveries to the office Source: – 10th August 2012
  • 26. Parcel lockers for enterprise
  • 27. Parcel lockers for enterprise
  • 28. Questions