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  1. 1. On the sidelines or on the court or in the lab. My name is Nathan Feather. I do a lot of stuff from playing basketball to playing chess. To building robots or Break Dancing. That’s me. I am 12 Years old and my birthday is July 16. I am 5’0. I have dirty blond hair and brown eyes. I have a Mom and Dad, 2 sisters (14+7), a brother (4), and 2 dogs. Maizy is an old lady at 87 dog years. She is a grandma to our young Sashee who is only 2 1/2 months!!! Here is the rest. I love my family. My mom and dad are awesome and supportive of me. My little sister Grace is unique. Sometimes she will be happy and the next minute bawling for nothing. My big sister Hannah is well a big sister. We play harmless pranks on each other a lot. She goes to the IA and does a lot of homework. My little brother laughs at anything and cries at anything. He makes pointless jokes and LOVES noggin! I play basketball, not baseball, basketball. No football, Just basketball. At least on a team… I also like going to many sporting events like Michigan Football games, Lakeland football and basketball games. Even Detroit Pistons games. I like playing any sport though. We have gone on a few vacations, but one tops them all. Last year we went on a cruise in the Caribbean. We went to The Atlantic Resort close to Nassau, Key West (Was on there the same day as my friend), and another spot in the Bahamas. During the whole vacation I had fifths disease. On Key West we went to the pirate museum, and took a
  2. 2. trolley around the isle. When we went to Atlantis we played at a beach for like 2-3 hours and it cost us like $50. Most people hate Math, but I love it. It is my best subject and my favorite subject, I am in Pre-Algebra for a reason. It’s because I will and can do math. I also like History of civilization. Stuff like ancient Egyptians and Alexander the Great. That stuff is awesome!! I have some favorites that I would like to share. My Favorite color is red. My favorite shoe company is saucany. My favorite country (other than US) is Singapore. My favorite computer brand is HP. My Favorite processor is Vista. My favorite Ice Cream flavor is Mackinaw Island Fudge. My Favorite Number is 21. My favorite place is outside. My favorite sport is basketball. Lastly, my favorite hobby is chess. So that wraps it up. I love basketball. My favorite vacation was when we went on a cruise. My favorite subjects are social studies and math. I have many things I do day in and day out. Most of all I’m living life, my way.