Mistery Shopping Grimm Museum Example

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  • 1. 21th November 2008 – Kassel Former EMBS students Mistery Shopping
  • 2. WHAT?? Bruder Grimm-Museum in Kassel. REASON We wanted to do something interesting and entertaining related to the city of Kassel. Choice: We chose this museum for his worldwide recognition, the Grimm brothers being internationally famous. Evaluation: We wanted before all to evaluate the quality of their personnel and the fun and entertainment this museum could give us. Our expectations before starting: We didn’t know low expectations, some books, the service illustrations, concept!!!! fairy tales. A comfortable museum and a place to relax. Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 2 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 3. THE INSTRUMENT 1/3  4 parts corresponding to the 4 steps of a visit.  Different weights that correspond on the impact on the overall quality of the service; Two different scales for two different types of questions: I totally agree I agree Indifferent I disagree Totally disagree 4 PT 3 PT 2 PT 1 PT 0 PT Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 3 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 4. THE INSTRUMENT 2/3 Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 4 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 5. THE INSTRUMENT 3/3 Final score: 72% Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 5 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 6. TANGIBLES PROCESS CORE AUGUMENTED Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 6 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 7. RESULTS Staff: high moral and empathetic; 45% Settings and Atmosphere: very good; Exhibits: interesting and well exposed but lack in explanation; Very good core but no additional 50% services. 60% Problem: no access for disable… 82,8% Our Expectation have been in part confirmed: there was not a real focus on the stories. Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 7 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 8. RECOMMENDATIONS Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 8 Rosa Paola Picariello
  • 9. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Ronan Chardonneau 21/11/2008 9 Rosa Paola Picariello