OVMS Jeopardy Game


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OVMS Jeopardy Game

  1. 1. Jeopardy Game 25 Points Goal: For this project you will be creating a fully functioning Jeopardy game board using Microsoft PowerPoint. This presentation will include a total of 52 slides: 1 Introduction, 1 Game Board, 25 Questions, and 25 Answers. Steps: 1. Open a new PowerPoint document. 2. On the First Slide type your name and the name of your game (Jeopardy, Coolest Jeopardy Game Ever, Jeopardastic). 3. Create a New Slide by either clicking the New Slide shortcut or going to Insert, New Slide. 4. This second slide will be your Game Board slide. Under the Slide Layout menu you are going to select the Title and Table layout and create a table with Six Rows and Five Columns. 5. You will then write values in the table down the first column starting in the second box from the top. Once you have finished the first column, copy and paste it into the remaining four columns. 6. Once you are finished with this, you can write your topics across the top row. 7. Now you will create two new slides and title one Question and one Answer. 8. On the question slide go to the Slide Show menu and select Action Buttons and the Forward or next selection. You will then use the cursor to draw the action button in the bottom right corner. 9. When the next box pops up you want to select Hyperlink to: Next Slide and, if you would like, you may select a sound. 10. Now the question slide is set up. Next you want to go to the answer slide and once again go to the Slide Show menu and select Action Buttons but this time you want to click on the Home Button and draw the action button in the corner as before. 11. This time when the next box pops up instead of hyper linking to the Next Slide you want to Hyperlink to: Slide… and select A place in this document, Slide 2 which is your Game Board Slide. 12. Now select you Question and Answer slides by holding down the Shift key and clicking on both. When they are both selected and have a navy blue box around them you want to copy them using Ctrl C and then click below the two slides and hit Ctrl V to paste. You will do this until you have a total of 52 slides. 13. The final step to setting up your slideshow is to set up the hyperlinks to your slides. To do this go to your Game Board slide and Highlight the First money value. Now you can either select Insert, Hyperlink or you can simply select Ctrl K. When the next box pops, you want to click on Hyperlink to: A Place in this Document. Then you want to link this first value to your first question slide, Slide 3. You will continue linking the money values on your game board with the Odd numbered question slides until all are hyperlinked. Points: Action buttons 5 Points Hyperlinks 10 Points Questions 10 Points