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  • We face challenges that threaten the foundations of our society. We eat too much junk food.
  • We watch too much junk TV.
  • We buy too much junk.
  • We treat our environment like a junkyard.
  • And often we treat ourselves and each other like garbage in the yard. These challenges, together, define our future.  At stake is our health, our wealth, our emotional wellbeing. The strength of our families and our communities.  Our planet is at stake.


  • 1.
  • 2. We’re in the business of
    helping people
    take small steps
    for big change
  • 3. A Bit About Me
    Veer Gidwaney, CEO
    Immigrant parents from India and UK
    Grew up in Canada, mainly Edmonton
    Dropped out of Business School at Western Ontario
    Co-Founder and CEO of Control-F1
    Venture backed, ~40 employees, ~100 customers
    Acquired by CA, Inc.
    E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Maclean’s Magazine ‘Top 25 Under 30’
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. The Challenges
    Threaten the foundations of our society
    At stake is our health, our wealth, our emotional wellbeing, the strength of our families and communities
    Our Beliefs
    Behavior change starts with small acts
    To create big change, to make a movement, organizations that touch the masses every single day need to get involved
    The Challenges and Our Beliefs
  • 10. DailyFeats’ Mission
    To help people live better
  • 11. DailyFeats’ Vision
    A world where peoplereach their potential every day
  • 12. DailyFeats’ Vision
    A world where peoplereach their potential every day
  • 13. DailyFeats’ Vision
    A world where peoplereach their potential every day
  • 14. There are hundreds of positive actions tocheck in
  • 15. Your Life Score helps you track your progress
  • 16. Challenges motivate you to do more good
  • 17. There are multiple ways tocheck in



    Mobile Web & Apps

  • 18. 50-Point Week
    1 PT
    2 PTS
    5 PTS
    2 PTS
    10 PTS
    3 PTS
    You can earnpoints for doing good
  • 19. Members earnrewardsfor taking positive actions
    Over100,000 local rewards
    available for redemption
    50 points / week =
    ~$200 of value per year
    Fitness studios
    Bowling alleys
    Local restaurants
  • 20. Coalition Strategy
    Developing a coalition of like-minded partners who want to associate their brands with people living healthier and happier lives
    Sponsor feats that align with their brand purpose
    Promote and market their sponsored feats to customers and supporters
    Offer rewards that drive measurable ROI
  • 21. Branded Feats - Retailer
  • 22. Branded Feats – Service Provider
  • 23. Partners Secured
  • 24. Economics and Pricing Dynamics
    Sponsorship Fee: $150,000 per year
    Membership Fee: $0.03 per member per year
    Rewards Fee: $0.10 per reward redeemed
  • 25. Marketing Strategy
    • Optimize the product to encourage sharing and virality
    • 26. Collaborate with partners to integrate DailyFeats into existing and new marketing programs and campaigns, using digital media, traditional approaches and PR
    • 27. State by state neighborhood program to engage local influencers, community organizers and leaders in politics and faith to spread the word about DailyFeats, including with local press
  • Value for Members
  • 28. Value for Members
  • 29. Value for Members
  • 30. Advice
    Big Vision
    Top Notch Team
    True North Alignment
  • 31. True North
  • 32. THANK YOU