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Welcome to Be2camp 2008, 10 October, London - by Martin Brown + Paul Wilkinson

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Be2camp Welcome

  1. 1. Welcome ….
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  4. 4. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is technophobic” – Not entirely true • CAD • Fax • Mobile telecommunications
  5. 5. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is conservative” – Adopts tried and trusted mainstream technologies (eg: CAD, websites, email, project extranets) – Often very cost-conscious – Often very contractual
  6. 6. AEC and ICT SaaS • Face-to-face • Extranets • Written word • Web-conferencing applications • Hand drawings • File-sharing (P2P) • Telephone • Instant messaging BIM • Telegram • Discussion forums • Telex • Home pages (iGoogle) • Fax • Wikis • CAD • Blogs Web 2.0 • Email • Groupware (eg: Lotus Notes) • RSS • File transfer protocol (FTP) • Social networking • Websites • Social search, tagging, sharing • Intranets, enterprise portals • Mashups: Mapping, time-lines, etc • Video- and tele-conferencing • Virtual worlds Cloud computing
  7. 7. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is information-intensive” – “information overload” – paper-intensive
  8. 8. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is not collaborative” – increasingly sophisticated at managing internal information … – … but less good at sharing/re-using information with other project team members … – … and/or with the ultimate owner/operator/occupier – … and/or other stakeholders
  9. 9. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is often adversarial”
  10. 10. Why Web 2.0 and the Built Environment? • “Construction is not very ‘green’” – “… it is only in the last 10 years or so that the construction industry has really started to consider its environmental impacts.” – Opportunities for ICT to help • ‘intelligent buildings’ (ie: IT-enabled BMS) • Modelling and assessment tools • performance indicators • automating manual processes (eg: CAD, logistics, tendering, etc) • improving communications • reducing travel, transport
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  15. 15. built environment Open Source Make sustainability in the s Adopt the opport unities than Web 2.0 offer nnot be done This is an importan t issue for our sector and ca behind closed doors. Ho w…. ?
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  18. 18. launching today ….
  19. 19. Web 2.0 and the Built Environment 10.15 keynotes 11.00 coffee 11.30 workshop streams 13.00 lunch interval 13.45 Second Life 14.00 SL workshop and other stream(s) 15.30 coffee 16.00 final workshop streams 17.00 close - drinks 17.30 Pecha Kucha starts 19.30 Pecha Kucha finishes – adjourn to pub!