Social groups


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Social groups

  1. 1. Religion<br />Nationality<br />Sexuality <br />How does your media project represent particular social groups?<br />Disability<br />Race<br />Gender<br />
  2. 2. Gender<br />Females have been presented <br />more in my magazine.<br />Lots of pinks and purples, a colour scheme which <br />would be mainly associated with females. <br />The overall look of my model is very outrageous. The make up and costume is unusual and adds colour which is bold, gaining attention from the viewer. The body language and facial expression are very playful creating an informal and youthful expression. As a whole, it represents this female character as being fun and unique. <br />Female models have been used.<br />Editor is a female<br />The editor creates a confidant impression. She has her arm up by her head, a pose that is youthful and care free. Her hair is natural adding a sense of formality yet her appearance is still youthful and relaxed. <br />The only image that has both males and females<br />This image presents both males and females. It shows an event that has taken place and shows both genders in an informal setting. There is a lot of movement creating a youthful impression along with bright and playful colours.<br />
  3. 3. Age<br />Text<br />Age has been represented in my magazine in 2 ways.<br />Personal editors letter<br />Photographs<br />It includes relaxed, personal and less formal language and includes some slang relating to a younger audience.<br />Use of bright colours, <br /> attention grabbing<br /><ul><li> Informal and </li></ul> excessive costume<br /><ul><li> Events involving </li></ul> younger people<br />More slang<br /><ul><li> Youthful models </li></ul>The double page spread also uses informal language.<br />Bold titles<br />The text on the front page is bold and bright with playful and relaxed colours used creating a youthful impression.<br />
  4. 4. Nationality<br />British<br />Even though the magazine is for everyone, the magazine has a sense of British nationality shown through out by the use of British language, slang and Caucasian people in the photographs. <br />
  5. 5. Chinese <br />Bisexual<br />Homosexual<br />Asian <br />Caucasian <br />Race<br />Sexuality <br />British<br />Heterosexual<br />Nationality<br />Social Groups<br />There are many social groups that may be interested in my magazine, even though they have not necessary been presented.<br />American<br />ADHD<br />Buddhism <br />Mental<br />Religion<br />Disability<br />Autism <br />Seek<br />Christianity <br />Judaism <br />Paraplegic <br />Physical <br />Hinduism<br />
  6. 6. How is techno music represented through my magazine?<br />
  7. 7. Front cover<br /><ul><li> The image of “Electro Barbie” relates to techno in many ways. Her pose shows her hands in the shape of a gun and pointing to her mouth as if she is shooting herself. On the other side of her is paint splats which suggests that the inside of her is paint. This idea is unusual and creates an unrealistic “out-of-this-world” impression.
  8. 8. There is white around the image making her look like a cut out which creates a slightly cartoon like and surreal impact relating to the techno genre.
  9. 9. The image has been edited. I have exaggerated the colour and removed some detail in the photograph simplifying the image and making it more bold. Both these manipulations create a style which conforms to the music genre.
  10. 10. The clothing and make up also relate to the genre by association, colour and unique style.</li></ul>The title of the magazine as well has a simplistic style conforming to the music genre and underneath the title is a subtitle explaining the music genres the magazine focuses on: techno, drum and bass, dub step, electro. <br />Techno tends to be simplistic and so the magazine reflects this with the simple layout and structure. <br />The colours used for text are those that would be associated with the techno genre.<br />
  11. 11. Robotic pose relating to techno genre and artist name “Electro Barbie”.<br />Actual content relates to music style:<br />Bass vision, an event that plays that specific style of music.<br />Paint the stars, a clothing brand related to the same music scene.<br />Images have been simplified and exaggerated in colour to conform to techno music style.<br />Costume also presents the idea of techno, electro etc. The clothes are colourful and wacky.<br />
  12. 12. Retro font often associated with style of music.<br />Very static pose, like a robot, relates to techno music genre.<br />Clothing is unusual, conforming to the idea of techno being crazy/wacky.<br />The name and general style of the artist creates a unique impression which conforms to music scene.<br />Surreal, out-of-this-world images suggests music genre.<br />Content itself reflects and refers to the techno music genre. <br />Reference to music scene.<br />