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Melissa schoonmaker


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. ACSA Every Child Counts Symposium January 17, 2014
  • 2.  CDE California Department of Education  EC California Education Code  LEA Local Educational Agency  SDE State Department of Education  SPI Superintendent of Public Instruction © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 2
  • 3. Beta Site for California Legislative Information. New Laws Report now available. See New Features for more information. 1999-2008 Cumulative Statutory Record now available in Legislative Publications. See New Features for more information. A new downloadable database is now available. Welcome to the official site for California legislative information. This WWW site is maintained by the Legislative Counsel of California, pursuant to California law. For more information, you may read Accessing California Legislative Information on the Internet, refer to Frequently Asked Questions, or visit other Legislative WWW sites. For new additions to our site, see our New Features page . Daily Updates Assembly Bills Senate Bills © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 3
  • 4. Daily Updates Assembly Bills Senate Bills The full text of bills, resolutions, and constitutional amendments, and their status, history, votes, analyses, and veto messages are available. If you know the bill, select the session, and House of origin, and type the bill number to retrieve this information. To search, select the session, and House of origin, and type the keywords and/or author name(s). An Index is available which lists all bills introduced in the Assembly and Senate. SESSION (2011-2012)CURREN HOUSE BOTH Limit to: hits All Search by: (choose only one option) Bill Number of Clear Author(s) or Keyword(s) Search © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 4
  • 5. AS ASSEMBLY AMENDED IT © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 5
  • 6. © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 6
  • 7. © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 7
  • 8. Dr. Victor Thompson Director II Division of Student Support Services Bills Presented: LCAP AB 484 AB 547 AB 570 (562) 922-6233 AB 631 SB 590 AB 256 AB 449 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 8
  • 9. School Climate Student Achievement Course Access Parental Involvement Student Engagement State Priorities Implementation of Common Core Standards Basic Services Other Student Outcomes © 2013, Los Angeles County Office of Education 9
  • 10. March 31 Prior to July 1 Adoption of the LCAP template Budget/LCAP public hearing July 1 Adoption of Budget/LCAP Submit to County Office of Ed (COE) within 5 days © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education August 15 COE approves Budget/LCAP 10
  • 11. Examples of Rates  Student attendance  Chronic absenteeism  Middle school dropout  High school dropout  High school graduation Data  School Accountability Report Card  Annual School Attendance Review Board report  Health screenings  CALPADS  Single School Plan for Student Achievement © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 11
  • 12. Examples of Rates Measures  Student suspension  School Accountability  Student expulsion  Other local measures  Emergency & Crisis Response  Child Abuse  Mental Health  Bullying (AB 9)      Report Card Health screenings CALPADS Emergency drill data Child abuse reports Uniform Complaint Procedures complaints © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 12
  • 13. Pages 28-29  Replaces the STAR program with the MAPP testing program, to be fully operational in 2014-2015  During the transition, students in grades 3-8 and 11 will participate in the Smarter Balanced field test  Field tests will take place between 3/18/14—6/6/14  No scores will be produced or reported  The new assessments will be computer-based and computer adaptive © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 13
  • 14. Pages 37-38  Adds career exploration to the list of possible activities that may satisfy the academic assistance element  “Career exploration” means activities that help pupils develop the knowledge and skills that are relevant to their career interests and reinforce academic content © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 14
  • 15. Pages 40-41  Requires the governing board that permits voluntary enrollment in continuation schools to establish and adopt policies and procedures governing the identification, placement, and intake procedures, based on a finding that the voluntary placement of the pupil will promote his/her educational interests  Voluntary placement can not be used as an alternative to expulsion  No specific group of pupils is disproportionately enrolled  Policies and procedures are provided to pupils, and to their parents /legal guardians, whose voluntary transfer is under consideration  Before the transfer, the pupil and his/her parent/legal guardian may meet with a counselor, principal, or administrator from both the transferor school and the continuation school to determine if transferring is the best option for the pupil © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 15
  • 16. Page 48  Authorizes the county board of education to adopt and enforce a course of study that enhances instruction in mathematics and English language arts for pupils attending juvenile court schools, as determined by statewide assessment or objective local evaluations and assessments as approved by the county superintendent of schools.  Requires an adopted enhanced course of study to meet specified standards and be tailored to meet the needs of the individual pupil to increase the pupil’s academic literacy and reading fluency © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 16
  • 17. Pages 95-96  Requires a LEA, if it expends funds for professional development for any schoolsite staff, to consider the needs of its classified school employees to update their skills and to learn best practices in various optional areas, including:  Pupil learning and achievement  Pupil and campus safety  Special education © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 17
  • 18. Pages 15-16 Expands “electronic act” to mean the creation and transmission originated on or off the schoolsite, by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, wireless telephone, or other wireless communication device, computer, or pager, of a communication © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 18
  • 19. Pages 23-25  Requires the superintendent of a school district or county office of education, or the administrator of a charter school, to report to CTC not later than 30 days after the credential holder’s employment status changes as a result of an allegation of misconduct or while an allegation of misconduct is pending  Failure to make the report unprofessional conduct, would subject the superintendent or the administrator to adverse action by CTC for failure to make the report, and would make the refusal or willful neglect to make the report a misdemeanor © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 19
  • 20. Melissa Schoonmaker Consultant II Child Welfare & Attendance Unit (562) 922-6247 Bills Presented: AB 309 AB 643 AB 1068 AB 652 SB 177 AB 216 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 20
  • 21. Pages 18-19  Clarifies that there are no minimum age requirements for CalFresh eligibility  Adds CalFresh eligibility criteria and information regarding the eligibility of homeless children and youth to annual trainings to homeless shelter operators  Requires county welfare agencies to determine the child or youth's eligibility, and his/her ability to apply as the sole member of the household and screening the application for entitlement to expedited services © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 21
  • 22.  Requires county welfare agencies to provide written notice to an unaccompanied homeless child or youth if his/her CalFresh application is denied  Adds information about targeting expedited CalFresh services to unaccompanied homeless children and youth and requires that information to be provided to LEA homeless liaisons, homeless shelters, emergency food programs, and other community agencies that provide services to homeless people © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 22
  • 23. Page 49  Aligns the exceptions created to the FERPA by the federal Uninterrupted Scholars Act of 2013  Permits the release of pupil records to an agency caseworker or other representative of a state or local child welfare agency, or tribal organization, that has legal responsibility for the care and protection of the pupil  Specifies that records, and the personally identifiable information within, may be disclosed by that agency or organization to an individual or entity who is engaged in addressing the pupil's educational needs and is authorized by that agency or organization to receive the disclosure © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 23
  • 24. Pages 58-61  Prohibits the disclosure of directory information of a homeless child or youth unless a parent, or pupil accorded parent rights has provided written consent for such release  Permits a LEA to give access to a pupil's records to:  The pupil, if he/she is 14 years of age or older and is both a homeless child or youth and an unaccompanied youth  An individual who completes the Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 24
  • 25. Page 50  Provides that the fact that a child is homeless or is classified as an unaccompanied minor is not, in and of itself, a sufficient basis for reporting child abuse or neglect  Does not limit a mandated reporter from making a report whenever he/she has knowledge of or observes an unaccompanied minor whom the mandated reporter knows or reasonably suspects to be the victim of abuse or neglect © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 25
  • 26. Pages 78-79  Additionally provides that a homeless child or youth be immediately deemed to meet all residency requirements for participation in interscholastic sports or other extracurricular activities  CDE and the Department of Social Services are to develop policies and practices to support homeless children and youths and to ensure that child abuse and neglect reporting requirements do not create barriers to the school enrollment and attendance  Emphasizes existing federal requirements that public schools enroll homeless children and youth immediately and post public notice of educational rights © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 26
  • 27. Pages 7-11  Only the pupil and the educational rights holder may request for the exemption from local graduation requirements  A foster youth may remain in school for a 5th year if the school district determines that he/she can reasonably complete the district’s graduation requirements within the pupil’s 5th year of high school  Presentation of option  Impact on admission to postsecondary educational institutions  Transfer opportunities through the community college  Agreement with the pupil 18 years of age or older or the educational rights holder © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 27
  • 28.  Specifies that an eligible pupil shall not be required to accept the exemption or be denied enrollment in or the ability to complete courses for which he or she is otherwise eligible © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 28
  • 29. Bills Presented: Jewel Forbes Consultant II Community Health & Safe Schools Unit AB 406 AB 588 AB 2019 HR 2094 Insulin SB 528 (562) 922-6789 AB 545 SB 751 AB 549 SB 141 SB 150 SB 330 SB 458 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 29
  • 30. Pages 21-22  Provisions of WIC 18961.7 are to operate indefinitely  Authorizes counties to establish a child abuse multidisciplinary personnel team  To share confidential information in order to investigate reports of suspected child abuse or neglect  For the purpose of child welfare agencies making detention determinations  Disclosure and exchange of information can occur telephonically and electronically if there is adequate verification of the identity of the multidisciplinary personnel © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 30
  • 31. Pages 42  Provisions of EC 49475 extended to athletes attending charter and private schools that offer an athletic program  An athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in an athletic activity shall be immediately removed for the remainder of the day, and may not return to the athletic activity until  Evaluated by a licensed health care provider  Receives written clearance from the licensed health care provider  On a yearly basis, a concussion and head injury information sheet must be signed and returned by the athlete and athlete’s parent/guardian before the athlete initiates practice or competition © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 31
  • 32. Pages 66-67  Requires the letter or affidavit to document which required immunizations have been given and which have not been given on the basis that they are contrary to the parent or guardian’s or other specified person’s beliefs  The letter or affidavit is required to be accompanied by a prescribed form that includes a signed attestation from a health care practitioner that indicates that the health care practitioner provided information regarding the benefits and risks of the immunization and the health risks of specified communicable diseases  Requires the form to include a written statement that the information from the health care practitioner was received  © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 32
  • 33.  Provides incentive to encourage state laws for epinephrine at schools  CDC Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools 3135_A_Food_Allergy_Web_508.pdf © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 33
  • 34.  California Supreme Court Decision  Unlicensed school employees can volunteer to administer medications, including insulin  If physician delegates to unlicensed school employees  If parent agrees © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 34
  • 35. Pages 91-92  Protects rights of dependent minors to consent to sensitive medical care for diagnosis and treatment  Permits a social worker to  Inform a dependent over the age of 12 of his/her right to consent to and receive specific health care services  Provide dependent children with age-appropriate, medically accurate information on an ongoing basis  Authorizes child welfare agencies to provide dependents and non-minor dependents with access to resources and to social workers or resource specialists who are trained on the needs of parenting teens © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 35
  • 36. Page 36  Dependent children removed from their homes on the basis of neglect or abuse may be placed within the approved home of a nonrelative extended family member  The definition of a nonrelative extended family member is expanded to include an adult caregiver who has an established familial relationship with a relative of the child  Verification of the relationship will be established through interviews with the parent and child or others (i.e. relatives of the child, teachers, medical professionals, clergy, neighbors, and family friends) © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 36
  • 37. Pages 101-102  The Brown Act requires all meetings of the legislative body of a local agency to be open and public and prohibits the legislative body from taking action by secret ballot, whether preliminary or final  It additionally requires the legislative body to publicly report any action taken and the vote or abstention on that action of each member present for the action © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 37
  • 38. Page 39  As plans are reviewed and updated, school districts and county offices of education are encouraged to include clear guidelines for the roles of responsibilities of:  Mental health & community intervention professionals  School counselors  School resource officers & police officers on campus  Plans may include primary strategies to:  Create and maintain a positive school climate, promote school safety, and increase pupil achievement  Prioritize mental health and intervention services, restorative and transformative justice programs, and positive behavior interventions and support © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 38
  • 39. Page 75  Additionally exempts a US citizen who resides in a foreign county from paying nonresident tuition at California Community Colleges and State Universities, if the student meets all the following requirements:  Demonstrates a financial need  Has a parent who has been deported or was permitted to depart voluntarily and moved abroad as a result  Lived in CA immediately before moving abroad and attended a public or private secondary school in CA for 3 or more years  Upon enrollment, it will be his/her first academic year in higher education, will be living in CA, and will file an affidavit stating intent to establish residency as soon as possible © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 39
  • 40. Page 77 Authorizes a community college district to exempt a pupil attending a community college as a special parttime student from paying nonresident tuition at the community college. © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 40
  • 41. Pages 83-84  Requires the Instructional Quality Commission to consider developing, and recommending for adoption by the state board, a distinct category on mental health instruction to educate pupils about all aspects of mental health  Requires the Commission to ensure that one or more experts in the mental health and educational field provides input in the development of the mental health instruction © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 41
  • 42. Pages 89-90  Requires, prior to a local law enforcement agency designating, or submitting a document to the Attorney General’s office for the purpose of designating, a person as a gang member, associate, or affiliate in a shared gang database, to provide written notice to the person and his/her parent or guardian of the designation and the basis for the designation if the person is under 18 years of age  Authorizes the person or his/her parent or guardian to submit written documentation contesting the designation and requires the local law enforcement agency to provide written verification of its decision within 60 day © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 42
  • 43. Tom Steele Consultant II Community Health & Safe Schools Unit Bills Presented: AB 20 AB1121 AB1266 AB 514 (562) 922-6377 SB 145 SB 255 SB 326 AB 499 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 43
  • 44. Pages 2-3 Provides that a person convicted of a violation of specified offenses relating to obscene matter involving minors, in which the violation is committed on, or via, a government-owned computer or via a government-owned computer network will also be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,000 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 44
  • 45. Page 63  If a petition for a change of name is sought to conform the petitioner’s name to his/her gender identity, and no timely objection is filed, the court is required to grant the petition without a hearing  The action for a change of name is exempt from newspaper publication requirements, and, at the request of the petitioner, the petition and court order shall indicated the proposed name is confidential instead of reciting the name  The current legal name of the petitioner shall be kept confidential by the court and not published in any court records or public forum or media  Requires the State Registrar to issue a new birth certificate reflecting a change of sex without a court order for any person born in CA who has undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition and submits a signed affidavit from the licensed physician © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 45
  • 46. Page 65 Requires a pupil be permitted to participate in sexsegregated school programs, activities, and facilities including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his/her gender identity, regardless of the gender listed on the pupil's records Guidelines Definition Resources © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 46
  • 47. Page 35  Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to post on the State Department of Education’s Internet Web site a list of statewide resources for youth affected by gangs, gun violence, and psychological trauma  This is in addition to resources to support youth who have been subjected to school-based discrimination, harassment, or bullying, and their families © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 47
  • 48. Page 76  It is a misdemeanor or a felony to distribute or exhibit harmful matter to a minor  Changes from “knowledge that another person is a minor” to “person who knows, should have know, or believes that another person is a minor” © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 48
  • 49. Page 80  It is a misdemeanor for any person who photographs or records by any means the image of the intimate body part of another identifiable person where the parties agree or understand that the image shall remain private, and the person subsequently distributes the image taken  With the intent to cause serious emotional distress  The depicted person suffers serious emotional distress © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 49
  • 50. Page 82  A registered sex offender who is not a family member of a pupil, may be granted permission to come upon the school grounds to volunteer at the school  Requires written permission to indicate the date or date range and time for which permission is granted  At least 14 days prior, the parent or guardian of each child attending the school must be notified of the permission © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 50
  • 51. Pages 30-34  Extends the maximum duration period for injunctions against harassment from 3 to 5 years  Upon request of a party, it may be renewed for a duration of not more than 5 additional years, without showing of any further harassment  If the injunction order does not expressly state an expiration date, the order will default to a 3-year period  Effective July 1, 2014 © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 51
  • 52. © 2014, Los Angeles County Office of Education 52