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Embarq   may 26 - rs10 partnership - amit bhatt
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Embarq may 26 - rs10 partnership - amit bhatt


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. Road Safety: The Need for ActionRS10 Partnership on Road Safety,with a Focus of EMBARQ Efforts May 26th, 2010 Manila Amit Bhatt, Transportation Specialist
  • 2. BloombergGlobal Road SafetyProgram Overview
  • 3. Global Road Safety The next winnable battle in public healthLarge disease burden Road traffic accidents kill >1.2 million people and injure between 20 and 50 million more each year In most parts of the world, the epidemic of road traffic injuries is still increasingAmenable to intervention and public action Legal interventions are relatively inexpensive and extremely cost-effective to implement and enforce Best accomplished through coordinated actions among government, NGOs, public-private partnerships, and civil society
  • 4. Road traffic injuries are projected to be the 5th leading cause of death globally by 030 2004 2030 (actual) (projected)Road traffic crashes currently cause more than 1.2 million deaths a year –but by 2030 will kill an estimated 2.4 million people per year
  • 5. Road traffic death rates are twice as high in low- income countries as in high-income countriesPer 100,000 populationMore than 90% of the world’s road traffic deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries –even though these countries have less than half of the world’s registered vehicles
  • 6. Nearly half of road traffic deaths are among “vulnerable” road users – whose needs are often neglected when setting road safety policyIn some low-income countries, 80% of road traffic deaths are among “vulnerable” roadusers (compared with about 20% of road traffic deaths in some high-income countries)
  • 7. Road traffic safety is underfunded compared with other leading global causes of death (~$13 million World Health Organization in funding)
  • 8. Project summaryGlobal road safety – an enormous problem Increasing numbers of fatalities and injuries, especially in lower-income countries Proven interventions available but underused Underfunded, especially compared with other leading causes of death 6 partner organizations working in 10countries that have nearly half of the world’sroad deaths Proposed commitment of $125 million over 5yrs Relatively small amounts can have large impact
  • 9. Country selection10 low- and middle-income countries with ~580,000road traffic fatalities in 2007 Continue support in Vietnam, Mexico and Cambodia Add China (1 province), India (1 state), Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Kenya, TurkeyRepresents almost half (48%) of traffic deaths globally
  • 10. Partner organizationsWorld Health OrganizationWorld Resources Initiative/EMBARQ Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School ofPublic HealthGlobal Road Safety PartnershipWorld Bank Road Safety Facility Association for Safe InternationalRoad Travel
  • 11. Photo by Adil Naham
  • 12. Key Words for EMBARQ- Cities- “Risk factors” - Infrastructure - Pedestrians & cyclist- Co-benefits- Data Collection
  • 13. 1. Investment leveraged2. People served3. Travel Time Saved4. CO2 Avoided…
  • 14. …Transport Health & Safety5. Air Pollution Reduced6. Traffic Crashes reduced7. Public space created7bis. Physical activity8. Economic Evaluation (TBD)
  • 15. BRTs & Road Safety Research- Mexico- India- Turkey- Brazil- Colombia
  • 16. Rickshaw’s business plan
  • 17. Photo by: Cheapest destinations
  • 18. Mexico, DF3rd BRT Corridor “Vallejo”Road Safety Audit
  • 19. AGUAS CALIENTESTransit Oriented Development - TOD
  • 20. Thanks YouGlobal Strategic Partners CATERPILLAR FOUNDATION