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EF International Language Schools - General presentation
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EF International Language Schools - General presentation


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General presentation of EF International Language Schools courses, destinations (Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, China and Singapore) and activities.

General presentation of EF International Language Schools courses, destinations (Spain, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, China and Singapore) and activities.

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  • [Use this slide as an intro to your presentation – to set the agenda]
  • Founded in Sweden in 1965, EF has over 40 years of experience in language teaching and cultural exchange programs. Over 4 million satisfied students. 400 schools & offices in 50 countries. Wide range of flexible courses starting every Monday. EF Efekta ™ System innovative state of the art language learning system. Internationally recognized by educational and governmental organizations. We operate our own schools to give you the best service – before, during & after your course.
  • EF International Language Schools: flexible language courses abroad at our own EF schools for students 16+. EF Academic Year Abroad: Semester or Academic Year length programs combining intensive language learning with academic subject study for students 18+. EF Language Travel: chaperoned group, vacation language travel for pupils aged 10-18. EF Corporate Language Training: customized language training for business professionals. EF English First allows students of all ages to learn English without leaving their home countries. Cultural Care Au Pair: brings young people to the US for 1-2 years to live with a host family and care for their children. EF High School Year: student exchange program where teenagers can go abroad, live with a host family and attend a local high school. Hult International Business School offers unique, accelerated, one-year MBA studies. EF Brittin College offers university preparation and placement programs for students wanting to pursue bachelor, master or MBA studies abroad.
  • Studying abroad where the language is natively spoken is the best way to improve your ability. Intercultural understanding along with possible internship experience gained by living abroad provides you with excellent credentials for the job market. Experience the world, embark on an adventure – seeing the world, testing your limits and trying new things will help you grow as a person. EF has offices around the world, which guarantees that you’ll be sitting in a classroom with people of diverse backgrounds and mother-tongues. You’ll easily meet and make friends from 100 countries. Having fun is an important part of living and learning abroad – it’s when you are relaxed and having fun that you start to use your language skills more naturally. Outside of class, we have an Activities Director who plans sports, cultural events, parties and excursions for each day of the week.
  • Gain English fluency in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, South Africa, Malta, Australia, New Zealand. Perfect your Spanish in Spain, Ecuador or Costa Rica. Brush up on your German in Munich, Italian in Rome or French in Paris or Nice. Or try something exotic like Chinese in Beijing or Shanghai! We cater to all tastes with schools like EF Miami on the beach front to American campus locations such as EF San Diego at Alliant International University to big city schools like EF London. Schools are equipped with modern iLab multimedia language learning centers, student lounges, cafeterias, study rooms as well as having WiFi Internet. Always ahead of the game – we are opening new schools every year. This past year EF opened schools in Cape Town, Honolulu, Tampa Bay, Chicago, Beijing, Paris, Malaga and we still have more to come – check out
  • Study from 2-52 weeks – start any Monday of the year! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Chinese Intensive, General or Basic English for Business Exam Preparation Special Interest Courses a component of every EF course. Gives you the opportunity to personalize your course to your interests. Over 100 different subject available online or face-to-face.
  • EF students consistently number among the most successful candidates taking the Cambridge ESOL and TOEFL exams More people now take the EF Standard English Test (EFSET) than any other foreign language exam in the world! Many of our schools are official exam centers, or are located near a local test location, so you can even take your test in the comfort of your own school surrounds. When planning your Exam Course, we can help you find the optimal start date that coincides with the testing dates for your respective exam.
  • Other sample topics of Internship Preparation Workshops include: Corporate Culture, Dressing for Success, Business Writing or Office Etiquette. Depending on destination the total internship course may range from 8-9 weeks in length. Dedicated internship coordinator takes your interests and needs into consideration when securing an internship placement. EF has a strong network of internship partnerships with local companies and organizations.
  • Special Interest Lessons are elective courses of study. Some offered online others offered face-to-face. Work on your language fluency at the same time that you study subjects that genuinely appeal to you. Basic and General students have 4 Special Interest lessons per week. Intensive, Business and Exam students have 10 per week. On an Exam or Business Course the Special Interest lessons often are more specialized around the exam skills or business subjects. Personalize your course to your interests – adds a whole new dimension to your course.
  • We offer the widest variety of ways to personalize your studies.The SPINS above are not the complete list…! Subject areas range from: professional practice; technical & natural sciences; university & exam English; hotel & restaurant management; healthcare, movement & fitness to language for success & career; intensive language workshop; culture & world issues; art theory & appreciation; along with art, imagination and creativity.
  • Results guaranteed – do all your homework, attend all your classes and we guarantee that you will progress one level every six weeks (12 at higher levels). If you don’t, you’ll study for free until you do! International experience through internship opportunities Certified language credentials through successful examination results. Course certificate: awarded in recognition of successful completion of your studies. Language Assessment: detailed account of your linguistic ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Course Report: lists all your courses and the grades you’ve received.
  • The graph indicates the average rate of progress and is intended as a guide. Individual progress will depend on the intensity of your program, and your individual aptitude and motivation.
  • [Invite customer to meet with you after the info meeting or to call us.] After assessing your needs & interests we can help you find the perfect destination for you. Survival English and Travel English pre-courses, plus extensive pre-departure and city information available in the iLab once you enroll. Do a self assessment and placement test to see where your English skills are at right now. View your school’s actual activity calendar. Plan ahead to make the most of your time abroad. Chance to also find out where will be at your school and where they are from. All this is available from booking onwards. You receive an iLab password via email. Don’t forget to include your email on your booking information!
  • The EF Efekta™ Language Learning System combines the very best in language teaching methods, with excellent teachers and innovative learning technology. Teachers specialized in teaching their native language as a foreign language. Teachers trained in the EF Efekta™ System and utilize the best practices in language teaching today. EF has over 100 different units, 8 extensive levels and Grammar Guides for each level. Teacher continually monitiors your progress in all 6 areas of language acquisition. By knowing where you stand at all times, we can provide you with a more personalized learning experience. Teacher can also recommend where you should focus your time in the iLab tutorials or on homework. What you learn in face-to-face lessons is linked to your tutorials in the iLab. Plus EF has podcasts that you can download to your iPod with mini lessons for comprehension. Smaller class sizes allow your teacher to take your individual needs into consideration – to personalize your course.
  • Maintain your fluency in the iLab upon returning home. Or, continue making progress. The iLab is your key to lasting results! Return to EF after your course – VIP special discounts so that you can continue to work towards fluency. Alumni networking events and welcome back parties.
  • Every EF school has a dedicated Activities Director whose job it is to provide you with a diverse array of activities, sports, cultural programming, day trips and weekend excursions. Variety is the key – the Activities Director has something on the schedule daily. They also are on hand to help you order concert tickets, get discounted bus passes or to plan your own personal weekend getaway. Advantage of taking part in EF planned excursions is that you can get an excellent EF discount as well as the chance to practice your language skills. They say it is when you are relaxed and having fun that you truly start to use your new language skills in a natural and fluent way.
  • How you live is an important part of studying abroad. That is why we are committed to offering you a variety of accommodation options at each school. Each school has an accommodation manager whose job it is to find the appropriate living option for you. Whether that be a welcoming local homestay or a bustling residential community. We have options to suit every need from Homestay and Homeshare options to Residence and International House opportunities to Campus life or Hotel living.
  • Living in a private home offers a warm and secure way to immerse yourself in the daily life of your new country. You’ll pick up the local language and its expressions with ease as you interact with your hosts and your EF housemates. Over the years EF has developed a strong network of dedicated hosts who love to welcome the world into their homes. Families are routinely screened and work in close contact with the EF Accommodation Director. In an EF Homestay you will live in a typical homestay environment with a limited number of other EF students. In an EF Homeshare you will live in a homestay with a larger group of EF students. Many students like to call this a mini residence experience. You have the contact with local hosts, but live in a more independent situation. You may even have a separate entrance for your convenience. As always the local language is the rule of thumb! You’ll speak it with your hosts at dinner and with your roommates/housemates.
  • Truly international – bustling and fun living environment that is modern and comfortable. Residences are located within easy traveling distance from the EF school. Many are found in prime central locations – great for discover the true life of your city and its surroundings. EF International House is a special residence option where you live onsite at the school. Ultra convenient! Some of our residences are in the form of shared student apartments. EF staff live onsite in case of emergency and for supervision. Meal options vary. Some residences have cafeterias others provide full self-catering facilities.
  • When you return home you will have a network of friends from 100 countries – an excellent base for your future career. You will have improved your language skills and will receive an EF Certificate upon successful completion of your course. An EF Language Assessment and Course Report are awarded for courses of 4 weeks or longer. These documents attest to your linguistic ability and to your progress. If you choose to take a language proficiency exam such as the TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL, you will also be taking home valuable and internationally recognized proof of your language level. Your language skills will carry an accent and depth that is only achieved by studying a language where it is natively spoken. You will also bring back a greater understanding of the world and the people around you – valuable characteristics for future employment.
  • We are experts in study abroad ERIKA student travel insurance - 24 hour support Transfer Service - EF will meet you at the airport Free English test online University Placement Service – we can help you apply to university. Flights, train tickets Guidance every step of the way
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • [These slides are meant to allow you to give a brief overview of where our EF schools are located around the globe. Focus on the areas of the world that your market is most interested in and feel free to remove slides for destinations that are not valid for your market.]
  • We invite you to visit us at our office or talk to us now after the information meeting! Free consultation – discuss best option for you. Let us help you find the right destination and course for you. We will assess your language ability and recommend an ideal program and location for you. Meet your future classmates and begin preparing right away in the EF iLab after enrollment. Fly away for a fantastic experience abroad!
  • [Any other special offers can also be used on this slide at the end of the presentation]
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2.  
    • 3.
      • Why EF?
      • Our wide range of flexible courses
      • Top destinations
      • Live, learn & discover
      • Next steps & special offers
      • Question-Answer session
      Welcome to the EF world
    • 4.
      • Experienced and dependable
      • International
      • Flexible
      • Modern
      • Accredited & certified
      • EF all the way
      Global leaders in language education
    • 5. Language education programs for all ages EF Language Travel EF International Language Schools EF International Language Schools for Young Adults & Professionals EF International Language Clubs EF Academic Year Abroad EF High School Year EF International Language Schools EF Multi Language Year EF University Preparation EF College Year EF Academic Programmes Abroad - Huron University London EF Corporate Language Training Culturalcare Au Pair Hult MBA
    • 6.
      • Make progress efficiently & effectively
      • Experience living in a foreign culture
      • Boost CV & career chances
      • Personal growth
      • Make friends & have fun
      • Memories to last a lifetime
      Why study a language with EF?
    • 7.
      • Over 40 schools in 15 countries
      • Excellent locations in top destinations
      • Variety – from beaches to big cities
      • Latest technology & modern facilities
      • International classrooms
      • New schools coming soon! See videos, photos and more:
      EF schools in the world’s greatest cities
    • 8. Flexible courses
    • 9.
      • Intensive study, test-taking strategies & practice tests
      • French: DELF & DALF
      • Spanish: DELE
      • German: TestDaF, Zertifkat Deutsch, Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom
      • Italian: Certificato di Conoscenza
      Exam Preparation Courses
    • 10.
      • Preparation workshops: Interview skills & CV writing
      • 4-6 weeks of Intensive or General language study
      • Gain industry specific language skills
      • Learn about working culture abroad
      • Guaranteed placement in local company
      Internship Courses
    • 11.
      • Included in every EF course
      • 4-10 lessons per week depending on course
      • Opportunity to personalize your course
      Special Interest Lessons
    • 12. Special Interest Lessons
      • Communications & Media
      • Legal English
      • English in Entertainment
      • English for Logistics
      • Insurance Industry English
      • English & Financial Services
      • English for International Trade
      • English for Public Policy
      TECHNICAL & NATURAL SCIENCES English and IT Industry Automotive Industry English Construction English Science and Innovation Telecom Industry English English in the Sciences English for the Oil and Gas Industry UNIVERSITY & EXAM ENGLISH Using English in Research Selecting a University Focus on IELTS Focus on TOEFL Focus on TOEIC Focus on Cambridge Exams Focus on BEC GMAT & GRE Preparation HOTEL & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT Hospitality Industry Language Negotiation Skills Travel Industry Vocabulary French Wine Culture Leadership & Management Ecotourism Society and Leisure Italian or Chinese Cooking INTENSIVE LANGUAGE WORKSHOP English Pronunciation English Vocabulary and Grammar English Skills and Strategies English Slang and Idioms Latin American Slang Phrasal Verbs High Vocabulary ART, IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY Photography Film Criticism Poetry Great American Novels British Literature English Theatre Creative Writing Calligraphy CULTURE & WORLD ISSUES Politics and Society Ethics & Human Rights Globalization Language Policy around the World Pop Culture and English World Cultures Gender Issues LANGUAGE FOR SUCCESS & CAREER Corporate Culture Leadership & Management Giving Great Presentations Business Correspondence English for the Office English for Interviews Telephoning Skills HEALTHCARE, MOVEMENT & FITNESS Pharmaceutical English Medical English Society and Sport Sports Professions & English
    • 13.
      • EF Learning Guarantee
      • International proficiency exam results
      • EF Course Certificate
      • EF Language Assessment & Course Report
      • Language skills that count
      Benefits to last a lifetime
    • 14. Results guaranteed
    • 15.
      • EF experience starts from enrollment
      • Placement test
      • See Activities Schedule
      • Meet classmates ahead of time
      • iLab password upon booking
      Start learning BEFORE departure
    • 16.
      • Innovative language learning technology
      • Native speaking teachers
      • Latest teaching methods
      • EF’s own textbooks & materials
      • Continuous progress tracking
      • All aspects of course synchronized
      • Small class sizes
      Fast results DURING your EF course
    • 17.
      • All EF General & Intensive English courses include 3 months post-course
      • Intensive English: 4+ weeks include 6 months
      • Special offers & benefits for returning students
      Lasting results AFTER your course
    • 18.
      • Dedicated Activities Director
      • Scheduled daily activities & cultural programming
      • Weekend excursions
      • Discounted EF group rates
      • Practice language skills
      Activities & Excursions
    • 19.
      • Live your dream – it’s your choice
      • Full support
      • Homestay & Homeshare options
      • Residence & EF International House options
      • University Campus
      • Hotels available upon request
    • 20.
      • Learn it by living it
      • Live alongside native speakers
      • Many EF hosts have worked with us for years
      • International roommates
      • Target language only!
      Homestay & Homeshare
    • 21.
      • Live with the world
      • Residences: located near EF schools
      • EF International House: onsite at EF
      • Shared Student Apartments
      • Onsite EF residential staff
      • Meal plans or Self-catering vary
      Residential Living
    • 22.
      • Lasting network of friends
      • Proof of your proficiency
      • Language skills that impress
      • Intercultural understanding
      An experience to last a lifetime
    • 23.
      • In-house travel agency
      • Arrival transfer
      • Travel insurance – 24 hour support
      • University Placement Services
      • Call us anytime – we are here to help!
      EF all the way – full service support
    • 24. Start dreaming of your ideal EF destination
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28.  
    • 29.  
    • 30.
      • Talk to us after the info meeting
      • Or, contact us
      • Free consultation
      • Language and goals assessment
      • Right destination & course for you
      • Begin preparing in the iLab upon enrollment
      • Ready – get set and go!
      Next steps…
    • 31.
      • Book today after this information meeting and receive a discount!
      Special offer