Karate Basics
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Karate Basics

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  • 1. Karate Basics Edwin Clerval
  • 2. Definitions
    • What is that the world knows to be called Karate is a Fighting Art created in the Eastern Hemisphere? There is a popular Culture which has grown from the civilizations that is stemming from the karate art style .
      • While there are difficulties in the styles building, it has survived the test of appeal as well as usefulness in almost every department of human civilization.
    • Familiarizing a person or having a class as it were of Karate students would then make you a master, your success in building a school of students is the measurement of effect on your society
      • Groups use their instructors styles in many different ways. All being effective in the action they are learned for
        • Entertainment
        • Protection
        • Activity
        • Excersize
        • And more
  • 3. Familiar Karate Terms
    • In the attempt to make each person more useful to their society, the creators of this art form wished to lead people into a developmental stage where they would be more equipped to survive and therefore further elevating their civilization.
      • The composition of Karate is that of fast paced electric movements of the bodies arms and legs. With a series of blows and strikes it is a determining factor in Man/woman's strength.
        • The attire in which a practicer must put on is in protection of the bodies extremities like the arm, leg, chest, back and head.
          • For the person in which is mastering this art they will be executing major actions, and the minor detail like uniform contributes to success or failure
  • 4. Our Towns
    • In the area in which is called Westchester there are a number of other businesses which have carries on the traditions as well as the culture in which Karate has formed form.
      • While it is largely followed the community in which does participate in Karate would be considered secluded and private
        • The list to the right has the direct addresses and telephone numbers of a handful of schools which practice regularly.
    10 Main St, Tarrytown, NY, 10591 (914)333-0100 Yoo’s Martial Arts 11 Clearbrook Rd, Elmsford, NY, 10523 (914)737-2065 Karate Kat 950 Broadway, Thornnwood, NY, 10594 (914)747-7180 Watanabe Judo Aikido & Kickboxing 455 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY (914)723-7770 Kang Karate & Hapkido 125a Marbledale Rd, Tukahoe, NY, 10707 (914) 961-1111 KI Martial Arts 175 Tompkins Ave Suite 1, Pleasantville NY, 10570 (914)741-5550 Kapatid Martial Arts Academy Address Telephone Name