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Track 2, session 3, business continuity and disaster recovery in the virtualized world sreenandan
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Track 2, session 3, business continuity and disaster recovery in the virtualized world sreenandan


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Business continuity and Disaster recovery in the Virtualized world
  • 2. 2011 CIO Top Technology Priorities Source: Top 10 Technology Priorities for 2011, Gartner
  • 3. Disaster Recovery: Top Virtualization Priority
  • 4. EMC Advanced Replication Technologies
    • RecoverPoint
    • Network-based, Heterogeneous Host and array
    • continuous data protection (CDP)
    • continuous remote replication (CRR)
    • concurrent local and remote (CLR) data protection
    VNX Replicator IP replication with Quality of Service to optimize LAN/WAN bandwidth utilization VNX MirrorView Sync/Async replication for flexible recovery-point and recovery-time objective requirements SRDF Family The ultimate business continuity and disaster recovery solution for the broadest range of use cases
  • 5. Clicker Question 1 Most DR solutions today provide peer to peer replication between primary and DR sites. One of the challenges here is that logical corruptions at Primary also get replicated to DR and render the DR copy unusable. Would it be useful if there is a DR solution which works across heterogeneous platforms and provides DVR style roll back.
    • Yes
    • No
  • 6. A Case Study…
      • Banking and Financial Services
  • 7. Customer – Challenges in Virtualized Environment
      • Multi-vendor environment with growing Virtual infrastructure
      • Management pain
      • - Three different disaster recovery solutions adding to the complexity of management
      • - Lack of single integrated management
      • - Lack of integration with Vmware Infrastructure and
      • No VM level protection
      • Increasing client data and aggressive RPO requirements
      • No flexibility of different RPO/RTO based on application SLAs
      • Unable to meet defined recovery requirements due to complexity and Low bandwidth between Primary and DR site
      • Banking and Financial Services
  • 8. How do I protect both? How do I recover both? How can I afford both? Virtualization Raises Important Questions ? What if you had one way to protect everything you have … better Virtual Transition to Private Cloud Physical
  • 9. Clicker Question 2 How many of you have a single solution which provides Local Recovery as well as Remote Protection capabilities with a single pane of management?
    • Yes, I have a single solution
    • No, I have different solutions for local protection and remote protection
  • 10. Resides on storage frame Environment Resides on server Homogenous storage only No server performance impact Performance depends on array type Attributes Small environments. Limited functionality and O/S No-cross host consistency Host performance impact DR options and EMC Approach Resides in storage network, typically on appliances High performance and scalability Supports heterogeneous host/arrays No host or array performance impact RecoverPoint Array Host Network RecoverPoint
  • 11. EMC Approach - Any Point-in-Time Recovery Traditional recovery methods
    • Nightly backups, snapshots, mirrored images plagued by time gaps, corruption
    RecoverPoint recovery method
    • Recovery to any point in time
      • Mount image to any host in SAN
      • Full read/write access to image without protection loss
    • Use recovered image for a variety of purposes
      • Operational recovery
      • Backup, testing, or decision support
      • Reporting
    Nightly Backup: Recovery once every 24 hours RECOVERY GAP Scheduled Snapshots: Recovery once every 3 hours RECOVERY GAP RECOVERY GAP RECOVERY GAP RecoverPoint: Instant recovery to any point in time Check- point Patch Post- Patch Cache Flush Qtrly Close Hot Backup Check- point Pre- Patch UNLIMITED RECOVERY POINTS, APPLICATION BOOKMARKS Time Synchronous mirroring between local arrays: Recover image, but susceptible to logical corruption
  • 12. Recoverpoint Local and Remote Protection
    • Local protection for operational recovery
    • Journal based architecture , any point in time
    • Replicate between heterogeneous storage
    • VMware vCenter API integration
    • Remote replication for disaster recovery
    • Dynamic sync and async replication
    • Bandwidth reduction with de-dupe and compression
    • VMware SRM failover/ failback automation
    SAN DISASTER RECOVERY SITE PRODUCTION SITE Prod LUNs FC/WAN Local copy Application servers SAN RecoverPoint appliance RecoverPoint bi-directional replication/recovery Remote copy Standby servers RecoverPoint appliance Local journals Remote journal Storage arrays Storage arrays
  • 13. RecoverPoint for VMware Virtual machine replication at its best
    • Scale to thousands of virtual machines (VMs)
    • Sync or async replication of any mix of physical and virtual machines
    • Restore individual or multiple VMs
    • Automated VM failover and failback support
    • Monitor and alert on VM protection status
    vCenter Site Recovery Manager Servers Heterogeneous Storage Production Virtual Machines Servers Heterogeneous Storage Disaster Recovery Virtual Machines Replicated Data VMware Infrastructure SRA SRM vCenter VMware Infrastructure SRA SRM vCenter
  • 14. Overview on Data Consistency
    • Applications and data are interrelated (federated)
    • All data movement must be stopped/ started at the same point in time
    • To restart applications, you must have all the data—not parts of it
    • Recovery requires dependent-write consistency across all volumes and systems
    Systems share information… RecoverPoint captures a consistent view Order Entry SCM CRM DB DB DB
  • 15. Recoverpoint Consistency Groups (CG)
    • Ensures consistency across production and targets
    • Application recovery can be independent of SLAs
    • Enables independent replication of various applications
    • Utilizes consistency groups to organize data
  • 16. EMC Replication Manager Automate application recovery
    • Single console
      • Point-and-click replica management
      • Easy-to-use wizard interface requires no scripting
    • Automated
      • VM consistent replicas
      • Application-consistent replicas for backup and testing
      • Application and storage discovery
    Exchange SharePoint SQL Server DB2 UDB Oracle Database SAP EMC SnapSure EMC Replicator EMC TimeFinder family EMC RecoverPoint family EMC SnapView Virtual Infrastructure EMC Replication Manager Application Intelligence and Automation EMC Unified Storage EMC Symmetrix Family
  • 17. Perform VM Recovery DR drills With Recoverpoint performing DR drills is a matter of point and click
  • 18. Customer Key Benefits with EMC Solution
      • Single solution to protect virtualized applications
      • Improved Service level Management
      • Exceed defined recovery objectives
      • Dynamic QoS policies
      • Variable SLAs and RPOs
      • Automated replica management
  • 19. EMC Solution Additional Benefits Total Cost of Ownership Savings
  • 20. RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY RecoverPoint Application Hours/Days RETURN TO OPERATIONS RecoverPoint instant recovery brings data online faster so that business applications resume sooner Rapid Restore = Time Savings Customer was able to Get back to business faster Notes: Time required to restore latest point in time from snapshot Time required to return to operation (roll logs, restart applications, log in clients) Time required to re-create missing data between RPO points Array snaps/clones Seconds/Minutes Minutes/Hours TIME
  • 21. Recoverpoint Journal = Space Savings Customer was able to save additional space compared to other technologies 2–3.6x 1.7x RecoverPoint Host-based application Array snaps/clones SPACE CONSUMED RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY 100 Blocks 28 Blocks 59 Blocks
  • 22. 20 Mb/s 50 Mb/s 10 Mb/s REQUIRED BANDWIDTH OC1 Fractional T3 DS3 2x 3x Array replication (2:1 compression) Application/Host Replication (2.5:1 compression) RecoverPoint Replication (>3:1 dedupe with compression)* Replicated data 0 15 1 22 3 13 9 24 0 15 1 22 3 13 9 24 0 15 1 22 3 13 9 24 0 15 1 22 3 13 9 24 Bandwidth Reduction = Cost Savings Customer could save significantly on Bandwidth
  • 23. Site B Site A Go from: To: With EMC RecoverPoint The Customer Could…
    • … One solution to protect any host, any application, on any array
      • EMC to EMC
      • EMC to third party
      • Third party to third party
    • Use different tools for every platform, physical and virtual...
    “ Work with what you have!”
    • Costs limit what they can afford to protect ...
    • … Protect everything needed, not just what they could afford!
      • 5-10x bandwidth reduction
      • Journal compression
      • Snapshot consolidation
    “ Protect more with less costs!”
    • … Recover to any point and get their business back online faster
      • Continuous data protection
      • Application consistent bookmarks
    • Let their best recovery be defined by their last backup or copy ...
    “ Match recovery to requirements!” Physical Virtual Physical Virtual HDS IBM EMC EMC RecoverPoint UP TO 1 HOUR FROM A COPY UP TO 24 HOURS FROM A BACKUP Snaps only Snaps & tape Tape only Protected Protected Protected UNLIMITED RESTORE POINTS NO GAPS
  • 24. Integration with other Virtualization Technologies
  • 25. EMC Business Continuity for Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Ensure availability of
    • Microsoft Hyper-V servers
    • Automates failover of
    • virtual machines
      • - Eliminates errors associated with manual processes
    • Ensure employee
    • productivity
      • - End-users experience no interruption of application or data availability
  • 26. EMC Leads the Industry in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    • Proven solutions for physical, virtual, and private cloud
    • Any host, any application, any array
    • Best practices for deploying replication—into application environments
  • 27. Lets Change the way we protect with…
    • Heterogeneous Virtual and physical infrastructure protection
    • Single Data Protection and
    • DR Solution
    • Application Consistent DR
    • Continuous Data Protection and
    • any point-in-time recovery
    • Bandwidth reduction
    • Dynamic Sync/Async Replication
  • 28. THANK YOU