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Sauer,peter dgl 121912_copyrightlaws


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Full Sail Class Project

Full Sail Class Project

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  • 1. Sauer,Peter DGL12/19/12Copy Right LawsPeter Sauer / DGL “ Let me shed some light on Copyright materials and creative commons.Begin Your Journey …
  • 2. Copy Rights-Whose is it? You may of done everything down to the letter in protecting your hard earned work and still get robbed of credit for your work. Peter Sauer / DGL “ Let me shed some light on Copy right materials and creative commons. &announcements=1 12/19/12 It all begins here: Turn up your speakers. Grab a cup of coffee Lock you door and get Ready for a no B/S Class
  • 3. are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the workUnder the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author orlicensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).
What does "Attribute this work" mean? 
The page you came from contained embeddedlicensing metadata, including how the creator wishes to be attributed for re-use. You can usethe HTML here to cite the work. Doing so will also include metadata on your page so thatothers can find the original work as well. Noncommercial — You may not use this work for commercial purposes. No Derivative Works — You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
  • 4. Is it your Copy? Do you have the Right?• Is it Right, to copy another persons work?• When is it ok?• When are you breaking the law?
  • 5. “Is THIS Right? Or did you steal someone elses…. Copy- Rights?”• Copyright law in the digital age is continually evolving to protect the exclusive rights of copyholders of digital media and art forms that can be transferred through digital means.• Read more: Facts About Copyright Laws | laws.html#ixzz2FZH7F96i
  • 6. “However, the heart of existing copyright law, whichis found in the Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17, U.S.C.),continues to be applied to all aspects of copyrightedmaterial.”Read more: Facts About Copyright Laws | eHow.com
  • 7. • There are numerous provisions in Title 17; however, some of the more important laws set the subject matter and duration of a copyright, establish an authors exclusive rights, provide fair use exceptions and set forth punitive measures for copyright infringers.Read more: Facts About Copyright Laws | eHow.com
  • 8. What is Creative Commons?WHAT IS CREATIVE COMMONS?“Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world.Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technicalinfrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, andinnovation.”
  • 10. • LOOKING FOR CREATIVE WORKS? “Looking for music, video, writing, code, or other creative works? ““Creative Commons has got you covered. Search forcreative work through sources like Google and Flickr right here.”
  • 11. Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors • The four factors judges consider are: • the purpose and character of your use • the nature of the copyrighted work • the amount and substantiality of the portion taken, and • the effect of the use upon the potential market.
  • 12. “Attribution is credit for the creator or owner of original work. It names writers, artists or publishers.”
  • 13. Explain the importance of copyright protection in your chosen industryCopyright laws are written to ensure that the Authors are compensated for their creative projects.
  • 14. • The owner of the copyright is not always the writer or artist who created the work. The person who creates the work can transfer his copyright or may have produced it as work for hire, owned by someone else.• Read more: What Is Attribution in Copyright Law? | law.html#ixzz2FZ431frM Thank You!
  • 15. If your Going to Copy, research thematerial and request permission prior to any use of their work in any way.
  • 16. Game On!You received the proper permission and you now can usethat work as agreed upon. Thank you, don’t forget to ask!
  • 17. Hi, Im Dan-O and I post my original music as free MP3 downloads here on You can listen to the songs online or download the tracks. Its also legal to use the music royalty free in your video, game, film, presentation, slideshow or website. Music By: Dan O
  • 18. Welcome to “OZ”
  • 19. THE END