Library Catalogue: accessing e-books


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Library Catalogue: accessing e-books

  1. 1. Library Catalogue: Accessing e-books Photo courtesy of THEfunkyman
  2. 2. Before we continue... ....if you are not sure how to search for books using the Library Catalogue, have a look at this guide (URL below) You can view this guide here:
  3. 3. We are going to look for this e-book: Ward, Patricia. (2006). Database management systems (1st edition). Thomson, London. We can search for this book using: • The author’s name • Book title • Combination of author and title (easiest and best way) Some books that we provide are available electronically (E-books)
  4. 4. Access the Library Catalogue myUniHub > My Study > My Library > Library Catalogue Select ‘Library Catalogue’ from the list of resources and search for the book
  5. 5. Enter search terms into search box The default search is ‘General keyword’. Use this option if you know the author and the title of the book. Enter the author’s surname and some words from the book title into the search box eg. Ward database management….. .….Click ‘Go’
  6. 6. Your search results are displayed Scroll down the screen until you find the right book. This is the book we are looking for. It is also available as a print book This is the book we are looking for ie. ‘Electronic resource’
  7. 7. In order to access the e-book.... ....Click on the book title
  8. 8. ....Now click here You can then chose to either ‘Download’ the book for up to 7 days or ‘Read online’.
  9. 9. To read online.... ....Click on this icon
  10. 10. Reading online continued Choose the section you want by clicking on a chapter title here Click on the forward and back arrows to turn the pages
  11. 11. Downloading the e-book.... on the ‘Download icon’.... ....choose how many days you want the book for: 1-7 days.... ....then click ‘Download’. You will have access to the downloaded file for the number of days chosen.
  12. 12. If you are using the Library Catalogue from outside the University, you may sometimes experience problems accessing full-text items A troubleshooting online guide is available : MyUniHub > MyStudy > MyLibrary > Library Subject Guides > User Guides > Accessing Electronic Resources
  13. 13. Need further help? Contact your Librarian: Make an appointment:
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