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3goals al

  1. 1. Edwin Clerval Field Sales Agent t: 914 355-5923 f: 914 355- September 5, 2010 c: 914 434 8912 Al Chadaury Assistant Manager JMS Direct 481 Main St New Rochelle, NY, 10801 Dear Luciano, To satisfy the requirements of the position which has been offered to myself by the manage- ment there would be need for specific achievements in which would aid in the route I would need to take. When you do have a goal determined, it is helpful to leaders in how they would be able to guide and what would be needed out of them specifically in your elevation. Professionally, an individual must present their leader with the intentions of the duration of em- ployment. With this “Goals” list, it is is discerned what you are working towards in this com- pany. A three part answer is also needed for this prediction of ones accomplishments, the short, mid, and long term goals of yourself with JMS Direct office. From the introduction I’ve had when joining the staff of JMS I have been interested in produc- ing and contributing to the cause which has been directed in the company campaign. Having the highest possible success will be made attainable by stating what it is which you would aim- ing for in the time here. In the tradition of being specific I will now present my short term goal, I would want in the month of working to have produced over eighty services for the first month. In dollar figures I would like to have a earnings mark of over six hundred dollars. Believing at that point I would have mastered the challenges of delivering and providing services would be proven. My Mid term goal would be the challenge of having worked to production level which lifts me to the level of promotion into leadership and to be able to train and recruit. This growth will pre- pare for more responsibility in the company. By winter season I would feel comfortable with training others into the leadership positions. Finally, my long term goal is that by the new year and after to have updates and to be fully set up with individuals on a team. While the lat quarter of the year is in motion I would give my full efforts in organizing for this company people who would be able to work hard and make pro- duction on the companies behalf. In conclusion I am very grateful for this position where I am picking up experience and having a chance of professional growth. Opportunities are for the willing and the capable, both de- scribe me well. In documenting my intentions I am making myself also available as much as possible. I desire nothing less than standard success. Sincerely yours, Edwin Clerval a: Work Street Work City, Work State Work ZIP e: Work Email