Guaranteeing Successful EHR Implementations

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In this presentation, Shahid Shah outlined a series of practical, hands-on steps that medical practices can take to assure that their EHR implementation is successful. It will also offer criteria …

In this presentation, Shahid Shah outlined a series of practical, hands-on steps that medical practices can take to assure that their EHR implementation is successful. It will also offer criteria practices can use to evaluate and improve their EHR’s performance.

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  • 1. Guaranteeing successful EHR implementations
    By Shahid N. ShahThe Healthcare IT Guy
  • 2. Why listen to me?
    20+ years of software engineering and multi-site healthcare system deployment experience
    12+ years of healthcare IT and medical devices experience (blog at
    15+ years of technology management experience (government, non-profit, commercial)
    10+ years as architect, engineer, and implementation manager on various EMR and EHR initiatives (commercial and non-profit)
    Author of Chapter 13, “You’re the CIO of your Own Office”
  • 3. Why should you care about this presentation?
    Do you have a well thought-out EHR implementation plan that will guarantee success?
    Pat yourself on the back and try not to make fun of the rest of us mere mortals.
    Adopt the EHR implementation ideas I’m proposing.
    Stay and tell me why I’m wrong or nod your head in agreement.
    Tell your boss this is the best EHR presentation you’ve ever been to.
  • 4. Why are you implementing an EHR?
    Most obvious
    Most noise, least attention
    Most promising
    • Admissions per day
    • 5. Procedures per day
    • 6. Revenue per day
    • 7. Revenue per patient
  • First: Demand success metrics
  • 8. Confronting EHR Myths
  • 9. Good news: EHRs are NOT IT projects
  • 10. Staff Involvement
  • 11. Rollout Plan for Your EHR
  • 12. Reduce culture shock by transforming workflow before EHR
  • 13. Resist the “big bang” approach
  • 14. Paperless document management
    Create a matrix of every document you work with to see how it should be handled.
  • 15. EHR Implementation Plan
  • 16. Practical IT Considerations
  • 17. What About Related Software?
    EHRs aren’t enough
  • 18. Hardware Considerations
    If you’re going paperless, you’ll need much more hardware than you think
    Regular desktops on the existing cabinetry (which may not have room for the desktops 
    Laptops on the existing cabinetry
    Mobile devices
    COW carts with desktops or laptops
    Wall mounted or pole mounted computers/monitors or laptop stations
  • 19. Can You Connect To Your EHR?
  • 20. How Will You Store Data?
    Storage isn’t just about hard drives. It’s really about all the different kinds of data and how you will collect, store, extract, interface, retain, and manage it.
  • 21. EHR Security Considerations
    Your EHR MUST support:
  • 22. More Security Issues To Consider
    What level of access do technical staff need to maintain the system?
    Does EHR maintenance require access to the database where patient data are stored?
    Can all sensitive information be blocked from support staff’s view and access?
    Can troubleshooting be achieved through the use of test data rather than live patient records?
    What means are used for remote support?
    For systems hosted by vendors, what audit trails are in place to monitor vendor staff activity? Does the vendor provide access to these logs?
    Are audit trails of routine maintenance available?
    Source: AHIMA
  • 23. How do you know you’ve successfully implemented an EHR?
    Demand success metrics early on
  • 24. Conclusion and Questions
    If ylikewhat I presed, I’m available as a hiredagunto solve
    To sign up for the weekly update, The Fast 5, visit: