Diversity? the outcome of a complete non discrimination policy


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Presentation by Bruce Roch (Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Adecco group France and President, French Association of Diversity Managers) on the occasion of the EESC LMO conference on Tapping the full potential of diversity in the workplace: culture, age, gender and disability aspects (Berlin, 21 February 2014)

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  • Adecco’s main focus lies in the Social dimension with 6 strategic areas.
  • : we intend to keep in touch with all our associates, colleagues and candidates during all their professional lives. They are our ambassadors and our prescriptors, they convey Adecco values in the companies where they are hired under Adecco contract or after having worked with us.
  • Discriminer c’est se tirer une balle dans le pied : éco, juridique, éthique, relationnel, réputation…
    Formation : Adecco, Adecco Experts, Alexandre Tic, Ajilon S&M, Adia…
    Guides réseaux Adecco & Adia
    Affichage : Adecco , Adia
    Affichage d’engagements en vitrine, charte de la diversité
    Médiation : en relais avec les DRH sociétés
  • Contenu :
    La politique de lutte contre les discriminations au sein du Groupe Adecco,
    Les différentes notions autour du thème de la discrimination,
    Le cadre législatif de lutte contre les discriminations,
    Le rôle et les missions du Défenseur des Droits,
    Les pratiques professionnelles à risque : la prise de commande, la publication de l’offre d’emploi, l’entretien d’évaluation du candidat, la synthèse de candidature et sa présentation au client,
    Les réclamations candidat, intérimaire en agence,
    Les points de vigilance et comportement à adopter,
    Les actions à mener.
  • Anticipation du risque juridique qui permet d’intervenir en amont avec le n° azur et le pôle LCD (médiation)
  • Plan Banlieues
    CV A
    Expérimentations médecine du travail suivi liaison
  • Conformité = minimum, pas de quoi se gargariser. Encore faut-il la garantir.
    Excellence = Bonus
    Politique emploi handicapés
    Partenariats sourcing diversifié
    Lutte contre l’illettrisme
    Actions positives pour les permanents : emploi des personnes handicapées, objectifs pour accroître le nombre de femmes aux postes de direction, sourcing diversifié, …
    2 minutes
  • Adecco
    Adecco Medical
    Adecco à domicile
    Et tous les autres…
    Décembre 2008
  • Recruitment AND career path for people with disabilities
    Skills first
    No charity & positive actions
    Employability crucial to individual development
    Positive impact on employment
    A joint work with all stakeholders
    Long term issue
    Good HR for all
  • Diversity? the outcome of a complete non discrimination policy

    1. 1. Diversity? the outcome of a complete non discrimination policy Berlin 21/02/2014
    2. 2. Our global reach Adecco Group operates in over 60 countries and territories worldwide We help more than 650,000 people find work The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. Our services and every day through our network of over 31,000 solutions fall into the broad categories of full-time employees and around 5,200 temporary staffing, permanent placement, branches in over 60 countries and territories career transition and talent development as around the world. well as outsourcing and consulting.
    3. 3. Adecco CSR – Embedded into our core business 3 Dimensions and 6 Strategic focus areas For more information and the latest CSR Report: www.adecco.com/en-US/csr/Pages/default.aspx
    4. 4. Diversity & CSR, a long term commitment 4
    5. 5. Anteriority on diversity Disability & Skills programme since 1986 Partnership on inclusion of people far away from the labour market since 1994
    6. 6. What is diversity ? What is discrimination ?
    7. 7. Basic rules for an intermediary on the Labour Market and extensively for all organizations The more people we recruit for our clients, the more turnover and profit we get. There is no reason to proceed to any discrimination for : - economic reasons - legal reasons - ethics - relationship reasons - reputation Diversity brings immediate return on investment as long as it is managed : - compliance to legal framework (quota policies, penalties, risk management) - intercultural management - intergenerational management - gender balanced management at all levels
    8. 8. Unit against Discriminations Training : how to act against discrimination in recruitment and on the workplace Mediation : online, on site, at management level or at the client Correction : back to full equality in treatment Trackability & measurement : legal obligation for employers, testing as a plus
    9. 9. Unit against discrimination : awareness raising & training Training : how to act against discrimination in recruitment and on the workplace
    10. 10. External communication helps !
    11. 11. External communication helps !
    12. 12. External communication helps !
    13. 13. External communication helps !
    14. 14. External communication helps !
    15. 15. External communication helps !
    16. 16. NGOs Social Partners Representatives justice Management Paritary commission compliance Unit against discrimination Positive actions Our philosophy Advice Hotline Adecco commitment excellence
    17. 17. Building proposals with civil society
    18. 18. Sharing practices
    19. 19. Testing our company With external provider 33 jobs Answering to a recruitment ad Mystery Shopping Mystery Phoning Per region Per criteria External communication on our website, our intranet, and with French Equal Authority Pluriannual planning A management tool
    20. 20. Charters & more UN Global Compact (2003) Adecco Code of conduct (2005) Social agreement on non discrimination (2007) Parenthood charter (2007) Social agreement on gender equality (20082011-2013) Social agreement on generations (2013) … and ongoing reporting Charte de la Diversité (2004)
    21. 21. A concern of each moment Risk management Legal Ethics/ compliance Clients Investors Reputation Business Development Bids Questionnaires/ audits Charters Specific meetings/ offers Retention Social clauses Public markets Valorization of economic performance RH Attractivity / All contracts Retention GPTW Food for thought/ R&D Best in class/ walk the talk Valorization of untangible assets Finance Corporate Investors Social reporting 2012-2016 Institutionnels Procurement 21
    22. 22. Conclusion accessibility compliance skills inclusion community living Business ROI CSR
    23. 23. Conclusion wellbeing creativity profitability Inclusion = Good HR for all better life better work Thank you !