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Echo Conf Bget  Sep09
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Echo Conf Bget Sep09






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  • Anaerobic digestionFood / Animal wasteFinal products: 60-70% Methane, 28-38% Carbon dioxide and 2% Hydrogen sulfide + Nitrogen + HydrogenUsage: Cooking fuel, heating, electricityByproduct: Fertilizer

Echo Conf Bget  Sep09 Echo Conf Bget Sep09 Presentation Transcript

  • Renewable EnergySustainable Solution for Local Communities along Thai/Burma Border
    ECHO Asia Agricultural Conference
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    23rd September, 2009
  • Do you want to see more of these?
  • …or these?
  • What Can We Do to Help at the Regional Level?
  • Solar Cooking
    Community Small Hydro Power
    Renewable Energy
    Solar Electric System
    Biogas for Cooking
    Hydraulic Ram Pump
  • Types of Solar Cookers
    Panel Cooker
    Box Cooker
    Parabolic Cooker
  • Solar Cooker: Advantages
    Easy & simple
    Save money on cooking fuel
    No smoke: less respiratory disease
    Fewer accidents from fire
    Reduce the use of wood or charcoal -- reduce de-forestation
    Reduce CO2 emission
  • Solar Cooker: Drawbacks
    Cannot be used to cook breakfast
    Less usable in cloudy or rainy weather
    Slow heat source means longer cooking time
  • Solar Cooking Training
  • Micro-hydro Power
    Power= 5 x Heightx Flow
    Source: Inversin, A. R. (1986). Micro-Hydropower Sourcebook.
  • How to Measure Height
    Direct Measurement
    Measuring Tape & Inclinometer
    How to Measure Flow
    Area or Float Method
    Bucket Method
  • Direct Height Measurement
    A friend
    carpenter level
    stick of known height (1 or 1.5 meters)
    Head = (No. of Sticks x Length of Stick) + Final Measurement
  • Measuring Tape & Inclinometer
    measuring tape
  • Measuring Tape & Inclinometer
  • Area or Float Method
    Flow Rate (m3/s) = Cross-sectional area (m2) x Float length (m)
    / Float time (s)
    Then change the unit from m3/s to liters/s by multiply by 1,000
  • Bucket Method
    • 50 liter or larger bucket
    • Stop watch
  • Suitable Site?
    20 m Head
    15 l/s Flow
    Power= 5 x Heightx Flow
    (Watts) = (meters x liters/second)
    Power = 5 x 20 m x 15 l/s
    = 1,500 Watts
    We want to use less than 50% of dry season flow.
    So, this site should be able to provide up to 750 Watts
  • Micro-hydro Power
    • 2008, Mae Wei village, Tak
    • 3 kilowatts
    • Pump-as-Turbine
  • Micro-hydro Power
    • 2009 ,
    Ta PohPu village, Tak
    • 12 kilowatts -- 2 of 6 kW
    • Pump-as-Turbine
  • Micro-hydro Power
    • 2009,KreKi village, Tak
    • 1 kilowatts
    • Pump-as-Turbine
  • Micro-hydro Video: Mae Wei Village, Feb. 2008
  • Long-termCommunity Management
    for Micro-hydro Projects
    • Electricity Committees
    • Fee Collection: Electricity used & Membership
    • Local Technicians
    • Maintenance Training
    • Periodic Check-up
  • Thai Solar Home System (SHS)
    US$ 200 million Government project, started in 2002
    290,716 households without grid connection before SHS
    188,995 SHS in all Thailand
    16,000 SHS in Tak Province
    Thai installed PV in 2003: 6 MWp
    SHS program adds 23 MWp!
    Source: Provincial Electricity Authority , May 2006
  • Solar Home System Training and Maintenance
  • Solar Home System Components
    120 Watt Solar Panel
    14” TV
    2 of 10 watt Fluorescent Lights
  • Refugee Camp Solar/Diesel Generator Hybrid Systems
    • Several refugee camps along Thai-Burma border
    • 7 Karen refugee camps
    • Over 20-year existence
    • Goal: Install solar/diesel hybrid system to power computer centers implemented by ZOA Refugee Care and provide hands-on practical knowledge in renewable energy
  • IEEE Video“Dream Job”
    Solar-Diesel GeneratorHybrid System in Refugee camp
  • Hydraulic Ram Pumping
    energy from falling water to pump water to a higher elevation
    water entering the pump generates a “water hammer” and in response a portion of the water is lifted to a higher point through a delivery pipe extending from the pump
  • How a Ram Pump Works
  • Ram pump donated by Meribah
    Website: www.meribah-ram-pump.com
  • Biogas from Animal Manure for Cooking
    Anaerobic digestion
    Food / Animal waste
    Final products: 60-70% Methane,
    28-38% Carbon dioxide,
    2% Hydrogen sulfide + Nitrogen
    + Hydrogen
    Usage: Cooking fuel, heating, electricity
    Byproduct: Fertilizer
  • Biogas from Animal Manure
  • Biogas from Animal Manure
    Based on Heifer International
  • Solar Electric Systems for Burma Clinics
    Many clinics do not have electricity
    Goal: provide systems, training on operation and maintenance
    Started in 2003
    Total of electrified 47 clinics + 2 vaccine refrigerators
  • Clinic Conditions
  • Solar Equipment & Training
  • -Galatians 6: 9-10 “Let us not become weary in doing good,for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people...”
    Tel: 055-534-464
    Mobile: 084-817-0955