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Solis ecn2013 usfws

  1. 1. Department of Interior U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  2. 2. USFWS/OLE Special Agents • 1811 - Criminal investigators who enforce Federal Wildlife Laws throughout the United States • Special Agents conduct law enforcement investigations: Take down major trafficking organizations via surveillance, undercover work, making arrests, and liaison with US Attorney’s Office for prosecution. • When fully staffed, USFWS, OLE has 261 Special Agents US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  3. 3. USFWS/OLE Wildlife Inspectors • United States is one of the world's largest markets for wildlife and wildlife products • Stationed at the Nation's major international airports, ocean ports, and border crossings, wildlife inspectors monitor an annual trade worth more than $1 billion. • They stop illegal shipments, intercept smuggled wildlife and wildlife products, and help the United States fulfill its commitment to global wildlife conservation US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  4. 4. Air Cargo US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  5. 5. Border Ports of Entry US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  6. 6. Seaport US Fish & Wildlife Service Railroad 11/19/13
  7. 7. US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  8. 8. WWW.FWS.GOV • • • • • • • • Go To: Importing/Exporting Navigate to find information Locate Wildlife Inspector Offices Declaration Forms Create an Account to submit declarations electronically Benefits: FWS is aware of your shipment immediately You eliminate the paper declaration US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  9. 9. US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  10. 10. Does the importer require a license/permit? • Import/Export License - This permit is generally required for all individuals or businesses that engage in business as an importer or exporter of wildlife. SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE WITH SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGES. • BUT THIS DOES APPLY: • Port Exception Permit - This permit authorizes import or export of wildlife at a port other than a required designated port or authorized border or special port under limited circumstances. These permits may be issued (1) for scientific purposes, (2) to minimize deterioration or loss, or (3) to alleviate undue economic hardship. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the criteria for issuance of these special permits. Apply to the Regional Office where the applicant is located. 11/19/13
  11. 11. Bona fide Scientific Research • 50 CFR – Subpart C – 14.31 Non-designated port permit for scientific purposes • Why? Usually wildlife shipments are only permitted at Designated Wildlife Ports of Entries • Accredited Scientific Institutions do not need a FWS commercial license for obvious reasons • 50 CFR – 14.62 & 14.64 – Exceptions to Import/Export Declaration Requirements: Accredited Scientist/Scientific Institutions may file a general declaration however within 180 days an amended declaration must be filed. US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  12. 12. FWS Declaration Form • USFWS Declaration (Form 3-177) • eDecs (electronic) or hard copy • Ensure the declaration is stamped “CLEARED” • Must be “CLEARED” before released by CBP US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  13. 13. Import/Export Entomological Specimens • Secure a trusted Shipper • Determine Entry/Exit Port • Contact the closest Wildlife Inspector office that will most likely inspect shipment • Fill out a Declaration Form • Ensure all Permits (CITES or general Export and Collecting Permits) are included in shipment • Timing! Timing! Timing! • Make sure you notify the WI of your shipment prior to its arrival/departure (48 Hr) US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  14. 14. Pack specimens knowing they will be inspected!!!! US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  15. 15. Things to Keep in Mind • It is very important to contact the FWS Wildlife Inspector Office your shipment will most likely be inspected. •; Importing/Exporting; Wildlife Inspection Offices • Communicating with a WI will eliminate many concerns • WIs’ will indeed help you! US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
  16. 16. Questions? Frank Solis, Senior Special Agent – USFWS/OLE 1874 Grandstand Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78238 (210) 681-8419 US Fish & Wildlife Service 11/19/13
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