New World of Work


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Presentation by Mr. Max Mickelsson (Director, Microsoft Oy) on "New World of Work" during the study visit of the sub-committee on Innovative workplaces to Helsinki on 25 January 2011

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  • Mittaamme tuloksia olemassa olevilla mittareillamme sekä tutkimalla henkilöstön näkemyksiä matkan aikana.Mittaamistapoja mm:MS Poll –henkilöstötutkimus, aiheen näkyvyys (mielikuvatutkimukset), Trusted Advisor / Market Visio, CPE (Customer and Partner Experience) ja Great Place to Work -kilpailu
  • New World of Work

    1. 1. New world of work<br />Max Mickelsson, Director, Microsoft Oy<br />
    2. 2. An European Challenge<br />Macro level:<br /><ul><li> Need to reform –post industrial paradigm
    3. 3. Productivity
    4. 4. The World is Flat – global competition
    5. 5. Demography</li></ul>Micro level (personal)*<br /><ul><li>Work as part of your identity gets smaller
    6. 6. Quality of sparetime
    7. 7. Overall feeling of lack of time – time is running faster
    8. 8. Readiness to trade between time and pay</li></ul>*) Lähde: Työelämän kulttuurivallankumous, EVA:n arvo- ja asennetutkimus 2010, Ilkka Haavisto<br />
    9. 9. Motivational factors<br />Spirit and feeling<br />Interesting work<br />Inspirational and fair manager<br />Security<br />Personal development<br />Work – Life Balance<br />3 X E – Excellence, Engagement, Ethics, (Empathy and Equity),Howard Gardner, et al.<br />3<br />Lähde: Työelämän kulttuurivallankumous, EVA:n arvo- ja asennetutkimus 2010, Ilkka Haavisto<br />
    10. 10. Ricardo Semler, Seven-Day-Weekend<br />Why are you able to answer emails on Sundays, but not able to go to movies on Monday afternoons?<br />2. Why can´t we take the kids to work when we can take work home?<br />3. Why do we think the opposite of work is leisure, when in fact it is idleness?<br />4<br />
    11. 11. Don Tapscott, Grownup Digital<br /><ul><li>Eightnorms of the netgen</li></ul>Freedom<br />Customization<br />Scrutiny<br />Integrity<br />Collaboration<br />Entertainment<br />Speed<br />Innovation<br />5<br />
    12. 12. The 2020 Workplace<br /><ul><li>Social and personal
    13. 13. Four Generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen 2020)
    14. 14. Importance of HR growing
    15. 15. Individual services and individual rewarding systems
    16. 16. The traditional office and office working hours will be dead
    17. 17. .Information workers the biggest group. Life long learning is </li></ul>the rule, not the exception<br /><ul><li>Excellent on internal and external communication tools and networks required
    18. 18. Collaboration, authentic, personal, innovation, social contacts. “Workplace Engagement 2020 Model”</li></ul>Lähde: The 2020 Workplace, Copyright 2010 by Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd.<br />6<br />
    19. 19. Y willchange the world?<br />Vuoden 2000 työmarkkinoilla (25-65v) Gen X selkeävähemmistö ja sodan kokenut sukupolvi vieläläsnä (traditionalists)<br />Suomen väestö iän ja sukupuolen mukaan vuoden 2005 lopussa(Miehet: vasen, tumman sininen / Naiset: oikea, vaalean sininen)<br />60-65<br />55-59<br />50-54<br />45-59<br />40-44<br />35-39<br />30-34<br />25-29<br />Baby Boomers<br />1946<br />Generation X<br />Baby Boomers<br />Vuoden 2020 työmarkkinoilla (25-65 v) Gen Y lähes puoletjavanhimmat (vertailussa) 1955 syntyneitä<br />1964<br />Generation X<br />Baby Boomers<br />60-65<br />55-59<br />50-54<br />45-59<br />40-44<br />35-39<br />30-34<br />25-29<br />1978<br />Generation X<br />Generation Y<br />1997<br />Generation Y<br />Lähde:<br />7<br />
    20. 20. The New Word of Work<br />Holistic way to transform work culture<br />More interaction and more flexibility<br />Full use of technology<br />New environment to support this change<br />8<br />
    21. 21. Objectives<br />Leading by example – show possibilities and opportunities<br />Creativity and individual potential<br />Create a space for inspiration that supports business objectives, meaningful cooperation, creativity, innovation and the community<br />Alternative areas that adopt to the way we work<br />Showcase Microsoft<br />9<br />
    22. 22. Holisticapproach<br />Need for new practices in leadership when work moves to networks and ”the cloud”<br />New practices and rules of the New World of Work<br />Inspirational environment supports creativity.<br />Technology is ready and much more mature.<br />10<br />
    23. 23. 2<br />3<br />New practices, <br />old technology<br />New practices,<br />New technology<br />1<br />Old practices, o<br />old technology<br />Old parctices, <br />new technology<br />Lähde: Esko Kilpi, 2010<br />11<br />
    24. 24. New Practices<br />Transparency<br /><ul><li>Status
    25. 25. Broadcasting vs.point-to-point
    26. 26. Responsibilities
    27. 27. Community</li></ul>Presence<br /><ul><li>Status
    28. 28. Place (physical)
    29. 29. Reachability
    30. 30. Tools and skills </li></ul>New World of Work<br />Meeting <br /><ul><li>All physical meetings are not MEETINGS
    31. 31. Meeting culture over the network</li></ul>Life in the new office<br /><ul><li>Spontaneous meetings
    32. 32. Privacy
    33. 33. Concentration and peace</li></ul>12<br />
    34. 34. Spacesthatinspire<br />13<br />
    35. 35. Nothing disappears, you get new opportunities - still the normal fully equipped desk<br />…but in nultiple formats:<br />Project Space<br />Cafe<br />Phone Booth<br />Focus Room<br />Touchdown Spaces<br />14<br />
    36. 36. 15<br />Bistro<br />Inspiration<br />Beach<br />Library<br />
    37. 37. Productivity – Better collaboration<br />Satisfaction <br />Sustainability – less CO2<br />Talent –flexibility and opportunity to choose<br />Inspiration to use new technology<br />Amsterdam – Growing the business<br />More effective use of the office<br />Mobile solutions save money on investments and operating<br />16<br />
    38. 38. Operating expenses<br />Communication: phone related costs -20%<br />LiveMeetingin and OCS:n <br />Use of internal and external wen services and information<br />Travel costs -20%<br />Real estate costs -20% per person<br />Grow the workforce by 26 % in the same m2<br />Office supplies<br />OneNote, paper<br />17<br />
    39. 39. Firstresults in Finland<br />92% feels that the first impression about the new office is very positive, 8 % feel neutral<br />81 % agrees that the option to choose your space freely is very positive<br />73 % feels it is easy to get hold of the persons you need for your jib<br />64 % tells that they are talking about New World of Work with their friends, family partners or customers<br />
    40. 40.<br />
    41. 41. Max Mickelsson<br /><br />+358-50-4999 776<br />Microsoft: To help people an business all around the world to realize their full potential<br />