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Online marketing is essential to grow your business, but where do you start?


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EBS Digital - Digital Marketing Agency

  1. 1. We love growing businesses, yours and ours, through digital marketing
  2. 2. You have a beautiful website - but can your ideal visitors find it? Should your business be in the internet wilderness? Or in front of your ideal clients?
  3. 3. A lot of businesses just don’t have the time, expertise or strategy they need to make digital marketing work for them. A well executed digital strategy can influence the rate of growth of a business and its ability to exit well. In the same way you tend to trust your legal work to experts in the law, our online marketing teams have experience and specialised experience across each individual area of digital marketing. The results? Brand visibility, increased visits from your ideal clients, and a core metric that proves your position in the marketplace. Online marketing is essential to grow your business, but where do you start?
  4. 4. What makes us different from any other digital agency... We take the time to walk you through an entire 7 step consultation that will help you: Define Your Ideal Client How You Can Get There... Understand Their Decision-Making Choose a Niche Market Innovate Your Business Craft a Compelling Elevator Pitch Improve Your Sales Process Convert with Persuasion Marketing Why do we do this? So that when you start receiving substantial extra site traffic from our SEO efforts, you’ll be attracting, retaining and converting many more of your visitors than before . Because your online marketing spend should be an investment - not a cost
  5. 5. • You’ll join over 2000 businesses that increased traffic and revenue after being placed on page 1 of Google by our team • You’ll be working with an official Google Agency partner and YouTube partner • Founder Hanan Kattan is an industry expert and an online marketing author • You’ll track your progress 24/7 with the coolest dashboard on the planet (pictured) Who are we and why should you consider partnering with us?
  6. 6. Just a few of our clients... Logo Development & Promotional Film Creation Search Engine Optimisation PPC Management Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation Web Development
  7. 7. Our industry partnerships EBS Digital is an official Google Agency We have a YouTube partnership Dedicated Account Executive at Twitter Partners with Facebook ‘Start to Success’ program
  8. 8. And isn’t it perfect to have one place to go for everything? Our team has specialists in every digital field Specialisation What We Do How It Helps You Search Engine Optimisation Thousands of your ideal clients are already searching for you every day. We’ll help them find you. More ideal leads, more sales, more revenue. Social Media Marketing From posting to building Facebook apps, we have experts in all social media platforms. Increases your leads and your customer’s engagement. Web Design and Development Whether your site needs an overhaul, a new e- commerce store, or compelling calls to action, we’ll do it. Fresh pages and content are part of your marketing in today’s world. Reputation Management - Personal & Business When people search for you or check your company online before a meeting, what do they find on page 1 of Google? Proactively ensuring that internet search results reflect your vision ensures your online reputation opens doors for you Mobile App Development Our team’s apps sit on Android and iTunes store platforms. Making your site easy and fun to access on a mobile targets your fastest-growing market. Brand Creation We learn your business inside out to create a brand message that hits your target. Your brand should send a unique message. Apple made sure we all ‘Think Different’. Customised Software We work in a range of programming languages to provide a product good enough to license. Custom software should make your business run more smoothly, and save money long term.
  9. 9. What our clients say ‘The members-only site has had a dramatic impact on the quality of our marketing. The results have been great for our business. To get it free with SEO services is incredible value.’ Sue James, Robin James Builders Ltd ‘The team is highly motivated and focused. The responses to questions were quick and they have completed the tasks as scheduled. We believe that SEO has been the most cost- effective way to spend our marketing budget.’ Bharat Pindoria, easylawyers.co.uk ‘They are very punctual with deadlines. And always speedy with responses. A very good partner.’ Joe Boutros, Ayla Aviation ‘It’s not as easy as setting up e- retail store and letting it do the work for you. If one is to keep ahead of the competition and up to date with e-commerce then Hanan’s advice is invaluable.’ Jessica Barkley, Jessica Barkley Designs ‘EBS Digital helped us target people who wanted our products and made sure they found us. EBS are thorough, thoughtful and excellent. I can’t recommend them enough.’ Lisa, Movie Sales Ltd, UK ‘In a short campaign the results were very impressive, with important keywords moving up the rankings within the first month!  EBS ensured the smooth running of the campaign and reported back in a clear and efficient manner.' Claire Wilson, Send a Thought ‘As an owner of a small B2B business in San Diego, I was looking for help with my online marketing in an easily actionable format. EBS achieved this and more.’ Susan Coll, Innovive Inc
  10. 10. Case Studies Case Study 1 A gift e-tailer contacted us because they wanted to grow their online sales to a level where they could sell the company. Another of our clients - a cosmetics company - recommended us. After looking at her company and competition, we were able to help pinpoint her ideal clients, and we implemented SEO activity early this year. The traffic to her site increased by 20% during the first 5 months and she reached the first page of Google for 60% of her keywords within 4 months time. Within 6 months, her sales increased enough that she got the offer she wanted to sell the company, which she accepted. Case Study 2 An online and high street retail store selling high end women’s wear called us because retail sales were dropping, and they wanted to focus on building their online sales. They already had an online store on their site, but it wasn’t doing well and they weren’t sure how to get more targeted visitors to come to it. They’d been working for a year with another online marketing company, but weren’t getting the results they wanted. After helping them identify their ideal clients, we increased their traffic and conversion to sales. The previous company had optimized 10 keywords, and only 2 of them had any ranking. Within 6 months with EBS, their online revenue went up by 15%. EBS HELPS ONLINE RETAILER INCREASE TRAFFIC AND SALES 20% in 5 MONTHS EBS CREATES £60,000 REVENUE INCREASE FOR ONLINE RETAILER
  11. 11. How to Find Us +44 (0)20 8546 8819 Email: advice@ebsdigital.com Telephone: EBS Digital Warwick Lodge 73 Old London Road Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey KT2 6ND http://www.ebsdigital.com