The Digital Newsroom - Threat or Opportunity?


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  • The modern day consumer has ultimate ease of access to news from a range of sources via direct RSS feeds to their computer or mobile phone. The news medium is fast paced and constantly being updated to keep in trend with the audience. Because of this, news organisations are exploring new techniques to keep up with changing consumer tastes.
    News consumers have a range of choice available to them on a variation of platforms. An online article can now go hand in hand with video footage and sound bytes to give a more rounded view of the story.
  • The idea of free news is something we have heard a lot about in the past few years and that the decline in readership and popularity of newspapers has lead to a fall in newspaper prices and their constant fight for survival within the digitally driven climate.
    The harsh irony is that print journalism has, in fact, prospered with the advance in technology in terms of colour printing, efficiency and sophistication but at the same time the invention of the internet and the idea of social networking and citizen journalism hindered the medium.
    But if similar content can be found for free on the internet, will people still be willing to pay for news, whether that be in the form of online paywalls or newspapers.

  • We constructed a survey to determine trends in how people access news. We discovered that people primarily get their news online because they think its cheaper and more convenient. We found out that the majority of people access news at least once a day.
  • However we found that people felt that there will always be a market for newspapers because not everyone may own or know how to use computer devices, or alternatively buying newspapers has become a force of habit. We discovered that the majority of people were not willing to pay for their news online. Critics predicted that The Times’ pay wall would result in a 90% fall in readership and online traffic.
  • Although there are both benefits and drawbacks, we feel that overall the Digital Newsroom is an opportunity. News can reach greater audiences via social networking sites such as Twitter and blogs. Journalists become multi skilled therefore more employable. User generated content and crowdsourcing allows for more community involvement and journalists can use this to their advantage. A digital newsroom also means that aspiring journalists have a head start in terms of knowing how to use modern technology.
  • The Digital Newsroom - Threat or Opportunity?

    1. 1. The Digital NewsroomThreat or Opportunity? Hannah Baldwin, Emma Gordon, Kate Preston & Emma Rigby
    2. 2.
    3. 3. The Tools Available To Journalists o Twitter o Facebook o Blogs o Forums o Discussion Boards o Chats o Internet Radio o Podcasts o RSS
    4. 4. What is Convergence? Convergence is serving the customers with Multiple channels making use of the basic raw material which in our case is (mostly) news and current information. – Ari Valjakka, editor-in-chief of Turan Sanomat, Finland Convergence is generally seen in terms of increasing co-operation and collaboration between formerly distinct media newsrooms. - Mark Deuze, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Internet Web Site Newspaper Outlet Broadcast Outlet “ “ ” ” Definitions: Stephen Quinn, Convergent Journalism: The Fundamentals of Multimedia Reporting (2009), Page 8. Flowchart: Kenneth C. Killebrew, Managing Media Convergence: Pathways to Journalistic Co-operation (2005), Page 41.
    5. 5. Convergence – Threat or Opportunity? o Multi-skilled journalists o Employability o Reduce costs o Increases productivity o Increases readership o Specialists o Technophobes
    6. 6. Citizen Journalism
    7. 7. Examples of bloggers who have become influential in their fields. Blogging
    8. 8. oQuality of journalism varies oNo knowledge of media laws Citizen Journalism Drawbacks
    9. 9. Twitter
    10. 10. The Digital Newsroom - An Opportunity Journalists know that they need to be truthful and can be trusted.
    11. 11. Ease of access A range of choice on a variation of platforms. Ultimate ease for the news consumer.
    12. 12. ‘Free news’
    13. 13. Survey Results Newspapers 33% Online 67% Newspapers Vs. Online 39% 49% 9% 3% 0% How often do you access the news? More than once a day Daily Weekly Monthly Never
    14. 14. 2 31 Yes No Are you willing to pay for news online?Yes and No - with the advent of handheld devices that can display online news it's easier to get news with an investment into one device, however newspapers are cheaper in the short term and usually a lot more localised and focused. Is there still a market for newspapers? “ ”
    15. 15. Conclusion
    16. 16. Thank you for watching our presentation