Front cover analysis (main task)


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Front cover analysis (main task)

  1. 1. Front Cover Analysis10 front covers that I’ve chosen<br />
  2. 2. Sky Line<br />the sky line of the cover makes sure that even if the readers or just passers by the shelf that its on, will stay interested in the magazine even if they don't like Drake, so they will still look at the magazine for the other artist that they may actually be interested in. <br />Masthead<br />The masthead of this VIBE magazine follows the conventions of a magazine by having it at the top of the cover and it being bold so that it is the main thing on the cover that draws you in; the focal point of the cover. All this helps with the fact that the masthead is usually the part of the magazine that is used to draw someone in to buying it, as it is usually all cover but the masthead. As the masthead white against the black background it is a very high contrast therefore very eye-catching. <br />Main image<br />The main image of the hip-hop/rap artist, Drake, adds to the effect that the graphics create, it follows the same colour scheme of Drake only wearing black and white clothes.<br />Barcode<br />The barcode on the front cover of this magazine follows the conventions of having the price and issue information on the front of the magazine. This makes the magazine feel more official and lets you know that it is professionally made media text.<br />Graphics<br />The cover has a primary colour scheme of black, yellow and white. The black and yellow connote that the magazine is dangerous or is afraid and is willing to cause harm, as these two colours are usually linked with warning signs, like nuclear waste or corrosive. The simple colours could connote to the readers that the magazine is easy to pick up and read of the shelf. <br />
  3. 3. Masthead<br />The masthead has a smashed effect which goes with the smashed image, these two things cohere with the metal genre, as it is seen as a heavy kind of music and very powerful. With the masthead as metal ‘HAMMER’ this also coheres with the smashing of the glass in the main image, as this could be achieved with a hammer itself.<br />Sky line<br />The skyline shows other bands that will keep people that like the genre occupied other than if they didn't like the main band shown and there wasn't a skyline, they may just not take any notice of the magazine.<br />Barcode<br />This magazine follows the codes and conventions of music magazines, as it has the price and issue information written on the front which shows that the magazine is professionally made and can be trusted.<br />Main image<br />The main image is of the heavy metal band Disturbed and the man in colour is their lead vocalist, while the uncoloured ones are the lesser parts of the band. The coloured man is bursting through the glass which I believe connotes that he is breaking the glass with his voice as he is screaming like they do in many of their songs. <br />Graphics<br />The cover has a theme of black, red and white, these colours could connote danger or harshness which again ties in with the heavy metal genre, the dark feel of the people in background is contrasted by the lead singer of Disturbed, bursting through some glass.<br />
  4. 4. Masthead<br />The masthead is bright and bold and follows the convention of being right at the top of the page where it is the most focal point of the cover and is easily seen from afar.<br />Main image<br />The main image is of a lot of artists, this will keep the passer by interested as there is probably a band that or artist that they are interested in on the main cover, they will be easily recognisable as they are all arranged so you can see there faces and recognise them instantly. <br />Graphics<br />the colour scheme of this cover is red, black and white, the red is a vibrant colour that has been used to draw the eye of passers by, the white background also helps with this.<br />