Letter to the judges


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Letter to the judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115April 19, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:I greatly appreciate you taking the time to volunteer to judge my senior project. When Iwas thinking about what I would do my senior project on, a lot of possible ideas ranthrough my head, but after realizing how much time and effort I would have to put into itand I recognized the potential reward it could yield I quickly decided I wanted it to besomething to do with the piano. I have been playing the piano now for 13 years, so Idecided that since I can already play the notes learning a song would not cut it for myproject. I felt that the next step would be delving into the inner workings of a songbuilding one from the lyrics up. So, naturally I wanted to compose a song that I wouldlike myself and a genre I was comfortable with.For all the 13 years I have played the piano, gospel music has been my main area ofmusic, so I really wanted to compose a song in that genre. I also wanted to be able toperform my song at my church and hopefully put some use to it. I wanted to complete myknowledge and skills on the piano, or at least make them more dynamic. I wanted toknow more about the piano and more about what goes in to all the songs that I sit downand learn, and now I appreciate each song I play much more because I know personallythe work that goes in to a song. I completed my research paper on the steps to composinga song on the piano, focusing on what I did for my type of song. I delved deep into thecomplexities of composing major works that really helped me understand a lot toaccomplish my senior project. I realized that you really do have to see what your targetaudience is when you are composing a song and make sure it does fit with who you areattempting to compose it for. Also, one thing that I really witnessed firsthand was the factthat the lyrics are the base of the song and you have to have good and well organizedlyrics to have a good song. The act of composing a song really is broken down into stepsthat cannot be moved around, so while the creativity of creating a song is unharnessed,the method in which you compose the song is very methodical and important. Withanything as difficult as composing a song comes a large collection of challenges that Ihad to overcome with the help of my facilitator. Multiple technical issues came up whilecomposing the song, from the verses not matching syllables to not being able to figureout how to do certain things on the computer program.
  2. 2. Since I was a young child I have always had a passion for the piano, and I have alwaysconsidered trying to make a career out of it. As I completed this project and put in theamount of time I did, I felt a great reward personally but considering the market forsouthern gospel songs and the amount of money that could be made I realize it cannot bea career for me. However, this does not mean I will not pursue it as a hobby or even asmall side job, but after realizing the amount of time it takes and the money it wouldproduce it would not be feasible.Once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to judge my senior project. Itruly hope you enjoy my song and my presentation. My knowledge of the piano hasgrown greatly from my participation in this project, and I feel that I have gained avaluable life skill.Sincerely,Hayden Holcomb