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2013 Submissions for the E3 Network Annual Best of International Awards. Showcases work presented by member agencies in public relations, branding, marketing communications, advertising, digital and social media.

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Best of International Award Cases 2013 | E3 Agency Network

  1. 1. Marketing Communications, Advertising, Public Relations WorkBest of International CasesINTERNATIONAL CASESBOI Awards 2013
  2. 2. AUPARK SHOPPING CENTERS“FILM FUN"_x000B_ WITH KAREL ZEMAN MUSEUMC&COM ADVERTISINGCZECH REPUBLICObjectives• To build attractiveness ofAupark shopping centerswith main focus on families• To increase number ofcustomers Sales support toincrease spending• Aupark Shopping Centers:• Bratislava: February 15-28• Kosice: March 3-13Customer information• Chain of shopping and entertainment complexes in Slovakia andCzech Republic offering fashion merchandise, sports gear, interiordesign accessories, electronics and variety of services• The first AUPARK shopping center was opened in Bratislava in 2001(44,000 m2)• 2013:• Slovakia - 5 centers• Czech Republic - 3 centersInternational campaign in: Czech RepublicMarket: Retail Centers
  3. 3. Our idea / approach• The travelling exhibition of Karel Zeman Museum called "FILM FUN"presents film maker„s most famous film techniques• Playfulness exhibition will appeal to everyone across all generationsof all ages - from families with children to film fans• The exhibition complement the simple and clear instructions how totrick works and how each can quickly get himself his unique record• To try special-effect techniques that Zeman used in his filmsResults• Increase of sales turnover in both shopping centers• Altogether the event has met a great success with visitors as well aswith media proved by 10,000 pictures• Amount of video recordings placed on internet by visitors themselveswith Aupark shopping centre logo• PR articles (Magazines, Internet, FB)Expertise: Events
  4. 4. MASS MEDICAL SOCIETYNEJM GROUP BRAND CAMPAIGNALOFTUSAObjectivesAloft Group set out to createa campaign that spoke toNEJM Groups global reachas:1. the trusted, Gold Standardin medical and publishingproducts,2. the industry leader with arich, 200 year history,3. innovators in advancingresearch, practice andimproving care,4. a connecting force forresearchers and clinicians tofurther medical innovationand outcomes.Customer informationNEJM Group is the umbrella brand which houses a growing portfolio ofgold standard medical and publishing products and services, includingthe 200 year old New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM JournalWatch.Worldwide, NEJM Group is a trusted voice in the research and medicalcommunity and through our commitment to connecting researchersand clinicians, we serve as a catalyst in furthering medical innovationand ultimately improving patient outcomes.International campaign in: Canada, China, Great Britain, USAMarket: Healthcare/Medical
  5. 5. Our idea / approachTo create an inclusive brand campaign that engaged internal andexternal audiences from its development through its launch.We started with a series of internal employee discovery sessions toidentify what being a part of NEJM Group meant to members of theorganization and how they visually identified with the group.Using hundred of pages of information and insights harvested fromthese discovery sessions, we set out to create a campaign unlike anyseen before within healthcare.ResultsWith 5 pieces of commissioned artwork, NEJM Group told a thousandstories. Using the collage technique of artist, Derek Gores, thecampaign used unique pieces of art, each of which was made up ofhundreds of images and content from NEJM Groups 200 year history.The campaign speaks to the inclusive nature of the group and theconnections it creates.Expertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Interactive Design, Marketing Concepts, Online Marketing & SEO,PR Communication, Social Media
  6. 6. VODAFONEVOICE OF THE LEADERBASE ONEGREAT BRITAINObjectivesTo challenge how PublicSector decision makers seeVodafone‟s role andcapabilities:- increase awareness of therole Vodafone can play inimproving the efficiency andeffectiveness of PublicSector- raise understanding ofVodafone‟s PSN-approvedcapabilities (with a focus onCentral Govt, Local,Healthcare and Police)- initiate new conversationswith Public Sector decisionmakersCustomer informationVodafone is best known as the UKs largest mobile telephony provider,but it aims to position itself as unified communications provider –supported by its merger with Cable & Wireless Worldwide, thuscreating an integrated fixed/mobile network.The UK Public Sector is a key market, which is undergoing significantchange: the Govt is implementing the PSN, a standardised approachto procuring IT services, and the sector is also under pressure to cutcosts.International campaign in: Great BritainMarket: Consultancy
  7. 7. Our idea / approachOur idea was based on insight that Public Sector decision makers arehighly interested in what their peers are doing. There is a lot ofcompetition/comparison between public sector organisations, whoshare many common problems.We therefore developed a content-led campaign which showcased theleaders themselves. We used media partnerships and email nurturingto promote and distribute videos, infographics andwhitepapers, featuring Vodafone customers who were public sectorleaders. This content attracted other Public Sector decisionmakers, because they wanted to know what were their keychallenges, and how they were solving them.ResultsTotal of 2835 hours of thought leadership engagementExceeded targets: for example, one key measured objective was for6,800 page views of Public Sector partner site by end of April 2013. Infact, by end of March we already had 10,542.Also generated 9 leads with an estimated value of £1 millionNet Promoter Score increased by 6 pointsExpertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Interactive Design, Online Marketing & SEO, PR Communication,Video Production
  8. 8. PUBLISHING TECHNOLOGIESREBRANDINGALOFTUSAObjectivesDrawing on our considerablepublishing industryexperience, we approachedthe challenge from theground up, beginning withmessaging workshops andbrand perception sessionsthat resulted in a new brandarchitecture. A brand biblewas created, as well as newmessaging and customphotography that illustratesPublishing Technology‟svision of moving beyondtraditional digital publishing.Customer InformationPublishing Technology is the world‟s leading provider of content andaudience development systems, and content-delivery solutions,serving more than 400 trade and scholarly publishers around theworld.They offer the industrys only full-spectrum of solutions, that coupledwith their unmatched publishing knowledge, elevates the performanceof thier clients businesses.International campaign in: Canada, Germany, Great Britain, USAMarket: Publishing
  9. 9. Our Idea / ApproachWhen Publishing Technology decided that a complete brand refreshwas in order to better reflect the powerful solutions they offer, theyasked us to help them develop a new identity that would differentiatethem from the competition.Upon immersing ourselves in the Publishing Technology world, itbecame clear that the organization also needed help in aligning theproducts and services in an easier-to-understand manner, ultimatelymaking the brand positioning clearer to potential clients.Results"...I wanted to let you know that the branding, etc was anoverwhelming success at Frankfurt. It made the team there soproud, and we got countless comments about it. I really cannotexpress what an impact it had. I knew it was going to all cometogether, but I really had no idea it was going to have that level ofeffect!." Doug Wright, Publishing TechnologyExpertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Interactive Design, Marketing Concepts, Online Marketing & SEO,PR Communication, Social Media
  10. 10. PAPYRUSFOCUSART – FOR YOUR BIG PERFORMANCESCHINDLER PARENTGERMANYObjectivesBuilding awareness andgenerate attention topublishers in 5 differentcountries. As FocusArt paperis perfect for hotels, fashion,museums, theaters, galleriesor opera houses, we createdstories on "stage" givinginsight of how niceperformances could looklike.About PapyrusPapyrus is the leader when it comes to the graphic paper wholesale,with an excellent service, supported by an efficient logistic andpioneering e-commerce solution. The target groups are the printingand communications industry, retailers and bulk consumers in theindustry and the authorities.International campaign in: GermanyMarket:
  11. 11. Our idea / approachFocusArt is a highly specialised paper made for a very specificpurpose. FocusArt is dedicated to books and brochures with sensualityas well as a tactile and visual experience. It is available in two shades -Natural and Cream. The smooth surface of FocusArt ensures qualityreproduction of high-resolution images. Because it is matt, it providesexcellent readability without disturbing light reflection.So, why not taking the advantages of the paper and turn them into astage for big performances?ResultsThe result is a masterpiece consisting of mailing, microsite and samplebook. Every piece, produced in 5 different languages for 5 differentcountries.Expertise: Branding/Design
  12. 12. DSM (LIFESDHA)SUPERKIDSADSMITHCHINAObjectivesDSM wanted to createawareness in the Chinamarket for life‟sDHA. Anotherkey focus for the marketingcampaign would be on theOxford DOLAB Study, whichshowed a benefit inchildren‟s brain health withthe consumption oflife‟sDHA. It would also bethe first time that the OxfordDOLAB Study results wouldbe released to the Chineseconsumer media.Customer informationWith more than 23,500 employees and global sales revenuesexceeding 9.1 billion EUR, Dutch multinational DSM is the world‟slargest producer of vitamins. DSM is also a global science-basedcompany active in health, nutrition, and materials. life‟sDHA (asuccessful brand under DSM) is a fish-free and sustainable source ofDocosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is also a prime source of omega-3s to feed the brain, heart, and eyes.International campaign in: ChinaMarket: Consultancy
  13. 13. Our idea / approachThe BIG IDEA: SuperkidsMessage: life‟sDHA products help children to become smarter. Thiswas part of an overall approach to brain health that includes: “beingsocial”, “keeping active”, and “challenging the minds of children”.The strategic key elements-Arranged media event to create awareness about life‟sDHA amongconsumers-Launched a campaign website to engage consumers &prompt a call to action -Initiated PR + ePR campaign to: a. educateconsumers about brain health, b. create interest in life‟sDHA products,& c. drive traffic to websiteResults104 journalists from all over China attended the Aug. 7th media eventin Shanghai. In addition, the event generated 8.6 million mediaimpressions within the first week. Furthermore, the PR campaign alsomanaged to generate extensive media coverage (97 media clippings).The online contest also resulted in 149,648 visitors voting for theirfavorite SUPERKID.Expertise: Events, PR Communication, Social Media
  14. 14. TELEFÓNICA AND MOBILE WORLD CAPITALMOBILE WORLD CENTRE BARCELONAIGRIEGASPAINThe briefCreate a 360 º campaign tomake public that Telefónicaand the Mobile World Capitalinaugurated the MobileWorld Centre.Customer informationBarcelona is named as Mobile World Capital. Telefónica and theMobile World Capital came together to build the Mobile World Centre:a museum that explains the mobile impact on societies around theworld.International campaign in: SpainMarket: Telecommunications
  15. 15. Our idea / approachWe invited all the people around the world to join us in the biggestwelcome that had ever been made. To increase the participation, 3.5meters high smartphones were built and placed in the most importantshopping centers of Barcelona. These giant smartphone replicas wereconnected to the Website Welcomemobile and Twitter, so everybodywas able to send their welcome and see it on the giant mobile screens.Results• 600 influencers on TW, FB and blogs mention the opening• There were 4000 Tweets #welcomemobile• 55 celebrities recorded their own welcome videos• 57,000 Welcomes were registered in the Website• It generated more than 5 million impacts on Internet• We receached 85% of Barcelona‟s citizens with outdoorscommunicatio.• And a ROI in press of over 3.800.000 euros•Expertise: Events, Online Marketing & SEO
  16. 16. NUTREXPA#NOCHESCOLACAOIGRIEGASPAINThe briefReach the adult target withcommunication inunconventional mediawithout/ overcoming thehistorical strategiccommunication line.Customer informationColacao is a soluble cocoa powder ready to mix with milk that gives achocolate flavor to it. Colacao is an historic market-leader brand thathas always been addressed to children.International campaign in: SpainMarket: Food & Beverages
  17. 17. Our idea / approachThanks to the unique "Spider Web Research" Igriega‟s tool wedetected an idea that already existed in the consumers mind:#nochescolacao (#colacaonights) as nights of relaxation, friendship,sharing, conspiracy, sofa, ...This idea was communicated through the social networks: Twitter andFacebook and also using football world celebrities. Thanks to thesocial networks we could segment our target.ResultsOver 2 million hits per influencers, with a total of 434 466 followers,trending topic on twitter.On Facebook: 3,046 people spoke of this, Total views: 9612971.Great impact on press media and televisionExpertise: Social Media
  18. 18. NATURA IMB HOTELS GROUPH2OTEL - THE POWER OF THE PRMEDIA CONSULTINGPORTUGALObjectivesDue to its location, far awayfrom major cities and in themiddle of the mountains, andalso the strong competitionof 4/5 stars hotels ourchallange was to bring newclients! Not only on theweekends but also duringweekdays. Not only familiesbut also MICE.Medical SPA HotelThis hotel is located in Unhais da Serra, a village tucked away in Serrada Estrela Natural Park, Portugal. It features a large landscaped pool,and specializes in spa and health treatments. H2otel Congress &Medical SPA is situated more than 300 Kilometers from Lisbon andalso 300 kilometers from Oporto. Its a 4 stars hotel.International campaign in: PortugalMarket: Travel and Tourism
  19. 19. Our idea / approachWith low budget, our strategy was working hard in PR with differentapproaches to the main target. We engaged the different types ofmedia such as health, beauty, travel and lifestyle with not only pressreleases but also with press tours, special press kits, etc. At the softopening of the hotel, we invited an important tv brands show tocelebrate its 5th anniversary. This big event brought to the hotel someof the most important marketers and CEOs of the major companies inPortugal. Another action was Taxi Advertising. Taxi Driver offered flyerswith promotional rates night. Also the creation and maintance of thefacebook fan pageResults and NumbersDespite the weaknesses and the economic crisis that has developed inPortugal, we recorded very high occupancy rates.Journalist that made the coverage: 54Clipping: 112 NewsFacebook fans: 16.000Taxi Advertising: 100 Taxi during 15 days in LisbonOccupancy rate: 90%Expertise: Creativity, Events, PR Communication
  20. 20. LAABMAYRCOPORATE IDENTITYSPS-MARKETINGAUSTRIAObjectivesAfter more than 20 years ofuse, the brand identity ofLaabmayr was no longer upto date nor did it reflect thecompany‟s services anymore. SPS MARKETING re-oriented the brand in aworkshop, developed aservice adequate corporateidentity including the claim“tunnel expert engineering”,and implemented allmeasures in print/electronicchannels.Customer informationLaabmayr, headquartered in Salzburg (Austria), is an independentengineering consultant specialized in the planning and realization oftunnel projects and underground openings of all sizes and in allenvironments. With a unique engineering know-how and the passionthat they bring to every project, the engineers at Laabmayr give theirclients the greatest possible reliability. Thats tunnel expertengineering.International campaign in: AustriaMarket: Corporate identity
  21. 21. Our idea / approachTunnel projects are lengthy and costly. No one knows the subjectbetter. No one has deeper insights in a tunnel project. And no one ismore involved then the people working at Laabmayr. The newlydeveloped slogan puts it in a nutshell and gives evidence ofinternational reputation: tunnel expert engineering.ResultsHighly motivated teamLaabmayr occupies the position of an expert and technology leader onthe world marketExpertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Interactive Design
  22. 22. MAGNAALL ABOUT EFFICIENCYSPS-MARKETINGAUSTRIAObjectivesThe integratedcommunication concept is asubstantial contribution topositioning Magna as asystem solutions provider inthe commercial vehiclemarket and launching theworld premiere of Magna‟slightweight solutions in afascinating way. Theinteractive systems are themost important tools toachieve the goals.Customer informationMagna is the most diversified automotive supplier in the world. Thegroup of companies has 313 manufacturing operations and 88 productdevelopment, engineering and sales centers in 29 countries on fivecontinents. In 2012 MAGNA generated sales of $30.8 billion USD.International campaign in: Austria, GermanyMarket: Automotive manufacturing
  23. 23. Our idea / approachThe advanced technology to meet the demands of the commercialvehicle market cannot be explained in a few words. Showing parts issimply not enough to fascinate trade show visitors. The big idea is toprovide a “deep insight”. We give trade show visitors the chance toexperience the full spectrum of Magna‟s benefits, with the interactivetools “HyDem ECOS Show Truck” und “Lightweight FramePresentation”. The trade show visitors can interact actively with theBrand Land Magna. At the same time, effective marketing tools togenerate high quality leads are available to the sales team.ResultsSuccessful appearance at the tech show with a high visitor frequencyand good technical discussionsEffective tools for generating high quality leadsMagna was successfully positioned as system solutions provider onthe commercial vehicle marketExpertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Events, HR Communication, Interactive Design, MarketingConcepts, Online Marketing & SEO, Programming & App Development, Trade Fairs, Video Production
  24. 24. YARA FINLAND OYGRASS PRIX 2012RECOMMENDEDFINLANDObjectivesYara Finland decided to starta grassland harvestcompetition in order to raiseawareness on the benefits offertilization.What they asked from usMake the harvestcompetition appealing forfarmers to participate andfollow.Use the competition to raiseawareness on grasslandfertilization.Market leader worried about grasslandYara Finland is a leading manufacturer of fertilizers for agriculture andfood production. They have had nearly monopoly, but recent yearshave brought competitors to farming segment.The harvest levels of grassland are quite low in Finland. This is partly aresult of poor knowledge about results and profitability of fertilizationamong farmers.International campaign in: FinlandMarket: Consultancy
  25. 25. The Big Idea - Yara Grass Prix 2012F1 came hot again at 2012 because of F1 champion Kimi Räikkönenscomeback. A top harvest with grassland requires good team,knowledge about always changing weather conditions and a clearstrategy - the comparison to F1 is justified.The strategy was to get the farmers to build a winning team, grow a topharvest and win a trip to Paris. The communication during thecompetition concentrated on keeping the interest high.• Grass Prix 2012 Name and Design• Online banners• Print ads• Web site• Team shirts• Field windersSuccessful campaign in all levelsYara Finland is very happy with the campaign.• More sign-ups for the competition than we could take in!• The market share at segment raised• The sales of multi-nutrient fertilizers raised• The sales of YaraVita leaf fertilizer more than doubled• Invitations to lecture about grassland fertilizationExpertise: Branding/Design, Creativity, Marketing Concepts
  26. 26. METSÄ FIBRECORPORATE VIDEORECOMMENDEDFINLANDObjectivesMetsä Fibre commissionedRecommended Finland tocreate a short video to begina mill visit. The customerwanted to:• briefly introduce thecompany and their business• convey their values andenvironmental approach• support their positiveemployer imageCustomer informationMetsä Fibre is a leading manufacturer of softwood pulp for paper,tissue and board. They have four pulp mills in Finland.As part of their social responsibility and public relations, Metsä Fibrearranges frequent opportunities for stakeholders to visit their mills.Potential visitors are from all professions, social groups and ages. Thisincludes pensioners, students on field trips, local inhabitants and otherinterest groups excluding customers.International campaign in: FinlandMarket: Paper products
  27. 27. Easy and excitingPulp making is serious business, but that doesn‟t mean it can‟t beinteresting, educational and entertaining.Because the videos target audience is not business people, our firstpriority was to talk like normal people do.How did we accomplish this?• By dropping the typical business jargon• By scaling the enormous quantities in pulp making to moreunderstandable level• By using visual cues and reminders• By revealing surprising facts about Metsä Fibre and pulp makingWe created English, Finnish and Chinese language versions of thevideo. See the video at quality resultsIn 2012, Metsä Fibre won the Excellence Finland quality award withthe highest ever total score.The mill visit video was an integral part of Metsä Fibre‟s continuousquality development portfolio. And it was also shown at the awardsceremony when Laatukeskus Excellence Finland presented them withthe grand prize.Expertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Interactive Design, Marketing Concepts
  28. 28. CARSTEN WILLERS CONSULTINGLAVALINOSANDER WERBUNGGERMANYObjectivesThe product is designed as amarket opener. Its very solid,elegantly built andconstructed according toEN1717-water protection.Refittable to existingceramics. Much cheaperthan other products in thefield. With € 249 compared toluxury products from over€1.500. The goal of outmarket lounge ist tointroduce the product and tofind partners. Kick of at ISHMarch 2013, Frankfurt.Customer informationOur client works in the sanitary market, developing concepts andproducts for bathrooms and kitchens around the issue of watersupply. They have developed a shower toilett/washlet. A basic showertoilett build in high quality for a cheap market entering price (+/- € 250).The market range is strong in Japan, with 70% market share againstonly 30% for classical toiletts. In Germany just 2-3%, Europe a bitmore but far under the bench of the Japanese market.International campaign in: GermanyMarket: Industrial manufacturing
  29. 29. Our idea / approachPeople in our country do not like to deal with their toilet behavior. Youtake what you have learned - Wipe with paper. If you want to be cleanotherwise, you brush yourself off with paper – no! You use water... Sofirst a modern sympathic brand. Then a few memorable clearstatements on the subject. The operation is easiest to show a 3Danimation and the product itself. Some handy giveaways and the basicinformation on the internet. Since the budget is small, a small standthat still attracts people. And of course, the appropriate short-terminvitation to the well-known players in the market.ResultsThe ISH was a great success. The booth was well attended by theinternational audience. Over 200 leads were generated at the booth.Since the kick of at ISH there are several sales oriented meetingsweak by weak. (Italien product designers thought Lavalino is a welldesigned italien brand ;-)Expertise: Branding/Design, Marketing Concepts
  30. 30. BASFLEAD GENERATION STRATEGY / INTRODUCING A QUALITY LABELBBCBELGIUMMarketing objectives1. Develop a strong anddistinctive story thathighlights BASF Coatingscore values, strenghts andadded value2. Build a strongerrelationship withstakeholders3. Focus on the total solution4. Show customersatisfaction5. Introduce brand newquality label to body shopsCustomer informationThe BASF Group Coatings Division develops, produces and markets ahigh-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotiverefinishes, industrial coatings and decorative paints.Some 5 years ago DuPont Refinish entered the Belgian Market. Itprovides professional body shops around the world with unique,innovative paint systems. Their local business solutions increasecustomer productivity and offer improvements from the reception areato delivery of the repaired vehicle.BASF lost 30% market share and wants to fight back…International campaign in: France, GermanyMarket: Direct Mail, Responsive design
  31. 31. Our idea / approachIntroduction of the Bright BASF Quality Repair ProgramA Bright Body Shop. aims for perfection & excellence. is recognised by insurance companies as the preferred body shop. will fulfil the 360° Bright Consultant Analysis. accepts the label‟s long-term vision and engagement towardscontinuous improvement, focused customer loyalty and cost-efficiencyResultsThe Bright Concept turns out to be a win-win for1. The body shop: keeping up good business & profitability2. Insurance companies: knowing they get value for money3. Leasing companies & car owners: keeping drivers happy4. BASF: building stronger relationships with stakeholdersExpertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Events, Interactive Design, PR Communication, Trade Fairs
  32. 32. MEREGALLIBEST WINES IN ITALYDAG COMMUNICATIONITALYObjectivesMeregalli contacted D.A.G.Communication because itsinternal communication teamwasnt able to develop agood PR activity.The publications were limitedto few wine magazines (mostof them buyed publications).Meregallis objective, instead,was to obtain visibility onnational medias: dailynewspapers, finance,lifestyle, luxury, magazines,internet information websitesof high-level targetMeregallis profileMeregalli is a high-level wine distributor company leader in Italy.Meregalli distributes one of the best Champagnes in the world,Bollinger, one of the best Italian red wines, Sassicaia, together with"modern" Bastianich and Francis Ford Coppola wines.The company distributes also spirits (brandy, armagnac, cognac) andhigh quality Italian food.International campaign in: ItalyMarket: Food & Beverage
  33. 33. Our idea / approachDAGs proposal to Meregalli was based on the following guidelines:1) Corporate PR: define a good profile of Meregalli, strenghtening thetop elements2) Product PR: concentrate efforts on the "best-sellers", mostrenowned wine. Build some top stories dedicated to particularproducts. Bollinger - 007 Champagne - was the "story leader"PR HarvestD.A.G. Communication started PR activities for Meregalli and itsbrands in 2011. In 2012 the results were 530 articles:- 5% of the publications were on TV and radio- 45% on the most important daily newspapers and weekly magazines- the majority were dedicated to Meregalli corporate communication, toBollinger, James Bond Champagne, and to SassicaiaExpertise: PR Communication
  34. 34. NNG - NNG SOFTWARE DEVELOPING ANDCOMMERCIAL LLC.EMPLOYER BOOKLETCAFÉ DESIGNHUNGARYObjectivesThe company recentlymoved into newheadquarters and hired 50programmers (still inprogress). They wanted towelcome the newcomers andcelebrate the old membersand the progress of thecompany with a newemployee „welcome kit” withan employee manual. Butthese manuals are often veryboring and almost no onereads them through. Theyasked us to createsomething memorable and asource of pride this time. Thesolution was this booklet withuseful information, historyand a map of the newbuilding but with a smartdesign.Customer informationNNG is a navigation solution provider company founded by aHungarian programmer. In the past years it became a worldwidenavigation software provider. Their main product is iGO navigationsoftware. campaign in: HungaryMarket: Software/Technology
  35. 35. Our idea / approachWe had to adapt to the official corporate identity but create somethingfun and surprising as well while not drawing attention from the content.Did not seem too easy. So we had to find a solution that supports thecontent but leads the reader through the roughest information as wellas the easy and fun parts. We started to look at the identity elementswith a different approach – how to use them as illustration in anunusual ways but we also added some extra graphics growing out ofthe elements given - thus creating a unique mood to the publication.ResultsThe company members welcomed the booklet and they were veryproud of it too. We are just organizing the 2nd edition now and sincethis project we get continuous assignments from NNG.Expertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Marketing Concepts, Packaging Design, Social Media, Video Production
  36. 36. ACPSAFETY MINUTEMEDIACONSULTINGPORTUGALObjectivesDaily in Portugal 14 childrenare victims of road accidents.In 2011 dead counts shows91 people increasedbetween pedestrians. Also,daily 15 people gets admitedat the hospital withcraneoencephalic injuries,because of cars and motoaccidents. Media Consultingdecided to act and presentedthe "Safety Minute" tv showto ACP, and change the"portuguese traffic scenario".Customer informationThe Motor Club of Portugal (ACP) is a Public utility institution, foundedin 1903, and is now recognized as the largest Portuguese club; with250.000 members.International campaign in: PortugalMarket: Consultancy, Corporate identity, Responsive design, TV
  37. 37. Our idea / approachTo reduce the number of fatalities and to resolve the road safetyproblems, we propose to ACP to create the FIRST TV SHOW inPortugal with a MEDIA PARTNER. 60 seconds of a road safety issue 5times daily (several channels) to reeducate the drivers, sequences -"Honk" and "Driver up to speed" - to the driver be aware of the trafficrules, the changes and the habbits.ResultsFour Series of 13 shows each, still going on (total:52).Facebook created by ACP daily has comments and questions aboutthe subjects. Blogs were created by viewers to talk about the laws andnon law enforcement.Great Impact on Press Media, with follow ups by the TVs.ACP asked us to create a program for Schools of "Road SafetyEducation".Expertise: Branding/Design, Creativity, Events, Interactive Design, Video Production
  38. 38. KRONOSGLOBAL LEAD GENERATIONBASE ONEGREAT BRITAINObjectivesTraditionally, Kronos hadbased all internationalmarketing on its experienceof US customers. This led toUS-centric propositionsbeing used in markets whereattitudes and workingpractices were very different.Our challenge was todevelop lead generationprograms that were moresuccessful in non-USmarkets.About KronosKronos is the market leader in workforce management solutions, morefamiliarly known as time & attendance systems. The company supplieshardware and software solutions that help companies to moreefficiently manage, monitor and deploy staff, with the objective ofraising productivity and efficiency. Most of its revenue currently comesfrom the US but it is looking to expand into overseas markets.International campaign in: Australia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Spain, USAMarket: Consultancy
  39. 39. Our approach for a global strategyWe conducted prospect interviews in key geographies (US, Europe,China, India, Brazil, Mexico) which enabled us to identify a three-tiermessaging strategy:1. In accelerating markets (eg Mexico) companies need control over arapidly growing workforce2. In maturing markets (eg China), the years of rapid growth were overand companies think more about strategic planning3. In established markets (eg Europe and US) companies want toaddress both productivity and compliance issues.We then developed a single creative campaign to support this strategy,upon which we based an email-based lead-generation campaign.Better results from local propositionsThe campaign has been the most successful global lead generationever.The previous campaign, which used standardized messaging to allcountries achieved 76 MQLs (marketing qualified leads) from 264responses (at the time, these were the best results ever). The Controlcampaign, delivered 682 MQLs from 1,256 responses – almost a 10xincrease.Expertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Events, Interactive Design, Marketing Concepts, Online Marketing& SEO
  40. 40. HAVI LOGISTICS GMBHCUSTOMER MAGAZINE / ALPHABETSANDER WERBUNGGERMANYObjectivesPitch for the relaunch of thecustomer magazine“alphabet” in English. Thepurpose is to present thecustomers with a new,modern, informative and wellstructures appearance withrecall value. Therefore aconsistent visual conceptionas well as a definite layoutare absolutely necessary.Customer informationThe HAVI Logistics GmbH positions itself in 37 European countries asthe Lead Logistics Provides for the Food-Service-Industry. HAVIsupplies not only the McDonalds restaurants in Europe but since 2001also concentrates on the winning of new strategic clients from the fieldof Quick-Service-Restaurants, shops at gas stations and cateringbusinesses. Clients are for example: McDonald‟s, BP, CompassGroup, IKEA, Le Pain Quotidien, Nordsee, OMV and Vapiano.International campaign in: GermanyMarket: Business Services
  41. 41. Our idea / approachDevelopment of a modern, professional brochure in the style of amagazine with contemporary issues which animate the reader to readon just by looking at the title. Authenticity, vitality and dynamic aresupposed to mirror in the images. Credibility and competence arecommunicated through the journalistic look of the brochure. Emotion,easy topics and entertainment underline the magazine-like character.The title is the heart of the magazine, followed by additional segmentslike “Environment”, “Development” or “Just a Moment”.ResultsReflection of the professional and respectable image of the businessthrough the customer magazine. Source for information for existingand potential customers in the Food-Service-Industry. alphabetcommunicates closeness and gives information.The magazinebecomes a medium for sustainable corporate publishing andcommunicates the brands image and valuesExpertise: Branding/Design
  42. 42. FRAISA SAPRODUCT LITERATURESANDER WERBUNGGERMANYObjectivesDevelopment of a consistentpresence in productliterature, starting with theimage-brochure, over theproduct- and on to the newdeveloped branch-brochuresas well as mailings andspecial flyers.Customer informationFraisa, the Swiss family business with international orientationproduces cutting tools for metalworking on the worldwide market. Thebusiness, founded in 1934, has 450 employees and with that is one ofthe leading manufacturers in this field. Fraisa stands for the highesttechnological standard, creative engineering, ideal quality andteamwork on all levels.International campaign in: Germany, SwitzerlandMarket: Industry
  43. 43. Our idea / approachPush the focus to the product (drill/cutter). The connecting element forthis in every medium is the metallic background (raw material) togetherwith elliptical red lines (cutting). Pictograms of the different branchesand products help orientation. The generous layout of image motifstogether with the display of products should depict a clear image ofFraisa.ResultsConsistent external appearance through a number of printed objectstogether with a high recognition to strengthen the brand.Expertise: Branding/Design
  44. 44. SERRES OY – VIESERJOIN THE DARK SIDERECOMMENDEDSWEDENObjectivesGeneralEstablish Vieser as acompetitive brand on theSwedish market – initial aimmarket position-wise:number two.SpecificCreate interest: make thetarget audience talk aboutVieser, make them want totry our floor drains.Target audiencesPlumbing and tilingcompanies, major buildingcontractors, architects andHVAC-consultants (heating &sanitation).About Serres Oy and their brand VieserSerres Oy is a highly specialised plastics manufacturer focusing ondeveloping, manufacturing and marketing innovative products forhealth care and building industry. We currently work with the latter,Vieser – a leading Scandinavian brand of drainage systems forbuildings. Vieser is an absolute market leader in Finland – 90 %market share – fairly well established in Norway/Denmark andbasically non-existent in Sweden. The main product is floor drains.International campaign in: Finland, SwedenMarket: Plastics Manufacturing
  45. 45. Think black/Join the dark sideWe developed a concept called "Think black" positioning Vieser as thechallenger – technical as well colour-wise.The campaign/activity presented here is an ad encouraging clients tovisit a major construction fair and pictures from Viesers stand.The idea "Join the dark side" is naturally inspired by StarWars and theneed to communicate black vs white. Plus that the floor drain looks abit like Vaders helmet. The mannequin in the stand was dressed in top-of-the-line work clothes and a part of a competition – to get leads –where the desirable first prize was the clothes and helmet.ResultsThe exihibition was a tremendous success and the number of leadsexceeded expectations by far. An "unfortunate" example of the positiveattention was that the mannequins clothes and helmet was stolen theday before the fair opened.In general the concept "Think black" has turned out very well andVieser is well on their way towards the number two position.Expertise: Marketing Concepts, Trade Fairs
  46. 46. BPW BERGISCHE ACHSEN KGECO DISC CHALLENGEANSEL & MÖLLERSGERMANYObjectivesClient„s proposed challengeFor the market launch of ournew an easy to changebrake discs, we want to havea nice an likablepromotion/activity whichbrings us closer to our clientsand gives us high attentionand (social-) media coverageon a reasonable budget.Customer informationBackgroundBPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft is a leadingmanufacturer of running gear systems for the commercial vehiclesindustry world wide. From axle bearing technology through thesuspension and brake to the electronic braking system, BPW offerstrailer running gears with components which are perfectly synchronisedwith each other.The telematics applications of BPW are particularly user-friendly andcontribute to an efficient fleet management.International campaign in: GermanyMarket: Consultancy
  47. 47. Our idea / approachThe big idea“ECO DISC CHALLENGE”We were looking for “The Fast And The Furious” of the brake discchangers.Casting of the best mechanics to do the job via upload of YouTubeVideos and pictures and some reason why they are the best.10 teams were invited to beat the given record time of brake discchanges held by the BPW-Professional-Team.The strategic key elements- promotion-tool to generate high interest - pr campaign (social-media)ResultsIn what way results have been accomplished?- 10 Events in two months- app. 100 participants- app. 50 YouTube Videos for participation- 4,330 page impressions on microsite- Media coverage in all relevant trade publicationsExpertise: Events, PR Communication
  48. 48. CITY OF ANTWERPTIME FOR ANTWERPBBCBELGIUMObjectivesWhen organising trips toBelgium, Brussels mostlytops the list of travel and/orevent promoters. They oftencombine their visit to thecapital of Europe with a tripto another Belgian city:Bruges, Ghent, Liège,… orAntwerp. The new campaignhas to put Antwerp firmly onthe map for tourists andmeetcentive travellers – as apocket-sized metropolis,historical and contemporary.Customer informationAntwerp Tourism & Convention promotes Antwerp as a tourist andevent destination. The city wants to stand out in its communicationtowards travel agencies and promoters, event organisers, etc. That iswhy Antwerp Tourism & Convention is looking for a striking umbrellacommunication concept.International campaign in: Belgium, France, Germany, Great BritainMarket: Travel & Tourism
  49. 49. Our idea / approachHistorical, yet contemporary? You could even go as far as saying thatAntwerp keeps its own time. So, we take a historical date in Antwerp‟shistory and turn it into a time of day. An example: 1589, the year inwhich the young Rubens (the city‟s most famous inhabitant) moves toAntwerp, becomes 15:89 – a non-existing, triggering time of day, in thetypography of a clock radio.The key message? Time for Antwerp. Antwerp Tourism & Conventioninvites operators to tell their customers that now is the time to visitAntwerp – for whatever reason: Rubens, fashion, diamonds or theatmosphere of a world port.ResultsNot only a concepts that fits perfect with the city itself, sales materialwas also completly digitalised and adapted for the users:• Online guide completly digital and adaptable• Full attention on the fair (compaired to other cities)• One beautiful leave-behind + personal digital collateral via iPad app.• Great respons of target groups on all levelsExpertise: Branding/Design, Creativity, Interactive Design, Marketing Concepts, Trade Fairs
  50. 50. MIBAPICTURE YOUR CAREER WITH VISION - EMPLOYER BRANDINGCAMPAIGNSPS-MARKETINGAUSTRIAObjectivesThe recruitment of highlyskilled staff has becomeenormously difficult in thetechnology business. TheEmployer BrandingCampaign is a substantialcontribution to strengtheningthe employer brand Mibainternally and externally. Themain objective is to positionMiba as an Employer ofChoice by 2015 and,furthermore, to make Mibaemployees act asenthusiastic BrandAmbassadors.Customer informationMiba, headquartered in Laakirchen, Austria, is an international groupproducing high-performance and technologically demanding powertrain components. Miba‟s technology and wealth of experience makemotor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft and power plants more efficient,more powerful and more environmentally friendly. Miba has more than4,000 employees at 20 production sites worldwide and generated 2012a turnover of EUR 592.6 million.International campaign in: AustriaMarket: Industrial manufacturing
  51. 51. Our idea / approachA sound analysis by SPS MARKETING, the subsequent strategy, anda precisely coordinated communication schedule form the basis of theEmployer Branding Concept. The creative idea is derived from thecorporate philosophy, which focuses on the employees‟ professionaland personal development. So, it‟s only logical that the images showpeople who are talking about their freedom to develop and thefascinating possibilities at Miba. The images are mainly artwork andtherefore stand out from the mainstream. The campaign isimplemented by using a mix of communication channels. The mainmotto: Picture your career with vision.ResultsThe communication tools have successfully being used in differentmedia and at job fairs.Expertise: Branding/Design, Business/Brand Strategy, Creativity, Events, HR Communication, Interactive Design, MarketingConcepts, Online Marketing & SEO, Trade Fairs, Video Production