Andrew Crowle: Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012


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Presentation by Andrew Crowle titled "Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012"

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  • Vestas Asia pacific is operating across the entire region with both production and Sales activities localized in all key markets
  • Andrew Crowle: Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012

    1. 1. Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012Panel DiscussionAndrew Crowle, Director Mechanical & MaterialsVestas Advanced Technology
    2. 2. 47,000+ turbines installed in 69 Countries20,000 employees globally 20% of global accumulated capacity Onshore A New Milestone:Vestas has reached an installed global capacity of >50GW of wind energy 55 million tons of CO2 saved every year 40% of global accumulated capacity Offshore2
    3. 3. Vestas in Asia Pacific Region Regional Sales Sales/Service Units Manufacturing Vestas Singapore ~ 75 employees4
    4. 4. Contents Vestas activities in Singapore Why are we here? Questions & Answers The Challenges – Group Discussion5 Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    5. 5. Vestas Singapore – 11 business areas on siteKey message: Opportunities for Cross functional integration Advanced Engineering Global Support Group IT Technology Solutions Services Marketing & People & APAC Sales Communications Finance Culture Global Supply Chain Shared Sourcing Planning Services Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    6. 6. Technology Hotspot – Vestas can leverage from the industrial eco-system Key message: global centre for industrial technology Mechanical Electronics Power Materials Software Offshore Engineering (Oil & Gas and Shipping) Growing Renewables Centre – Government backed ‘clean Tech’ strategy7 Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    7. 7. Why is Vestas in Singapore? Technology Hotspot – With extensive financial benefits Key message: Strong Government support Joint Materials Lab - NTU Access & Government labs Leverage on (A*STAR) research institutes Experimental Grid Lab Universities facilities Tax Structure Low 10% corporate tax rate Access to $60M National Science foundation grant Funding Grants Grant Support for PHD & Master & Resources students (Industrial Post Graduate Programme & National Research Foundation (Clean Energy) Scholarship8 Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    8. 8. FinancialsKey message: Low Cost Engineering Centre Hourly Rate / Head Count 150 130 100 85 SG ChennaiOffshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    9. 9. Diverse Nationalities, 75% Masters/PhD Education Key message: Can attract highly educated talent from around the world Nationality Australian British Education Canadian Dutch Filipino French Bachelor Indian Master Indonesian PhD Msian Diploma New Zealander Others PRC Pakistani Singaporean Danish Norwegian Nigerian Sri Lanka10 Singapore Site Strategy - June 2012 Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    10. 10. Singapore - OverviewKey message: High calibre staff, easy to do business Highlights : • Rich talent pool - Easy to attract high calibre talent from across the world. • Integrated with Asia-Pacific & China BUs • Technology “hot spot” - country strategy to develop ‘Cleantech’ R&D leading to high levels of infrastructure, external support & project funding. Ease of doing business Best Labour Force • Major financial centre & regional business SINGAPORE Economy Rank USA hub with low corporate tax rates. Singapore 1 TAIWAN SWITZERLAND Hong Kong 2 BELGIUM New Zealand 3 United Kingdom 4 JAPAN IRELAND • R&D grant award funding 50% wages and United States 5 SWEDEN NETHERLANDS 30% of material costs. AUSTRALIA Source: Doing Business 2100 Source: BERI’s 2010 Labour Force Report, World Bank Evaluation • Strong IPR regulations11Offshore Renewable Energy Conference 2012
    11. 11. Questions & Answers12
    12. 12. SWOT Analysis Current State – Singapore Site Key message: Opportunity to add greater valueVestas Turbines R&D and GSS SingaporeMajor Strength Major Weakness S WAttractive location for talent Lack in WTG domain knowledgeInternational Hub for R&D Access to large scaleEfficient Govt Support turbines hardware & manufacturing.Best IP Protection in region.Major Opportunity Major Threat Is the rest of the O TTo be the centre for gridcompliance. organisation willing to operate with higher levelsTo be a Global hub for of responsibilty in SG.materials development.Wider exploitation of funding Not achieving grant HC& grants criteria will not achieveCentre for specification & optimum staff cost perqualification of electrical in emerging markets 13 Singapore Site Strategy - June 2012