Early Childhood to Grade 8 Capacity Taskforce - School Board Update 3/21/13


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  • Need to balance demographics
  • Early Childhood to Grade 8 Capacity Taskforce - School Board Update 3/21/13

    1. 1. M A R C H 2 1 S T B O A R D P R E S E N T A T I O NE-8 Capacity Taskforce Update
    2. 2. Taskforce Membership Lisa Anderson: School Board Jim Bach: CMSE Principal Michele Bedor: FLC Principal Susana Deleon: MS Cultural Liaison Linda Dierks: EU Parent Sybil Druce: FLC Teacher Scott Firman: CRE Parent Jennifer Grimm: BCE Parent Sheryl Hough: MS Principal Nicole Jesse: FLC Teacher Jason Konz: CMSE Parent Rhonda Krenos: JES Parent
    3. 3. Task Force Membership Greg Lange: Chan El Principal Beth Manthe: PRMS Parent Michelle McNallan: FLC Parent Hilary Patz: VES Parent Sean Olson: FLC and JES Parent Ann Smith: CES Teacher and PRMS Parent Jeff Stuhr: CRE and CMSW Parent John Thomas: Transportation Coordinator Sara Wishart: JES Teacher Nancy Wittman: CES Principal Chuck Zemek: CRE Teacher
    4. 4. Timeline/Meetings November 14th November 28th December 12th January 9th February 13th March 13th April 10th May 8th
    5. 5. Charge Statement & Guidelines Review the district’s growth projections and facilitycapacity as projected by recent reports in order todevelop a housing solution for school boardconsideration. Develop a five year attendance area plan Optimize the use of building space Ensure program equity Optimize learning by balancing enrollment toprevent overcrowding and large class sizes
    6. 6. Charge Statement Continued… Consider safety, transportation and costeffectiveness Each building should reflect the diversedemographics of the district Sustainable student attendance boundaries for thenext five to ten years unless there is a significantenrollment loss or gain versus current projections Consider future growth (capacity of schools not toexceed projected geographic growth within fiveyears). Other criteria as determined by school board
    7. 7. What We Know… Substantial changes toboundaries are needed tooptimize current space. Movement needed to fill undercapacity schools and relieveover-capacity schools. Excluding La Academia,all day K - 5 can fit inexisting elementaryschools with changes toboundaries. 2% of each elementaryschool’s enrollmentattends La Academia This 2% isn’t reflected in ourenrollment numbers 1/2 day K and FLC will fit atKindergarten Center.
    8. 8. What We Know… We need to consider how changes to elementaryboundaries will effect middle schools. The optimal size of PRMS is 250 students less than CMSEand CMSW. There’s not enough room to move 5th grade tomiddle schools nor is there room to move 6th gradeto elementary schools. MS boundaries can be considered once elementaryboundaries are determined.
    9. 9. What We Know… We need 3 buildings to house all of our 6-8 middleschool students. Housing permits are on the rise throughout ourDistrict.
    10. 10. Task Force Priorities Keep all day Kindergarten in all elementary schools La Academia centrally located in District Family Learning Center (FLC) centrally located inDistrict Some Pre-K programs could remain at elementary schools Keep neighborhoods together if possible Minimize transitions
    11. 11. Option 1 Build newelementaryschool onsouthwest side ofDistrict in 3-4years Repurpose or close EastUnion 6 Elementary Schoolswith all day K-5th Transform a centrallylocated elementaryschool to house LaAcademia and the ½ daykindergarten program Move FLC from CHS toKC Balance demographics
    12. 12. School Target Scen. Pop. LA 2% Difference%Ethnicity % FORNew School 635 514 504 131 14.4 17.7BCE 565 535 524 41 16.6 15.1CHN 590 567 556 34 17.8 16.6CRE 575 643 630 (55) 25.7 30JES 565 605 593 (28) 20.7 28.3VES 635 652 639 (4) 14.5 15.5Option 1
    13. 13. Option 2 No new school-change boundariesto balance K-5elementary schools Still need space forLa-Academia.400+ students KC is ½ day K & FLC Elementary schools areall day K-5th grade Balance demographics Movement needed to fillunder capacity schoolsand relieve over-capacityschools. Some schools will still beover capacity
    14. 14. Option 2 NumbersSchool Target Scen. Pop. LA 2% Difference%Ethnicity % FORBCE 565 585 573 (8) 18.8 19.49CES 540 459 450 90 25.49 40.74CHN 590 567 556 34 17.99 16.93CRE 575 566 555 20 19.96 18.37EU 175 190 186 (11) 11.05 6.84JES 565 502 492 73 19.12 24.5VES 635 647 634 1 14.2 16.5
    15. 15. Where do we go from here? Questions and comments from the Board Board guidance