Logistics Case Answer Example


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Logistics Case Answer Example

  1. 1. European Master in Business Studies Logistic
  2. 2. Commercial offer: What do you think about our proposal (commercial offer)? Would you prefer a different location from the one we suggested and or clarifying some points within our presentation? What do you expect in particular from us? Except receiving the goods, storing and sending them to the final distributor, do you need some extra services (working during holidays, emergency solutions, customer services…)? Questions regarding the past situation: Why did you decide to make this change? (passing from several hubs to only one) About the past situation, what were the strong and weak points of your logistics in Eastern Europe? Why were they so many returns for Czech Rep. , Slovakia(3,3%) on & POLAND(3,6%)? Why were they so few returns coming from Hungary (0,5%)? What were the reasons of the hazardous goods in Poland? Why were they no hazardous goods on pallets for Hungary, Czech Rep. , Slovakia? Why Poland is the only one with Mixed Pallets whereas it has almost the same sourcing points as the other countries? Why Hungary reach a so high number of pallets per shipment? Why do you have 3 hazardous SKU for Poland? Why the rates of % per pallets are so low? What was the system used in your previous logistic process to follow the goods? Do you know what were the Incoterms chosen with the final customers? Questions regarding the future situation: Do you expect increase of your supplies within the coming years? If yes until which step could this increase reach(30-50%)? What is the percentage loss rate that you find inadmissible? What are the exceptional cases when we will have pallets of 1m80 height? Do you have special requirements for mixed Pallets? Do you need the warehouse to be close to special facilities( train station, airport)?
  3. 3. Do we need special logistics facilities (specific transporter, scale…)? How do you want the flow of information to be made? (report once a month or inform you directly of the situation) Is there a seasonality with the products and if yes what is the trend? What are the opening-time of our customers? How to deal with bookings for deliveries? Do you really want a cross docking platform? If yes we suggest you the ones of Krakow in Poland,Senec in Slovakia and Gyal in Hungary. Administrative issues: What are your preferences regarding the payment issues?(now, 30 days, 60 days) How to deal in case of litigations? (delays, % of loss or damages too high) When can we contact your offices and when do you expect us to answer you? (office hours) Regarding costs as Eastern European Logistic specialist we will provide you the best competitive price regarding the other service suppliers. About the products: Can these products be dangerous in contact of others? Do these products need special care when they are recycled? Do you have special requirements regarding the transportation?(temperature controlled, no groupage…) Can you give us the average time of the inbound arrivals expected from the sources of supply? When will we know that an inbound of pallets is coming? Do we have to treat non-European inbounds in a different way than European ones? Do you need an additional track system in addition of the EAN 128 barcode system? How to deal with non-qualities and damaged products? Is there any specific requirement for the positioning of different items? Do special measures such as quarantine will have to be managed and if yes how do you want us to proceed? Do you have some figures to give us regarding the possible packaging activity of the products?(for e.g: will we have to make thousands of them per month or only tens of them?) How to deal with different packing requirements?
  4. 4. Is there any specific requirement for unloading products? How should we deal with products at a consumer unit level What is the temperature and humidity levels in which the pallets should be stored? Do double stacked pallets need a specific attention?(high risk of damage when transported for example) Extra hours: What is the frequency of extra hours do you expect from us a year? Right now exceptional extra hours will be charged twice the standard price but this rate can change according to the frequency.