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Silver Verde May Mining Co., Inc., an exploration stage company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in the United States. The company focuses on exploring gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, and other minerals on the properties. It holds interests in 15 mineral exploration properties in the states of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. The company was incorporated in 1906 and is based in Wallace, Idaho.

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Silver Verde May Presentation

  1. 1.  Certain statements contained herein constitute ‘forward-looking statements’ within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Information contained herein contains ‘forward-looking statements’ which can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as ‘believe’, ‘expect’, ‘may’, ‘should’, ‘up to’, ‘approximately’, ‘likely’, or ‘anticipates’, or the negative thereof or given that the future results covered by such forward- looking statements will be achieved. Such forward-looking statements involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the company to be materially different from any future results, performances or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements, which speak only for the date the statement was made. Investors should carefully consider the preceding information as well as information contained in any news release before making any investment in the shares of the company. Silver Verde May Mining Company, Inc. undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements.
  2. 2.  Mike Lavigne – CEO & Director  Twenty-five years of finance and management operations of early stage public and private companies, Jurist Doctor Greg Schifrin – President & Director  25 years working in mineral exploration, BS in Geology, Graduate Studies in Water Resources  Founder and President Minex Exploration, a well-known mineral exploration services company, Founder of Badger Resources and Selkirk Environmental Dennis O’Brien – Secretary  Certified Public Accountant, HF Magnuson & Company  Officer and director of numerous public and private mining companies John Ryan – Director  Entrepreneur primarily in the Resource Sector including the founder of Cadence Resources, High Plains Uranium, Western Goldfields, Metalline Mining Company, U.S. Silver and others  BS Mining Engineering, Jurist Doctor Howard Crosby – Director  Twenty-five years in finance and resource industry experience  Founder of Cadence Resources, High Plains Uranium, Western Goldfields, Metalline Mining Company, U.S. Silver and others Dale Lavigne – Director  Forty-five years in the mining industry, owner and director
  3. 3.  Incorporated in Idaho in 1906. Held mining claims primarily in Burke Canyon, Gem, Idaho. Since the inception of the company has maintained its land position in the Coeur d’ Alene District. Merger with Golden Eagle Mining Company in December 2008, adding their extensive management and professional mining and exploration experience along with a large number of new properties in the Coeur d’ Alene District, Central Idaho and Utah. 2009 added additional properties in Coeur d’ Alene District and Wyoming. 2009 began evaluating and negotiating the acquire or joint venture numerous or near term producing small gold properties.
  4. 4.  Fifteen mineral exploration properties Northern Idaho (Coeur d’ Alene District): includes KIL Group, GG Group, Golconda Group, Rock Creek Group, Jutilla State Lease and Alice Mineral Lease, Seal Group, Summit Mining District Murray Idaho, MBA and RT Claim Group, and West Eagle Creek Claim Group Central Idaho: Includes NC Claim Group and FC Claim Group Central Utah (West Tintic Mining District): includes the LUX Claim Group and Joshua Claim Group Western Utah: includes BM Claim Group Wyoming: Rattle Snake Hills Claim Group
  5. 5.  The Coeur d’ Alene Mining District is located in the Panhandle of northern Idaho and covers an approximately 9 miles in width and 26 miles in length The district has been in continuous production since the 1880’s The district is one on just a few documented mining areas worldwide to have produced over 1.2 billion ounces of Silver with historical value through 2008 of 6.8 billion dollars Ore bodies in the district are unique in that they persist at depths far in excess of one mile Geologist have not uncovered any evidence to date that suggests a limit to the depth to which the ore might extend There are still several mines in operation today including Hecla’s (NYSE: HL) Lucky Friday and Gold Hunter mines and US Silver’s (Toronto Venture: USA.V) Galena/Couer mines. Near term production is possible from Con-Sil, Crescent, Bunker Hill, Star Morning, Sunshine and others.
  6. 6.  Kill Claim Group Mill Creek Claim Group GEMC State Lease GG Claim Group Alice Lease SVM has second largest land position after Hecla Mining in east Cd’A District adjacent to Gold Hunter and Lucky Friday Mine
  7. 7.  Kill Creek Claims Highlights  14 unpatented claims covering an area of approximately 280 acres  Located 2 miles north of Mullan, Idaho  Southernmost boundary of the claims lies about 1000 feet from the “Glory Hole” outcrop of the Gold Hunter ore body which is currently being mined in depth by Hecla Mining Company  The Cold Hunter is a major deposit of lead, silver and zinc and one of the Hecla Mining Company’s major producing mines. Current silver resources of Gold Hunter are in excess of 115 million ounces  Three of the claims are intermingles with claims of Independence Lead Mines which is being acquired by Hecla Mining for an original purchase price of approximately 67 million dollars
  8. 8.  Mill Creek Group Highlights  16 unpatented claims covering an area of approximately 320 acres  Located 1.25 miles northwest of Mullan, Idaho  Claims lie on a projected easterly extension of several productive veins which have been mined at the Star-Morning Mine immediately west of the company property  Star-Morning was a major producer of lead, silver and zinc for almost 100 years, producing over 26,000,000 tons of material  Bounded on the north by claims of Independence Lead Mines (purchased by Hecla in 2008)
  9. 9.  Alice Group Highlights  The Alice Mine Lease was signed in September 2005 between the company and Alice Consolidated Mines, Inc  Leased property consists of 31 unpatented mining claims, 5 unpatented mining claims and associated fee land. Includes Alice Mine, a historical producer.  Located between Wallace and Mullan, Idaho; to the north of Interstate 90 and adjacent of the GG claim group  Term of twenty years and is extendable for up to an additional forty years  Lease calls for advances against 20% Net Profits Royalty $500 per month – paid quarterly  The work requirements of the lease have been satisfied by work already completed through at least September, 2011  Follow-up to past drilling program will target the Alice and associated veins both at the depth and along strike to the northeast where it should enter more favorable Revett quartizes
  10. 10.  GG Group Highlights  80 unpatented mining claims covering approximately 1500 acres  Located midway between Wallace and Mullan, Idaho, lying parallel to and just north of Interstate 90  Claims encompass group formerly controlled by several junior exploration companies including Mullan Silver-Lead Mines, Golconda Mining, Square Deal Mining and Alice Consolidated Mines  Claims are bounded on the east and north by the Historic Star- Morning Mine which is the second largest mine in the district, having produced 26 million tons of ore from depths as great as 8,300 feet  Hecla has publicly announces plans to conduct a major exploration program in the vicinity of the Star-Morning
  11. 11.  ACW Claim Groups consist of 6 unpatented mining claims (approx. 120 acres) ROCK Claim Group is compromised of 8 unpatented claims (approx. 160 acres) Seal Claim Group is 62 unpatented lode claims (approx. 1,240 acres) which includes 3,000 foot tunnel which will be used as an exploration platform. The property has excellent exploration potential for silver, lead, and zinc vein systems Silver Verde May Claim Group consists of 6 unpatented lode mining claims and a 10 acre patented mining claim (approx. 100 acres). An exploration tunnel was driven on the property prior to WWII and there are approximately300 to 400 feet of underground working presents
  12. 12.  Murray, Idaho Group Highlights – Gold, Silver and Base Metals  150 unpatented lode claims named the RT Claims and MBA Claims  Located 3 miles from Muray, Idaho  Gold, Silver, Lead and Zinc mineralization in district  Active exploration area by New Jersey Mining and Newmont Mining JV  Silver, Lead, Zinc veins identified in 2008 with per ton values of 7 opt Silver, 10% Lead and 10% Zinc  Anomalous gold identified in 2008 soil geochem sampling  Includes the MBA, RT, and West Fork Eagle Creek Claims Group (MBA is 72 claims and approx. 1,440 acres, RT is 84 claims and approx. 1,680 acres and the West Fork Eagle is 13 unpatented lode claims)
  13. 13.  Black line: SVM Claim boundary Red line: existing patented claims Blue line: existing unpatented claims Orange line to north: Newmont-New Jersey Mining JV Claim boundary Red Dots: Anamoulous Gold Geochem Blue Dots: Ag, Pb, Zn, vein
  14. 14.  NC Claims Group Highlights – Gold and Copper Exploration  24 unpatented claims of approximately 480 acres  Located 6 miles west of Mackey, Custer County, Idaho and 1.5 miles northwest of the Empire Mine, along Navarro Creek  Encompasses an altered zone that has anomalous gold, silver, mercury and antimony  Empire Mine is a poly-metallic skarm deposit with copper, zinc, gold and silver and was the largest producer of copper in the state of Idaho  Numerous mine audits, workings and old prospect present on property
  15. 15.  FC Claims Group Highlights  16 unpatented claims of approximately 320 acres  Located 10 miles northeast of Salmon, Lemhi County, Idaho along Freeman Creek  Cominco American, Inc. evaluated the claims for copper and silver mineralization  Cominco American conducted rock geochemical program, channel sampling and geophysical survey programs in the mid 1990’s with favorable results  Cominco American, Inc. ceased exploration in the Salmon area during cutbacks  Data is available on this property from Teck-Cominco
  16. 16.  LUX Claim Group Highlights – Gold, Copper, Lead and Molybdenum Exploration  84 unpatented claims and a 640 acre lease (approximately 2,320 acres total) in the West Tintic Mining District  Located 18 miles southwest of Eureka, Utah  Numerous old mines and prospects lie within the claim block, such as the Oro Plata Mine, Great Western and Pyramid Mine  Au samples as great as 9.56 ppm (0.3 opt)  Poly-Metallic component in 2007 sample data  USGS mapped two copper-moly porphyry systems within the claim block, the West Toe and Little Bingham with estimated 500 million tons of 0.08% copper  Numerous old drill sites and workings from previous exploration efforts
  17. 17.  Joshua Group Highlights  20 unpatented claims of approximately 400 acres  Located 3 miles southeast of the LUX claim block and 15 miles southeast of Eureka, Utah  Mineralized area lies 3 miles from the core of the West Tintic Intrusion  Silicified jasperoid exposure in limestone Paleozoic rocks visible on surface  Rock geochem data from 1991 indicated gold values as 1.00 ppm  Rock geochem data collected in May 2007 indicated gold values as great as 0.58 ppm  Proposed drill program to drill into the silicified jasperoid zone where there has been no prior drilling
  18. 18.  Blood Mine Springs Property  BM Group consists of 40 unpatented claims and a 670 acre state lease (approx. 1,470 acres)  The claim group encompasses ground formerly held by Freeport McMoran Company, Placer Dome and Franco Nevada Corporation  Rock geochem data from past work in the 1980’s and 1990’s indicate gold values as great as 1.8 ppm and a small number of rock samples collected along the vein structure in May of 2007 indicate gold values as great as 0.5 ppm  The lower portion of the property surrounding a series of prospects in amongst the vein exposure of the structure was drilled by Placer Dome and that drill data will be sought
  19. 19.  Two contiguous mineral exploration properties staked in 2009 consisting of approximately 3,120 acres SVM’s Rattler Project includes the BEAD Claim Group and BLM Claim Group located 5 miles northwest of Evolving Gold Corporations, 2009 Rattlesnake Hills gold discovery BEAD Claims Group of 111 lode claims BLM Claim Group of 45 lode claims Anomalous Gold from rock samples from historic prospect present with 0.704 oom (0.021 opt) values Lithium and Rare Earths present in pegmatites on property with Li values as great as 6% and Rb values of 6,600 ppm (12 lbs/ton) Past exploration by American Copper Nickel, Newmont Mining and Union Carbide Lithium in Pegmatites and Old King Solomon Gold Mine Cited in Wyoming State Geologic Reports
  20. 20.  SVM has fifteen mineral exploration projects in various states and historical mining districts SVM has an experienced mining and exploration team with significant industry contacts to find new properties and market existing properties SVM is currently in discussions on twelve of its properties to sell, lease or joint venture. Interested parties include Newmont, Barrick, Hecla and others. SVM has a number of properties near or adjacent to producing mines in very active exploration properties SVM has a significant pipeline of additional properties including a number of small current or SVM is currently negotiating to acquire an additional 4,400 acres in the Coeur d’ Alene District
  21. 21.  Symbol: SIVE.PK Fiscal Year End: December 31 Current Price (8/19/11): $0.40
  22. 22.  $1,500,000 equity raise $.35 unit consisting of 1 Share of Common and ½ Common Stock Purchase Warrant exercisable at $.50 for 4 years