Moscow Education Online 2010 - UNIQUe and HEXTLEARN


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Anthony Cammilleri presented UNIQUe and HEXTLEARN at the Moscow Education Online 2010.

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    Administrative effectiveness (enrolment and learner admin)
    Access to library
    Production and delivery of content
    Innovation of education and training methods
    Improving Quality of training provision
    Improving access to learning and reducing social exclusion
    Facilitating the access and the management of learning records
    Increasing the appeal of the education and training supply
    Saving cost of training provision.
    Satisfying the demand of new learners in education & training (interaction, communication, networking)
    Satisfying the demand of existing learners (interaction, communication, networking)
    Supporting the monitoring of the assessment and evaluation process.
    Collecting feedback on training provision
    Support virtual mobility of students
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  • Moscow Education Online 2010 - UNIQUe and HEXTLEARN

    1. 1. UNIQUE & Hextlearn: European Models for ICT Accreditation of HEIs in Russia Anthony F. Camilleri European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning
    2. 2. Myths in Technology Enhanced Learning • Distance Learning and self-learning will make the university obsolete • Peer Production means that there is no more role for experts • Democratised lnfomation makes much learning irrelevant • E = quality
    3. 3. The reality today • Technology is at the foundation of the knowledge economy • E-learning has vastly increased the inventory of tools offered by HEIs • Today‘s graduates need knowledge- competences not information • Much of E is bad • HEIs need to innovate to remainHEIs need to innovate to remain relevantrelevant
    4. 4. How to Adapt? • Embrace technology within learningEmbrace technology within learning content, delivery and evaluationcontent, delivery and evaluation • Globalise to remain on the leadingGlobalise to remain on the leading edgeedge • Differentiate yourself by achievingDifferentiate yourself by achieving excellenceexcellence
    5. 5. Introducing
    6. 6. A TEL Quality System for HEIs Together, UNIQUE and HEXTLEARN provide: •a methodology for implementing HE system-wide throughout institutions •access to world-class expertise in the field of TEL management and implementation •Sustained support beyond simple reviews •recognition and accreditation for institutions who have completed the process •continually evolving criteria and standards
    7. 7. What is a TE-Institution? • Traditional HEI on a single site • Traditional HEI, with sites which are geographically separated • Group of independent traditional HEIs • Single independent HEI which has study centers or campus distributed over a wide area • Institution fully based on a virtual environment.
    8. 8. Why use ICT?
    9. 9. UNIQUE Quality Criteria
    10. 10. Comprehensive
    11. 11. World-Class Provenance • Based on the MASSIVE and CEL projects • 4 years in development • Created and managed by:
    12. 12. Access to Expertise • A UNIQUE review brings together 2-5 peer reviewers with extensive experience in TEL and in quality reviews • The HEXTLEARN review is conducted virtually, and gives access to a community of peers • Both systems are focused on improvement through formal peer review by leading experts in the field
    13. 13. Sustained Support • Every review ends with recommendations for improvement • 1 year Candidate status for HEIs which nearly fulfill the criteria • After 1,5 years, check of progress against recommendations • After 3 years, re-accreditation requires progress, even for best HEIs
    14. 14. Sustained Support • Recommendations are the main point of the HEXTLEARN exercise • Application process and follow up involves participation within a best practice community
    15. 15. Quality Label for Recognition Awardees of the UNIQUE label include: •Moscow Academy of Finance & Industry (Russia) •University of Granada (Spain) •University of Leicster (United Kingdom) •Politecnico di Milano (Italy) •University of the Aegean (Greece) •Aalto University (Finland) c. 70% of applicants succeed at first try
    16. 16. Continually Evolving • All participants in process evaluate the process • Criteria are updated based on state of the art using data from peer reviews and consultation of external experts • New elements are added in to reflect evolution: currently 2 projects looking at quality in Open Education Resources
    17. 17. The HEXTLEARN Methodology
    18. 18. HEXTLEARN & UNIQUE in RUSSIA • UNIQUE is represented in Russia by AKKORK • Russian speaking peer review team • Materials available in Russian • Team led by European Expert & Accredited by European Awarding body CONTACT +7 495/663 9383
    19. 19. Thank You for your attention! Anthony F. Camilleri UNIQUE & Hextlearn: European Models for ICT Accreditation of HEIs in Russia Moscow Educa Online 1st October 2010