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hat can you do to help your resume stand out from crowd? Writing a resume can be frustrating - but it doesn't have to be! Resume Zen is your guide to writing clear, effective resumes.

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Resume Quick Guide

  1. 1. Resume Writing Guide Remember: Design your resume for the reader Ditch the Objective Instead of an objective, include a summary of your qualifications. Highlight the skills and experience you have that’s most related to the position that you’re applying for. Example: A Human Resource Professional with strengths in training and development, strategic program design, and business partnering. Experience and skills include:  Recruiting  Metrics & Analysis  Employee Relations  HRIS Systems  Training  Social Media Put Education at the End It’s not just what you know – It’s what you’ve done with what you know. Education is important, but your relevant experience should appear first on your resume. Focus on Accomplishments (Not Duties) Instead of writing about your duties or things that you know, share experiences that demonstrate skills and talents that a relevant to the position. Don’t Say: Know marketing and event planning. Don’t Say: Responsible for marketing and event planning. DO Say: Created marketing plan for annual fundraiser.
  2. 2. Resume Writing Guide The “So What?” Rule Whenever you write about a piece of experience, imagine a little bird is sitting on your shoulder asking, “So what?” For every bullet on your resume, you should explain not just what you did, but why it matters. Instead of… Created marketing plan for annual fundraiser. Write… Created marketing plan for annual fundraiser that resulted in net earnings of over $35,000. You can still provide an overview of your day-to-day duties by adding a short sentence or two above the bullet points of your key experiences. Responsible for marketing and event planning for annual fundraising activities.  Created marketing plan for annual fundraiser that resulted in net earnings of over $35,000.  Developed webpage featuring event highlights and ticket purchase information.  Compiled post-event marketing analysis that aided in the continued growth and success of future fundraisers. Keep it Clear and Concise  Use Past Tense. Even for current or recent assignments.  Keep it short. One to three sentences. One to three pages.  Use spell check.
  3. 3. Resume Writing Guide Tailor Your Resume Get as much information as you can about the assignment, and then start building connections between your experience and the position. One way to do this is to match the verbs on your resume to the verbs in the job description. Job Description: Code websites in Java programming language. Your Resume: Coded websites in Java programming language to support one thousand page views per second. If you have lots of experience, you may find it difficult to keep your resume short. For older or less relevant experience, you can eliminate bullet points altogether and just provide a one to three sentence summary of the position. Even your summary of experience can be customized for each position. If you have a broad skill set, match the skills and experience you highlight with the requirements listed in the job description.