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  • 1. Question 2EVALUATION
  • 2. 1) WHAT WOULD YOU SAY WAS THE MOST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT? The magazine was the most effective according to the results of our audience feedback. This shows that the target audience was most interested in the movie magazine.
  • 3. 2) WHICH PRODUCT STANDS OUT THE MOST AT THE TARGET AUDIENCE? We wanted the teaser trailer to be the product that stood out the most because this was the main task that we spent the most time on and it is the trailer was the one that we wanted to be the most successful.
  • 4. 3) WHO IS MORE LIKELY TO READ A MAGAZINE, LOOK AT A POSTER OR VIEW THE TRAILER? I think that the audience is most likely to watch trailers of the movie rather than the other products, as it is the most accessible product as it can be view in cinemas, on television and on the internet.
  • 5. 4) WHAT WOULD BE THE MOST POPULAR PRODUCT ON THE MARKET AND WHY? I believe that the product with the most positive feedback would be the most successful on the market, this being the movie magazine.
  • 6. 5) HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR YOUR AUDIENCE TO ENJOY YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS? It is highly important that the audience enjoy all of the products as if they didnt then the whole thing would of been a failure, seen as the audience would not of view any of the products and then in turn, not had any interest