Meet the faculty of OxfordTed McGrath HeadteacherTed previously served as IB coordinator and Head of sixth Form at Dulwich...
Stephen Barker Economics and Business StudiesStephen has a master’s degree in business administration, and he has extensiv...
Ian Forrester Biology TeacherIan earned a bachelor’s degree in genetics from University of Leeds in 1986. After receiving ...
Daniel Lee Philosophy and Sociology TeacherI was born in Leeds in the UK. My family left for America soon afterwards and a...
Rob Murphy CAS Coordinator and Philosophy TeacherRobert teaches AS, A2 and IB Philosophy as well as being the CAS Coordina...
Cy Webber University Guidance CounsellorHaving completed a PGCE in Economics and Business Education at Warwick University ...
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EFIA Teachers Profile Oxford


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EFIA Teachers Profile Oxford

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EFIA Teachers Profile Oxford

  1. 1. Meet the faculty of OxfordTed McGrath HeadteacherTed previously served as IB coordinator and Head of sixth Form at Dulwich International College inThailand. She has extensive experience in international education and leadership and is committedto developing quality academic programmes and raising standards in education. She undertookfrequent responsibilities for the International Baccalaureate Organization in the Asia Pacific region,including authorising candidate IB World Schools, joining the regional five-year and creativity, action,service (CAS) review panels, and leading CAS workshops. In 2002 Ted was awarded the EuropeanCouncil of International Schools Adult Award for the promotion of international education.Joan Wilisoni Deputy Headteacher, IB Coordinator, Biology TeacherJoan has been involved in International Education and IB programmes for over 25 years. She waspreviously Principal at the International School Nadi; an IB world school in Fiji where she introducedthe IB Diploma in 2006. Joan has been an IB co-ordinator, teacher and examiner, and has also been amember of the Diploma five-year review committee for the Asia Pacific region. From 2000- 2004 shewas a member of Association of Australian IB Schools Standing Committee. She holds a Diploma inScience teaching and a BA in Education and Management from the University of the South PacificSally Adams IB English and French TeacherSally has taught Modern Languages in various countries across Europe from the UK and the Isle ofMan to Portugal and Spain. In addition to English, she also teaches French, German and Italian andconverses in Portuguese and Spanish. Her teaching experience covers students of all age groups fromkindergarten to mature adults at educational establishments in both state and private sectors. Shetaught for 3 years at the International School of the Algarve. She joins us after a summer season at EFin Oxford and immediately prior to that was teaching and managing at a community language school inthe Spanish Pyrenees. Sally has a BA Hons in French and Italian.Shazmin Ali Sivewright Accountancy and Business StudiesShazmin has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and computing, a diploma in business managementand a diploma in education. She has over ten years of experience as a lecturer in accountancy andbusiness studies. She has taught higher-education and A-level students at both public and statecolleges.
  2. 2. Stephen Barker Economics and Business StudiesStephen has a master’s degree in business administration, and he has extensive experience teach-ing management and business subjects at university level and for professional management bodies.In addition to his teaching and theoretical knowledge, he has many years of experience at the seniormanagement and director level in the information technology industry. Barker finds that this practicalexperience helps teach students about the practical application of management theory.Toby Blundell Physics and Theory of Knowledge CoordinatorToby pursued his bachelor’s degree and postgraduate certificate in education at Trinity College,Oxford, and graduated with an honours degree in cellular biochemistry. Following his studies, heworked in the private sector before committing himself fully as an educator. He has taught in Oxfordfor several years and served as a Director of Studies prior to joining the EF International Academyfaculty.David Clarke Maths TeacherDavid Clarke is a dynamic and enthusiastic mathematics teacher who inspires students to succeedwith a practical and sympathetic teaching approach that brings mahematics to life. An experiencedpractitioner and author who applies his industrial training and valuable business skills to the challengesof the classroom.Ema Clarke English TeacherEmma Clarke joined the academy in August 2011 after teaching at EF International Language SchoolOxford and with EF in Indonesia. Before leaving for Indonesia, Emma worked with street children inIndia as part of her first teaching experience. She finds teaching incredibly rewarding.
  3. 3. Ian Forrester Biology TeacherIan earned a bachelor’s degree in genetics from University of Leeds in 1986. After receiving a post-graduate certificate in education from University of Hull, Forrester went on to teach biology in Tanzaniaas part of a Volunteer Services Overseas project. He became a qualified cytogeneticist, and his workincluded leukaemia research at the Paterson Institute in Manchester. Currently, Forrester is combininghis work at EF with being an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. He teaches a health andsocial care foundation degree course and is studying for a master’s degree in mind, brain and learning.Laura Fortuna Administration CoordinatorLaura is Italian; she has been with EF since March 2010 as Administration Coordinator. Laura hasa degree in Modern Foreign Languages and came to Oxford to complete a PGCE in SecondaryEducation at Oxford Brookes University. She currently also teaches part time Italian and Spanishin the evenings. Prior to coming to EF she has been working as a customer service advisor formultinational companies.Barbara Garde Maths TeacherI was born and raised in Zimbabwe and lived there until 2008. I did my BSC degree in maths at theUniversity of Natal, Durban, South Africa and then a PGCE at the University of Leicester in the UK. Itaught in Zimbabwe for 17 years, teaching the Cambridge International Exams Syllabus and in the lastfew years mainly taught A-Level. I was the Head of the Maths department at my school in Zimbabwe sowas involved in all aspects of teaching, exams, monitoring teachers and helping students with UniversityApplications. Since moving to the UK I have taught in many different types of school both state andindependent but my preference is still to teach 6th form so I am very happy to be here at EF where I canteach A-Level and also be involved teaching IB maths.Ilona Kalnina College AdministratorIlona has been with EF since September 2008, working for both EF International Academy and EFInternational Language School in Oxford. Prior to that, in addition to working at FedEx, Ilona workedfor University of Latvia in various subject libraries (law, sociology, economics and geography) and for anEnglish language school in her native Riga, Latvia. This has provided her with considerable experienceworking with students in an international environment. Ilona’s conscientious and enthusiastic approachto work has made her an invaluable member of the EF team.
  4. 4. Daniel Lee Philosophy and Sociology TeacherI was born in Leeds in the UK. My family left for America soon afterwards and after a few years inChicago we moved to Baltimore where I grew up until 16. I moved back to Cheltenham in the UK, didmy A levels and then went to Cardiff University to study Philosophy. A year after I finished my degree Istarted teaching part time at a local College before starting full time teaching five years ago. Since thenI have taught Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology to A level students. EFIA is my first interna-tional school and I’m having a great time.Tim Lewis IB and A level Chemistry TeacherTim has taught science in the UK, Bahrain, Portugal and Japan since 1987. He studied chemistry atCardiff University and did his PGCE at Bristol University. He started teaching IB Chemistry at St. Julian’sSchool in Portugal in 1999 and has mainly taught IB Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge since then.He attended IB workshops in Croatia in 2000 and Spain in 2003. Tim’s extensive teaching experiencein Europe, the Middle East and Far East has prepared him well for working at EF InternationalAcademy, Oxford. He also enjoys sport and runs a rugby club as part of the IB CAS and the Academy’sactivities programme.Deborah McNally Prep Course Coordinator, Theatre and English TeacherDeborah graduated with a BA Hons in English and Drama from King Alfreds College, Winchester shethen did her PGCE at Kings College, London. McNally has taught in various secondary schools inEngland, leading drama departments and, more recently, establishing Enterprise as a whole schoolinitiative. Four of her fourteen years of teaching have been spent teaching English in Atlanta, USA.Deborah has also just completed a year of international travel, taking her to Thailand, Australia and theUSA.Dr. Himat Mir A Level Mathematics TeacherAfter completing his MPhil in Mathematics, Himat worked as a mathematics teacher for a residentialpremier school in northern Pakistan with students from different cultural backgrounds in the region.In 2001 he came to Oxford and studied for a Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Teaching andlearning. During his stay in Oxford he worked for different schools in Oxfordshire. In 2003 Himatstarted his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Surrey. During his PhD he taught InternationalBaccalaureate Diploma higher level maths in a local school. He is also IB examiner for Higher Maths.Himat has been teaching in state schools since his PGCE in 2009.
  5. 5. Rob Murphy CAS Coordinator and Philosophy TeacherRobert teaches AS, A2 and IB Philosophy as well as being the CAS Coordinator for students on theInternational Baccalureate Diploma Programme. After studying philosophy at Middlesex University,Robert worked in the information and communication technology industry for eight years beforetraining to become a teacher. He has now worked in education for the last seven years, three of thoseyears here at the EF International Academy.John Shepherd Mathematics TeacherJohn is a teacher of mathematics at EF International Academy Oxford. He achieved a mathematicsdegree and a postgraduate certificate in education at the universities of Warwick and Manchester,respectively. He enjoys teaching the diverse group of students who attend EF International Academy.Peter Traynor English TeacherPeter teaches English and has been with EF International Academy since the school opened.Previously, he worked for EF International Language School in Oxford. Following a long career in theinformation technology business, Peter taught business English, and he now specialises in exampreparation training, especially for the International English Language Testing System. Peter has livedand worked in many countries including the United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland,The Netherlands and Latvia. He has many interests and brings to his role significant experience withdifferent countries and cultures.Celeste Villalba Spanish Teacher, House ParentCeleste graduated in English Studies at Salamanca University in 2006. Three years later she gotan MPhil at the same university with a research on the Harry Potter phenomenon. Since Celestegraduated she have been combining teaching EFL at different educational establisments with teachertraining and postgraduate studies. She also has an ELE qualification from Instituto Cervantes; andhas for that reason taught Spanish as a foreign language at different levels and ages. In 2008, Celestedecided to take a new step on her career and work as a Spanish Language assistant in MagdadenCollege School (Oxford). One year later Villalba undertook the same role at Kingswood School (Bath).At the moment she combines her thesis writing on literature with the teaching at EFIA Oxford.
  6. 6. Cy Webber University Guidance CounsellorHaving completed a PGCE in Economics and Business Education at Warwick University in 2000, I taughtboth subjects at a UK state school near Cambridge for two years. Upon meeting the person who turnedout to be my future wife, I moved to Turin in Italy for nine years where I taught in an IBO world schooland it was here that I began my fascination with university guidance and helping students make subjectchoices at sixteen years of age. This experience also made me realize that I could never work in anythingother than an international school and this is what attracted me to the position at EF International Acad-emy, Oxford, where life is busy but very rewarding!Mamé Yansane Activities CoordinatorI come from France. I came in England 1 year ago to learn English. I have studied education sciences andwith this I have been trainer to education workers for a while in France. I also have been a social workerfor more than 6 years in France and 1 year in London, working with people with learning disabilities. I amglad to come back in the education area as the activities coordinator at EF International Academy. Myrole at EF is trying to coordinate the after-school activities as well as proposing some nice excursions andpromoting events.David Zakarian Russian TeacherI was born in Hrazdan, Republic of Armenia, into a multilingual family, where we spoke Armenian,Russian and Greek. I finished the school there and received a gold medal for my outstandingperformance (1995). After that I studied in the Yerevan State Institute of Russian and ForeignLanguages(1995-2000). Then I moved to Greece, where I, first, received Bachelor’s degree in EnglishLanguage and Literature (2005), and then my Master’s degree in English literature (2009). This year Ireceived my Master of Studies Degree in Classical Armenian (with Distinction) from Oxford Universityand currently I am doing a DPhil research (the Oxford equivalent of PhD) in Oriental Studies at OxfordUniversity. I am teaching Russian IB at EF International Academy, Greek IB at St Clare’s Oxford, andClassical and Modern Armenian at Oxford University. I am also a professional chessplayer and thewinner of some international open chess tournaments.Monica Islam A-Level Coordinator & Chemistry TeacherMonica Islam gained a degree in Biochemistry and Neuroscience from Imperial College, University of Lon-don. After working in Banking for three years she completed a PGCE at Oxford University. She has beenteaching for eighteen years in Oxfordshire, having had a variety of roles including Head of Sixth Form forseven years before joining EFIA in January 2012 as A level co-ordinator.