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Public Libraries for Public Health - Health Corners - EAHIL 2012
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Public Libraries for Public Health - Health Corners - EAHIL 2012


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Health corners in Slovene public libraries: results of the pilot projectWe would like to report on the promising results of the pilot project “PublicLibraries for Public Health” which finished with establishment “health corners” intwo public libraries in Slovenia: Public Library Oton Župančič and Public LibraryMirana Jarca, Novo mesto. “Health Corner” in public libraries offers a new and moresystematic approach to providing better health information service to the users. Theirneeds are met successfully by a collection of trustful consumer health resources andoccasional help from librarians or health professionals trained in informationsearching and information delivery.“Health corners” started to operate in 2012. They are equipped by a table, a chair, acomputer and some health related material as can be seen from the enclosed photos.Libraries promoted “health corners” with printed brochures and releases on the libraryportal. A health professional has started work in corners two hours a week in order tohelp users locate the appropriate information resources for their problems.Starting a new task is always a challenge. It was difficult to attract people who needhelp in finding health information. Users usually do not pay attention to noticeson the walls or brochures because they are focused on their specific needs anddo not expect such a service in the library. However, users who have discovered“the health corners “and discussed their needs for health information with atrained librarian or the health professional were very satisfied. Users seemed tofind very useful information which can be accessed on the at portals NIH, NHS,MedlinePlus, EMA etc. because they have difficulties in finding quality andreliable information by their own. They were pleasantly surprised when theylearned that the health information resources are available in Slovenianlanguage on the Central Medical Library portal in the collection Health for All plan to continue with the training courses on searching for healthinformation, where we want to attract more public librarians and healthprofessionals.Anamarija Rožić, Central Medical Library, University of Ljubljana, SloveniaVilenka Jakac-Bizjak, Public Library Oton Župančič, City Library Ljubljana,SloveniaAndreja Moškon, Public Library Mirana Jarca, Novo mesto, SloveniaNada Tržan-Herman, Co-ordinator of a project
  • 2. 1.Public library -Mestna knjižnica LjubljanaHealth corner:
  • 3. 2.Public library -Knjižnica Mirana Jarca, Novo mestoHealth corner: