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Stock working today

  1. 1. Stock Associate Working Today By Edwin Clerval
  2. 2. For Trainee’s • For the holiday season of the year 2010 you have been organizing orders for customers of Pottery Barn and WilliamsSonomia as well as Pottery Barn Kids. • This project involves receiving experience including arranging box pick ups from storage, preparing for customer picks during working hours and compliance with the store as well as delivery companies. • A list complied of all the items the store has received is available to the authorized individuals of Pottery Barn. With this information, customers will be able to purchase or place on hold the products they would like to acquire.
  3. 3. Sales • Another facet of the work would be your efforts as a sales associate. • Producing sales is important in that customers rely on your services to purchase what they would like to buy. • On the right is a hypothetical graph of what managers and working agents of pottery barn would need to see; a composite of how the store location has been. The production level at this point in the year could be very helpful in what kinds of adjustments would be needed for the remainder of the period. 0 5 10 15 20 25 1st Qtr 3rd Qtr Rugs Ornamen ts Dining
  4. 4. Sales Contimued’ • Each person who is in the store at the time of business is responsible in their own way for how well the business is run. While everyone may follow company values it is important to effectively service the customer. • Occasions may arise when the person making a purchase isn’t sure about the product and has further questions. Be sure to have proper Product Knowledge and to remember the details relayed to you by your training associate. • Be sure to treat the customers with the utmost respect in that they are spending sums very large.
  5. 5. Storage Arrangement The customers of this business have the luxury of having orders placed under their direct name so that on delivery they may be set aside for their pick up. You can be assured of the most organized of storage place, a dependable area for customers to find and take home their purchase. There are two there very inmportant areas which Pottery Barn contains which carry the items of their inventory. An offsite storage, The Design Studio, and the “regular” sales Catalog area.
  6. 6. Storage Arrangement Cont’ • The offsite storage is what carries the large items and what may be set as later pick up for the purchaser. • Our Design Studio area will carry our select products that are picked up by customers. • The regular catalog area can be for numbered sections as to organize inventory and to have a section to place everyday items.
  7. 7. Duties • Associates have their share of responsibilities as explained earlier. • Taking proper care of the store in itself is a major responsibility. • Looking for the smaller detail area’s in which may improve customer comfort and picking up on minor adjustments that someone else may not see will raise your own status.
  8. 8. Duties cont’ • Re-instituting the idea in which patrons are spending large sums, each person in the store has to comport the utterly non-controversial presentation. • Be sure to be in the best spirits, and enjoy what you do. • Positivity cannot be more suggested.