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New Energy Conference-P.Ponsekar from CNPV
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New Energy Conference-P.Ponsekar from CNPV


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. CNPV SOLAR POWER SA Presentation by : P.Ponsekar - Vice President Mobile : +91 9611 333011 E-mail :
  • 2. Company Snapshot Founded • Company Established in 2006 • CNPV design, manufacture & supply high performance & High Business Model efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar photovoltaic Modules Public Limited • Listed on NYSE Euronext-Alternext market (Ticker: ALCNP) Ownership • European, American & Asian ownership • Experienced Management Team with Significant Industry and Leadership Team International Expertise from 10+ Countries • Vertically integrated plant to manufacture Ingots, Wafers,Manufacturing capacity Cells & PV Modules – 600 MW capacity Research • Strong In-House R&D Driving Breakthrough Product Releases# of Awards & Appreciation • 10 Patents and 50+ Awards Employees • 2000 + Employees Worldwide
  • 3. Company Management System Certifications Triple Management accreditation from TUV Rheinland First Solar Company to achieve Quality, Environmental and EHS management systems accreditation from TUV Rheinland, one of the most respected auditors in the world. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS18001
  • 4. CNPV Product Certifications • Internationally recognized and regionally presentedProduct Certifications certifications for products IEC 61215 & 61730 across the whole range UL for USA & Canada MCS Salt mist Ammonia
  • 6. CNPV SOLAR MODULES - Product FAMILY High Performance Premium SPV Module Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Monocrystalline 125x125mm 156x156mm 156x156mm36 Full Cell 36Full Cell 72 Full Cell 72 Full Cell 60 Full Cell 60 Full Cell 72 Full Cell 72 Full Cell 60 Full Cell 72 Full Cell PV ModulePV Module PV Module PV Module PV Module PV Module PV Module PV Module PV Module PV ModuleCNPV-095M CNPV-195M CNPV-240P CNPV-290P CNPV-245M CNPV-295MCNPV-100M CNPV-200M CNPV-245P CNPV-295P CNPV-250M CNPV-300MCNPV-105M CNPV-205M CNPV-250P CNPV-300P CNPV-255M CNPV-305MDesigned for Residential, Commercial and Utility Applications
  • 7. CNPV - Main Product Portfolio Mono crystalline Poly-crystalline Black Beauties Mono c-Si Module efficiency  16% Poly c-Si Module efficiency  15.4%
  • 9. GLOBAL SOLAR IRRADIATION MAPThe most sunny locations, preferred for Solar Installation are invariably hot
  • 10. FACTORS AFFECTING SOLAR PV MODULE ENERGY OUTPUT5 major factors which directly affect energy yield of a Solar PVArray / Solar PV power plant are :-  Solar Irradiation  Ambient temperature  Dust condition  Shadowing  Array Mis-match The biggest loss in Power output of a Solar PV Array is on account of high ambient temperature !!!
  • 12. EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON PV MODULE ENERGY OUTPUTFor every Degree rise in Temperature, the Power loss due totemperature is around 0.4% to 0.5%
  • 13. SOLAR PV MODULE OUTPUT @ HIGHER TEMPERATURE Solar panel’s power output performance greatly depends on site environment conditions, Ambient temperature & the Solar irradiation intensity in particular. As the sun rises, the irradiance increases and so is the solar panel power and its operating temperature. A Solar PV Cell operates at a temperature above the ambient temperature due to the inefficiencies of absorption and conversion of solar radiation. The increase in the operating temperature greatly affects the solar panel electrical output. Generally, a crystalline silicon PV panel loose about 0.4% - 0.5% in power for each 1⁰ C increase in operating temperature.
  • 14. SOLAR PV MODULE PERFORMANCE The market trend today is focused on maximizing the energy produced by the solar panel. This means, there is a need for a solar panel that generates more power by lowering its operating temperature. One of the means to lower the solar panel operating temperature is to dissipate the heat across the back or the bottom of the solar panel. Use of higher thermal conductive material on the back of the solar panels helps to transfer the heat to the surrounding areas. This results in lower operating temperature and an improved power output. Thermal losses in a Mono c-Si PV cell is slightly more than a Poly c-Si PV cell
  • 15. CNPV SOLAR PV MODULE FOR HOT ZONE APPLICATION CNPV uses a high thermal conductive material (W/m ⁰K) on back of the solar panel to improve transfer of heat to the surrounding areas ( but still have similar dielectric properties to maintain the reliable operation of the solar panel ). This results in lower operating temperature & reduced thermal losses of PV cell For the same Solar irradiance, if PV cell temperature is reduced by 3 to 6°C, the energy yield improves by about 1.5 to 3% CNPV Solar Module with this special thermal conductive backlayer shall improve energy yield by additional 1% - 3% After exhaustive lab tests, CNPV is now testing the Solar Module in real dessert conditions to evaluate the actual performance, before releasing the product to the market.
  • 16. CNPV SOLAR PV MODULE FOR HOT ZONE APPLICATION CNPV Solar PV Module’s Thermal co-efficient of Power is currently the lowest among c-Si Solar PV modules ( -0.4%/°C ) CNPV Solar PV Module offers the highest Fill factor ( 75% to 78% ) with highest energy density & energy Yield ( kWhr / kWp ) With the introduction of CNPV Solar PV Modules with high thermal conductive backlayer material, we shall lower the PV Cell temperature by about 3 to 5°C This reduction in PV Cell temperature will improve the energy yield by 1 to 3%
  • 17. CNPV SOLAR PV MODULE FOR HOT ZONE APPLICATIONSpecial & Unique features of the CNPV Solar PV Module :- High thermal conductive back layer to improve heat transfer Low thermal coefficient of Power Better resistance to dust & sand storms ARC Glass reduces reflective losses Very High Fill factor, upto 78% ( more kWhr / kWp ) Quality materials and process to resist degradation 10 years product warranty & 25 year linear Power warranty Positive Power Tolerance on each PV Module ( 0-3% ) High efficiency CNPV Modules occupy lesser foot print
  • 18. Project SHOWCASE
  • 19. Project SHOWCASELocation Germany Location GermanySystem Size 4.0MWp System Size 2.0MWpType of Application Ground Mounted Type of Application Roof Top MountedLocation France Location SwitzerlandSystem Size 4.0MWp System Size 500KWpType of Application Ground Mounted Type of Application Roof Top Mounted
  • 20. Project SHOWCASELocation Belgium Location Czech RepublicSystem Size 2.0MWp System Size 10.0MWpType of Application Roof Top Mounted Type of Application Ground MountedLocation Italy Location ItalySystem Size 5.0MWp System Size 12.0MWpType of Application Ground Mounted Type of Application Ground Mounted
  • 21. Project SHOWCASELocation Hungary Location SwedenSystem Size 500KWp System Size 6KWpType of Application Roof Top Mounted Type of Application Roof Top MountedLocation Bulgaria Location AustraliaSystem Size 1.0MWp System Size 60KWpType of Application Ground Mounted Type of Application Roof Top Mounted
  • 22. Project SHOWCASELocation Spain Location AustriaSystem Size 1.0MWp System Size 500KWpType of Application Roof Top Green House Type of Application Roof Top MountedLocation Naveda, USA Location Nashville Smyrna AirportSystem Size 26.0MWp System Size 1.0MWpType of Application Ground Mounted Type of Application Ground Mounted
  • 23. DISTINGUISHED PARTNERS ® More than 1.2 GWp signed for delivery 2012 to 2014
  • 24. Corporate Headquarters : Manufacturing Headquarters:163, Rue du Kiem L-8030 Strassen, Shengli Industry Park, DongyingLuxembourg Shandong Province 257000, PRC We care for your future