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How to Recruit and Inspire Volunteer Leadership
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How to Recruit and Inspire Volunteer Leadership






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    How to Recruit and Inspire Volunteer Leadership How to Recruit and Inspire Volunteer Leadership Presentation Transcript

    • How to Recruit & Inspire Volunteer Leadership Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 Avrum D. Lapin & J. Lansing Sylvia @EHLConsultGrp #nonprofitPHL
    • The EHL Consulting Group, Inc.• More than 20 years of experience in… – Fundraising & Campaign Management – Strategic Planning – Leadership Development – Nonprofit Business Planning – Creating Innovative Campaigns – Donor Research & Stewardship• We have worked with over 350+ nonprofit organizations.
    • Understanding Your Team: Types of Volunteers• Board of Directors• Campaign Leadership Teams• Committee Members• Recurring Volunteers• One-Time Volunteers
    • Understanding Your Process:Moving Volunteers “Up the Pyramid”• Just like donors, volunteers should be seen as important assets to your nonprofit.• Always look for ways to move volunteers “Up the Pyramid” and bring them closer to your organization. Connection is key!• Your best volunteers may one day become your best Board Members and Donors.
    • The Pyramid of Volunteer Leadership
    • Recruiting Volunteers: Connecting Desires to Benefits• Why are volunteers GIVING to your organization? – Passionate about your cause – Want to make a difference in world/community – Desire to improve professionally – They have been ASKED to give!• What are you GIVING to volunteers? – Chance to learn new skills – Professional networking opportunities – Being part of a group of like-minded peers
    • Recruiting Volunteers: Finding Your Best Match• Where to Look – Build upon existing Board and committee members’ relationships – Explore industry-related businesses, nonprofits, university departments, etc. – Postings on industry-specific message boards, list-serves & mailing lists – Your current mailing list: have you asked?
    • Recruiting Your Board: Characteristics & Responsibilities• Your Ideal Board Member should be: – Passionate about your cause – Connected within your community – Active in all of your fundraising campaigns – Willing to commit time and financial resources to your organization on an annual basis – Willing to make presentations to potential major donors and accompany staff members to help them request funding from prospective donors, when needed
    • Recruiting Your Board: Characteristics & Responsibilities• Give and Get vs. Give or Get • How and when do Board members raise funds for your organization? • Standard Board Contribution or Sliding Scale?• An Involved Board = A Strong Board • Fiduciary Responsibility + Financial Oversight • Strategic Vision + Innovative thinking • Connecting organization to new opportunities • Fundraising is everyone’s responsibility!
    • Recruiting Campaign Leadership: High Expectations = Strong Results• Campaign leadership is not a role to be given or taken lightly.• Develop written job descriptions for every campaign, no matter how large or small.• Members of Boards, committees & key staff must embrace their roles as advocates that support the campaign leadership.• Empower the Executive Director and senior staff to be pro-active campaigners.• Highlight the campaign, and volunteers, constantly.
    • Secrets to Campaign Success• Lead by Example – Dedication of Staff = Dedication of Volunteers• Doing & Thinking at the Same Time – Leadership is not only following through, it is the ability to make and communicate the connection between the vision for the organization and the purpose for the campaign.• Honorary vs. “Hands On” – Do not undersell the importance of campaign responsibilities in recruiting volunteers for any level of involvement.
    • Defining Effective Campaign Leadership• Definitions vs. Assumptions – Who is doing what? – Campaign leaders sometimes assume that the agency’s professional staff will assume the lion’s share of the work. – Professionals can easily believe that their volunteer counterparts are empowered to lead.• The Campaign Lives at Home – Organization must recognize value of the campaign. – Organization is responsible for all follow-up and reporting. – Volunteers can be advocates, but staff members must ultimately represent the organization.
    • The Two Most Inspirational Words: Thank You• Volunteers who feel appreciated will volunteer for you again and again.• They will become advocates for your organization, supporting your cause physically, socially, and financially.• Volunteers who do NOT feel appreciated will disappear, and may even prevent others from supporting you as well.
    • The Importance of Gratitude• Volunteers are donors, and it is important to thank them for donating their time and talent to you. – Personalized thank you notes when possible – Periodic phone calls to say “thanks” – Gratitude from the Executive Staff via email – Highlighting specific volunteers in your monthly newsletter or periodic email blasts – Invite key volunteer leaders to present campaign/event updates during Board meetings – Acknowledge their volunteer involvement when soliciting them during your Annual Campaigns
    • Establishing Your “Gratitude Plan”: Recognizing Volunteers at Events• During a Campaign/Event, make a “Gratitude Plan” with a defined timeline + action steps. – Ensures that you properly acknowledge and thank your volunteer leaders• How will you recognize volunteers during the event? – Slideshow at the event – Volunteers pages within the event program – Special nametags for Host Committee members• How will you follow-up with volunteers afterwards? – Important: update them on impacts and outcomes! – When and how will you ask them to volunteer again?
    • Inspirational Ways to Thank Volunteer Leaders• Create a Hard-Copy Photo Album from an Event – Online services, such as Shutterfly, make it quick and easy to create professional-looking photo albums – Call customer service to get a nonprofit/bulk discount! – Send to key volunteers and donors with a special note• Make a Quick “Thank You” Video – Gather staff/special guests to make a video – Post online, send via email, or use YouTube – Connects your volunteers to your staff personally• Check Pinterest or Etsy for ideas!
    • Final Thoughts• Connect to your volunteers• Make expectations clear• Define volunteer roles• Ensure accountability• Thank your volunteers• Keep them involved!