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  • 1. Prospectives of Luxe Marketing Inc
    • By Edwin Clerval
  • 2. New Hire
    • As an incoming employee I intend to create the most opportunity for myself in that this position will require professionality.
    • Working in the business field takes as much credible knowledge as one can muster. Being a well trained agent will call for learnt abilities as well as adaptable values.
  • 3. Luxe Marketing
    • In the business industry there are manageable companies which rely on marketing in order for income to be generated.
    • Once this is successful consistency in the flow of revenue can be controlled and managed by marketing guidelines.
    • Maintaining customer service praise. Quality products, studying buyers, building great confidence, etc.
  • 4. Luxe Marketing con’t
    • By collecting task for our mother company which I was explained in the training briefing Verizon (a national corporation) is counting on our offices to group and create sales.
    • A responsibility of working individuals is to report to the office managers and trainers about sales and presentations which have transpired while in the field.
  • 5. Luxe Marketing Con’t
    • In an ever adjusting market becoming an expert at what continues to be productive takes more than just natural ability it involves strict training.
    • What veterans do to stay at the high level of sales creation is by trusting company techniques and following vales taught by trainers.
  • 6. Day one
    • I have experienced for myself the benefit of working with this group. The expertise can aid in my elevation into an agent, more so I can master challenges which will mold me into management material