Induction MSc APH and MSc OHSE Oct 2013


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  • Hold up a print journal to explain benefit of Summon. Set the MDX cookie Students do some searches: legionella, AND ???? Show refining tools: Full-text, Content type, Pub date
  • POINT OUT: Home page > Appointments, Referencing guide Resources > Catalogue, Summon, Databases, Web resources Information Skills > Powerpoints, Referencing
  • Search for BIO4500. Show different resource types.
  • Show: A-Z Barbour resources > Technical guides, EH Checklists Document Library > Contributing publishers, Search Legislation Diary > Legislation on unauthorised GM rice from China The Briefing > News
  • Induction MSc APH and MSc OHSE Oct 2013

    1. 1. Postgraduate Course Feedback Essential library skills and Finding reliable online information Induction, October 2013 MSc Applied Public Health MSc Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management
    2. 2. Today we are going to look at … 1) Essential Library Skills Using the Library pages on MyUniHub: • The Library Catalogue • Summon • Your Library Subject Guide • Your online reading lists
    3. 3. Today we are going to look at … 2) Finding reliable online information • Barbour • World Health Organization website • Public Health England: Data and Knowledge Gateway • Google Scholar
    4. 4. Using the Library pages on MyUniHub Log in to MyUniHub My Study My Library
    5. 5. Library Catalogue 04/10/13Slide 5
    6. 6. Library Catalogue How to search: • Keyword search • A-Z search Try to find these items on the Library Catalogue .... 1. Boyle, T. (2010) Health and safety: risk management. Loughborough, IOSH 2. Pomerleau, J., McKee, M. (2005) Issues in public health. The Open University 3. Journal: Safety Science
    7. 7. Library Catalogue – e-books and e-journals • E-books and e-journals are also found on the Library Catalogue. • You will see the words ‘[electronic resource]’ after the title. • Click on the blue link to download or read the book or journal online (You must be logged into myUniHub!)
    8. 8. Library Catalogue – reserving books
    9. 9. Library Catalogue – reserving books Student number Date of birth DDMMYY
    10. 10. Library Catalogue – renewing books
    11. 11. Summon
    12. 12. Library Subject Guide
    13. 13. Online reading lists
    14. 14. Barbour
    15. 15. WHO website
    16. 16. WHO website Find some information about: 1) HIV and immunisation 2) Data about cholera in Ghana 3) Data on road traffic deaths by country
    17. 17. WHO regional websites On the Western Pacific region website: • Find the journal called Western Pacific Surveillance and Response • Find Volume 3, Issue 3 and download one of the articles On the Americas region website: • Find a program called Health research promotion and development • Find out what the Objectives are of this program.
    18. 18. Public Health England: Data and Knowledge Gateway
    19. 19. Public Health England: Data and Knowledge Gateway Find an interesting, recent statistic about: 1)Adult obesity 2)Skin cancer 3)Infant mortality 4)Tobacco use Be prepared to tell us where you found it.
    20. 20. Google Scholar • Go to Settings > Library links • Search for Middlesex University, select it then Save