2007 EBU Training VRT integrated newsroom project


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2007 EBU Training VRT integrated newsroom project

  1. 1. Transformation of news production Brigitte Vermeersch Didier Brackenier VRT Programme Management News
  2. 2. Agenda Vision Major h ll M j challenges Fundamental pillars of our approach Lessons learned 2
  3. 3. Vision bring a cross-media offer for News & Sports cope with changes in lifestyle and media p g y consumer needs… – more live content – on demand – everywhere – cross-medium cross medium – focused / specialized – differentiation 3
  4. 4. Major challenges (1) Implementation of digital platform News Room Computer System (NRCS) Avid Polopoly Dira (TV) (Online) (Radio) Storage & Media Management Workflow - working together in a digitized world 4
  5. 5. Major challenges (2) Newsfloor and spaceplanning Organisational changes 3 divisions 1 newsfloor working separately g gathering together g g differentiated broadcasting Small broadcasting units per channel News TV News Radio News News Gathering & Production Online 5
  6. 6. Approach What do we do differently ? Transformation p y We’ve spent substantial effort in 2 key areas : management – transformation management Learning & change – learning and change Training Processes & Organisation … without forgetting of course traditional forgetting, course, tracks such as organisation, processes, training, technology, facilities, ….. Technology Facilities 6
  7. 7. Approach What do we do differently ? The complete transformation program has been defined in terms of Transformation subsequent waves of change we wanted to realize management This resulted in subsequent organisational releases; each time, the Learning & change scope of these releases was based on th change we wanted t f th l b d the h t d to Training implement, and not on the technology solutions available at that time! Processes & Organisation Each of the subsequent was required specific alignment and focus activities such as dialogue sessions, scope reduction, … g Technology Build an internal transformation team : use external expertise, don’t Facilities rely on external manpower Q3-2005 Q4-2005 Q1-2006 Q2-2006 Q3-2006 Q4-2006 Q1-2007 Q2-2007 Q3-2007 Q4-2007 Q1-2008 Q2-2008 Get people familiar with Create willingness Additional output Additional Increase waves video digitization through to work together and efficiency through workflow flexibility Internal transformation team of « isolated » pilot project common newsfloor and and change digital platform g p efficiencyy R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 releases News Gathering Teams Common NRCS Relocation and Go-live Browse P2 / Avid / Transmission for all media Go-live News Sports editing t Strategic Alignment Alignment Organisational Chief Editors Business-Technology Alignment within VRT alignment and focus Validate Stripping 7 Transformation releases Technology Platform
  8. 8. Approach What do we do differently ? Transformation management We’ve started from « in-depth » analysis of all target groups … with respect to the change we wanted to realize Learning & Learning & g change change The story-line should be the same for everyone, however : Training – the way to bring it depends on the target audience Processes & Organisation – it is important to communicate through the hierarchal line Guts instead of brains : do not communicate conclusions, Technology trigger people on different levels in the organisation to make the same conclusions (learning sessions) Facilities Assure that your people in a couple of hours understand the reasons why, and are able to define the same conclusions (even if it took months/years to define them within the team) Test your communication, learning, … material 8
  9. 9. Approach What do we do differently ? Q3-2005 Q4-2005 Q1-2006 Q2-2006 Q3-2006 Q4-2006 Q1-2007 Q2-2007 Q3-2007 Transformation management R1 R2 R3 News Gathering Teams Common NRCS Relocation and Learning & g Learning & g P2 / Avid / Transmission for all media Go live Go-live News change change Vision Training Program book Awareness Processes & Organisation New newsfloor Technology Facilities HOOFD_ BUITENLAND REDACTIE BINNENLAND KOPPEN TV SET NIEUWS- INTAKE MEMA RADIOSTUDIO SPORT 9
  10. 10. Approach What do we do differently ? Transformation management During Strategic Alignment : 3 Chief Editors Learning & g Learning & g change change Training Chief Editors Project Team : 12 people Processes & Project Team Organisation Extended Project Team : 60 Extension people Technology Project Team – key players were assigned as project leaders on subtracks – a sounding board with existing line Facilities management was established in g order to communicate and integrate Everyone change on the floor Since then, monthly (1-way) communication sessions were organized Later, we established real interaction d i Vi i i t ti during Vision Sessions 10
  11. 11. Lessons learned 1. Get new line management earlier on board and let them play a key role in the dry-run and migration period 2. Clearly explain relevant changes as introduction in every training, linking the training to the vision 3. Simplify digital platform even more and make it userfriendly 4. Monitor progress and quantify results 5. Spend ti 5 S d time on realistic d li ti dry-runs t validate organisation, processes to lid t i ti and technological platform in practice 6. Stabilize d do t ll 6 St bili and d not allow new thi things d i 6 months after go-live ! during th ft li 11
  12. 12. Conclusion If you only remember three things … Step by step approach Transparency p y Involvement & commitment 12
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