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Personal Introduction

  1. 1. ESTEE ADERY CEP 810 Personal Introduction to “Ms. A” EA personal introduction.wma “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” -William Arthur Ward WHAT HAS BROUGHT ME TO WHERE I AM TODAY? As a freshman at Michigan State University, I had a strong desire to become a part of one of the best Education colleges in the nation. I have always wanted to teach and inspire others in the domain of Kinesiology and was determined to fulfill my lifelong dream. It began with a timed essay at Hubbard hall on a Spartan Football Saturday. I sold my football ticket and gained a ticket into my future as a Physical and Health Educator. During my undergrad career, I became more knowledgeable in the domain of Kinesiology and Health and applied that knowledge to my internship year. Physical Education and Health Certified, I student taught in the Novi Community School District. I began student teaching at Novi Middle School where I learned how much I truly love inspiring, coaching, and educating adolescents. I also became a reflective practitioner, realizing what lessons were successful and what lessons needed to be altered. That is the beauty of teaching, what works with one class may not always work with another. I learned that a good teacher is always on her toes and is able to change a lesson at the drop of a hat. Since I am certified k-12, after finishing my internship at the secondary level, I interned at Parkview Elementary School.
  2. 2. ESTEE ADERY CEP 810 While I had a wonderful experience teaching Physical Education to young eager, energetic, and impulsive learners, I came to the realization that I was better suited at the secondary level. The year following my internship was one of frustration and feelings of doubt. I had a tough time going through the interview process, making it to the final step, only to be told that I need more experience. That seemed to be the case on more than one occasion. I was then determined to gain the experience school districts requested. After not attaining a Physical Education and Health position, a great opportunity to gain more experience was given to me. During the 2006-2007 school year I was a building substitute at Walled Lake Northern High School. This was a stepping stone to where I wanted to be. Summer of 2007 I then applied for a Physical Education and Health position in the Huron Valley School District at Lakeland High School, in White Lake Michigan. I am currently a Lakeland Eagle and I continue to soar. WHAT HELPS ME LEARN BEST, BOTH INDIVIDUALLY AND WITH OTHERS? As an educator of Kinesiology, I am a kinesthetic and visual learner who likes to talk about each task at hand. I learn in a similar fashion as an individual as I do with others. I am one who retains information by physically taking part in activities and talking though them. One would also consider me a note taker, for I continually take notes as I observe situations or conditions around me. Written notes give me something to look back upon, for the repetitive nature of reciting the information helps retention of knowledge. In order to learn best, I brainstorm with others as
  3. 3. ESTEE ADERY CEP 810 well as contribute my own personal beliefs and opinions. Depending on the situation determines how I learn best. When learning how to create meaningful lesson plans during my college years, I took a course that was geared toward kinesthetic learners. The class was composed of future Physical Educators who were all learning from one another to better their pedagogy. As individuals, we created lessons for various age levels and taught the lesson to our peers in the course. Our peers took the role of students and acted in accordance to the lesson and grade level being taught. As students of each lesson, we were up and moving learning the activity so that one day we might be able to adapt it to our real life teaching. When one is given real life application it makes learning more fun and useful.