Track 1, session 6, accelerating your cloud journey with advanced services abhijit potnis


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  • EMC offers comprehensive,end-to-end services capabilities for the physical and virtual environment to support your infrastructure today and enable your infrastructure of tomorrow. These capabilities includeConsulting services to help you realize the inherent power of your information and bring your information to life to realize your ambitionsTechnology deployment services to help you plan, design, implement, and optimize your EMC information infrastructure. Training and certification to help your staff develop the most up-to-date skills to implement and manage new and more complex IT infrastructures and increasing storage demandManaged Services to fill knowledge, expertise, and resource gaps, and Support services to ensure business continuity and a highly available data environment.Our ecosystem of highly qualified partners extends the breadth and depth of these services across the globe.
  • Let me take a minute to tell you about and important capability of EMC that you may not be aware of…..EMC Consulting has developed a Cloud advisory service…. (see details below)Cloud advisory service: ROI Business Case for Private Cloud, Transformation roadmap and work packages, Documents “shadow IT” use of public cloud, Provides maturity rating and roadmap for transformation to cloud operating modelCloud adoption services: Align Applications, Infrastructure, and Governance, Accelerate virtualization with center of excellence, Transform of Network, Data Center, and IT Service portfolio, Deploy EMC virtual architecture with EMC Global Services, Deploy IT as a Service self service portalCloud optimization: Optimal location for application workloads: public, private & hybrid, Evaluates and balances financial, trust and feasibility considerations for application workloads, Financial impact analysis, Federation of candidate workloads across legacy, Private and Public clouds
  • Now lets talk about the role of Global Services in accelerating our success in the Cloud.Maximize TCE, loyalty and differentiation through service excellenceEnable our customers to more quickly realize the benefits of CloudProviding advisory service to create a strategic context for our EMC technologyEnable partner ecosystem (SP, SI, ISVs, Outsourcers)
  • Track 1, session 6, accelerating your cloud journey with advanced services abhijit potnis

    1. 1. Accelerating your CloudTopic of Presentation Journey Comes Here with advanced Services
    2. 2. ConsultingThe Value of EMC Cloud Infrastructure Infrastructure Management RSA Security INFORMATION / Isilon Big Data - Greenplum INFRASTRUCTURE Information Intelligence Group Storage - Information Infrastructure Backup & Recovery Solutions 2 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 2
    3. 3. Cloud Adoption Requires aTransformational Approach • Rationalize applications against business requirements Applications • Develop a strategy for virtualizing and federating applications Virtualize all applications • Leverage virtual application architecture and validated configurations • Develop strategy and roadmap: compute, storage, network Infrastructure • Achieve service-level requirements for your private cloud Optimize virtual • Deploy tested solutions built on market-leading technologies infrastructure and • Protect virtual environment: security, backup and disaster recovery service levels • Engage business stakeholders throughout private cloud initiative Governance Manage the virtual • Establish program management to drive milestones and ROI program, processes • Manage and automate the dynamic virtual infrastructure and environment • Develop an operational model for the virtual data center 3 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 3
    4. 4. How EMC Global Services Can Help Operations Strategy Design Implementation and Support Consulting Services Enterprise information management and analytics Technology Deployment Application architecture Services, Education design and development Assessment, design, implementation Application infrastructure , integration, data migration Customer Support Cloud and virtual data center Media security Services Security and risk Health check/performance management Online support services Training and certification Key verticals: financial Secure remote support services; telco/SP; healthcare/life sciences, Managed Services Onsite and remote technical support public sector, retail Storage managed Personalized support services options Remote managed Solution support services Residencies 4 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 4
    5. 5. EMC ConsultingHelping Our Customers Balance Strategy withEconomics, Trust & Functionality Develop Extend The Transform Customer Vision Customer IT Roadmap CLOUD ADOPTION SERVICE CLOUD ADVISORY SERVICE WITH EMC CLOUD OPTIMIZER CLOUD ADVISORY SERVICE Hybrid Cloud 5 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 5
    6. 6. Cloud Strategy Planning & RoadmapScope Cost Savings Realized over Three Years Implement Cloud Cost Savings Realized over Three Years Implement Cloud• Assess and review Client’s current $20,000 $18,000 $16,000 $18,881 $20,000 $18,000 $16,000 $15,816 $18,881 virtualization strategy , DC infrastructure and $14,000 $12,000 $14,000 $12,000 (K$) (K$) $10,404 $10,000 $10,000 operations. Develop recommendations, $8,000 $6,000 $5,189 $4,000 $3,287 Business case & TCO analysis $8,000 $6,000 $4,000 $3,065 quick wins and roadmap to Cloud, including $2,000 $0 Data Center Storage Servers $0 Network Total Savings $2,000 $0 CapEx OpEx Total Savings Savings Area Savings Area business case and TCO analysis.• Develop target Cloud reference architecture EMC DMX4/CLARiiON/Celerra Real-time zone Back office zone F L IL U FL / BL IG ILN ASRNE SUAC Cash flow Enterprise and strategy for rationalizing application Logistics Manage production Manage Logistics Management Management HR ment Shipping/delivery Logistics planning management Financial Warehouse Logistics Security assurance Financial accounting HR management management technical management trade examination General accounting Settlement of (GL) account processing management Product basic Capacity planning/ Low material/parts Purchase Cost management Salary Calculation information management Work instruction procurement management Client LAN/WAN Processing/ Assembly/Packing/ Inventory Section management Debt management Sales・ Cost management Capability Production planning Intermediate products development portfolio through Business Process, Shipping management Cisco MDS and/or Required amount planning processing Quality assurance Credit management Asset management Safety/health Brocade San Fabric Cisco /Parts arrangement Partner quality coaching management Product purchasing・ Product sales Catalyst ment sales Order Shipping inventory purchasing plan Management General affairs Invoice/billing accounting General affairs Sales management 6500 Capital/fund Purchasing Applications and Infrastructure mappings. management Materials procurement production Development ration pment Prepa Develo Production purchasing Product planning Legal preparation tax matters New model Development Intellectual cost development business strategy property support product Product development Development Technical quality Product total design Cisco Nexus PJ management support assurance• Develop cloud sourcing strategy Design Details development Prior art development Fabric Engineering zone Interconnects Communication Protocol Knowledge management / DWH 24 Parts repair Public relations・Advertisement Fiber Channel to Storage repair care Parts /agency Cultiv Parts Warehouse Parts status Parts purchasing・ Parts sales planning Business Advertisement Parts sales public relations management information management inventory Intelligence MPL management• Develop cloud service models and service 10Gb Ethernet Customer Service information Agency management Service information Customer response Warranty Fiber Channel (from Nexus to search Rebate management management HP Blade Legacy SAN Fabric) Sales agency support Quality control business Strategic Planning Corporate management planning Business planning Business Enclosure (s) 10GE Unified Fabric/FCoE ation Corporate managementCorporate management Business profit Business profit Sales promotion strategic planning status/management planning management (4 x 10Ge Uplink activity Architecture Application Maps Communication zone Intelligence zone per chassis) catalog Virtual Server Service Levels Service Levels Mission Critical Production Non ProductionDeliverables Business Use Large Standard Prod Apps High Performance Databases High Performance Apps Non critical production systems UAT, Testing & Development Low performance applications and databases• Private cloud strategy and roadmap Performance High Medium Average Service Level Attributes Application Criticality High Medium Not Critical• Business case & TCO analysis Availability Target Support Level 99.95% 24 x 7 < 1 hour response Bypass: 2 hrs 99.90% 24 x 7 < 2 hour response Bypass: 4 hrs 99.50% M-F 7AM – 7PM < 4 hour response Bypass: 8 hrs• Cloud reference architecture Provisioning (in plan) Provisioning (out of plan) Resolution: 48 hrs < 1 week + CR* < 6 weeks + CR* Resolution: 48 hrs < 2 weeks + CR* < 16 weeks + CR* Resolution: 48 hrs < 2 weeks + CR* < 16 weeks + CR* Provisioning with new hardware Add up to 8 weeks Add up to 8 weeks Add up to 8 weeks• Cloud service modelling and service catalog Change Requests CR*: Duration for change preparation, testing, and approval, followed by 5-7 days for Change Review Board approval. Typically less than 4 weeks. Instantiation Cost (Monthly) $ $ $ 632.74 Service catalog 575.51 537.36 6 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 6
    7. 7. Cloud Roadmap for Telecom Customer in Bangladesh Step 6 Step 5 Baseline & PH -2 practice Step 4 Physical & formulation Step 3 Remediation , Logical Layer PH 1 – if required for Implementatio Step 2 Physical & PH-2 n & validation logical layer Baseline & Detailed Design , BOM implementatio Phase 2 – Practice Step 1 & Migration n & validation Implementation Formulation Assessment Remediate / Plan- PH 1 & Validation - Document & Roadmap Phase 1 – replan remediated Implementation - Physical layer architecture Detailed - Remediate & Validation design & / or - Logical layer – Design, & BOM - Create baseline Vmware - Physical layer Migration Controlled operational plan –PH 2 Implementation Assessment Migration Plan – - Logical layer – processes & Controlled - Partially - Validation & runbooks Phase 1 Implementation optimized measurement - Establish overall - Detailed Arch. consolidation ratios to & design - Validation & target ESX servers. measurement - Detailed BOM- 3 yr business Case – BAU Vs Virtual - Migration Plan Environment – Phase 1 - High level Implementation Roadmap 1 month 2-3 months ( downtime windows) 2-3 months) Next 2 months Start Next Steps 7 Cloud Meets Big Data © Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 7
    8. 8. Consulting Services: BenefitsUnlock the value of your information • Virtualize your infrastructure and applications • Develop, implement a private cloud strategy • Improve service levels and operational efficiencies while managing cost • Make optimum use of your information for decision support • Protect, secure, and ensure compliance of critical information assets 8 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 8
    9. 9. Audience Poll• What is biggest hurdle in adapting cloud journey in your organization A. Security B. Lack of confidence C. Application Support D. Availability of Infrastructure 9 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 9
    10. 10. Technology Deployment Services • Full lifecycle of deployment services—from architecture through integration • Experienced, rigorously trained and certified delivery professionals Assessment and Design • Best practices, proven delivery and project Implementation and management methodologies Integration Operational Assurance/ Health Check/Performance • Deep product expertise, access to proven Data Migration reference architectures and interoperability Media Security results Vblock Design and Implementation Service 10 Cloud Meets Big Data© Copyright 2010 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17-18 November 2011. Grand Hyatt - Mumbai 10