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  • Programmatic advertising has made an important impact on todays adverrtising industry. Programmactic advertising is a proces of media buying an automated way through digital platforms, programmatic buying is the technology that enables us to bid on an induvidual user ba
  • Growth market. The RTB spendwillbe 10 timesbigger in 2017 -
  • Revoluzionized advertising in general- greatdevelopment, -great performanceTwitter- Mopa- mobile ead programmaticbuying
  • Specificneeds of specificbrands are lost- youcan’t make brand stand out- slap in the face-
  • Programmatic ad campaigns are fully automated solutions with little ability to customizeGeneric, non-brand aligned Standardized, template based creativesAudience segmentation limited to place in funnel, categoryLacking ability to deliver the right message to the right audience
  • There is 3 major challenges: #1 Noy only bigger in size, but also in complexity and making meaningfull connections between silo’s of unconnected data. Imagine site like, 67 days in order to make a booking#3 Coping w ultra dynamic Ultra dynamic flexibility- flexible pricesSearch limitations: Limited branding, few shopping-related queries, low time spent, expensive key words
  • Just to remind you about the decision making proces in travel by nielsen. Staying top of mind of that user during that process is crucial and to be able to do that and trigger the user’s mindset during this journey which start with orientation and which end with
  • today’s tehcnologies: It is possible today to adapt campaigns for fit specific goals. Inspiration- storming weather, going to looking to be insired- sunny images- awareness over time, keep the brand top of mind- revenue from non-ticket sales- #1 area where airlines can acutally earn margins.Long-term repeat purchases- after 6 months another ski vacation this winter- loyaly club acqusition- travel is considered a comodity, airlines want to push hard to be a loyaly club. Incremental value- business goals aan d implement them in the campaign
  • The more targetd the group the more efficient the campaignwillbe-Withtoday’savailableamount of data it is veryobviousthat these data shallbeusedforcampaignoptimizationAnyonelooking at hotes in barcelonal, or anyone look the loyalty club member scetionand a 5* hotelUser attibutes- gender, familiy status, loyalty club member, crm data
  • Prospects: visited HP or deals section. Open to optionsHigh value travelers: business-related, families with kids, long flights, full packagesResearch users: entered dates NOT in near future
  • The combination of both human brain and machine learning algoritm make the impact of usch campaigns very powerfullActionable data insights-behavioural pattern- Machine- fine tuned- mirco segmentation- determined 6-7 segements, based on business goals- machine learns that business travellers that book between 2-4 pm are the biggest spenders- machine has finetuned the segmentData over time- future potential- but also past user history.
  • If user looked at hotel in new york, yo will show him that hotel he looked at but also a hotel that you have a good deal with,
  • Performance data: Full set of KPIs per segment including revenue, conversions, AOV, impressions, spend, eCPC, clicks, CTR, and ROI and performance comparison across all segments.Creative data: Segment-level creative performance comparisonAnalytics and insights: Traffic source breakdown, geographical distribution, AOVs over time, top selling categories and more
  • Performance data: Full set of KPIs per segment including revenue, conversions, AOV, impressions, spend, eCPC, clicks, CTR, and ROI and performance comparison across all segments.Creative data: Segment-level creative performance comparisonAnalytics and insights: Traffic source breakdown, geographical distribution, AOVs over time, top selling categories and more
  • Global leader in programmatic advertising, turning big data in incremental demand.
  • My things etravelsummit

    1. 1. Programmatic Advertising Customized for Travel October 2013 Tanja Sanders Managing Director Benelux, Nordics, ROW
    2. 2. Real time ad market today Programmatic advertising and big data have disrupted the industry: Greater campaign efficiencies Improved ROI
    3. 3. The programmatic opportunity 10x 4x RTB Spend Worldwide RTB-based spending will grow from $2.7 billion in 2012 to $20.8 billion in 2017 Real-Time Bidding in the United States and Worldwide, 2012-2017 (Sep. 2013) ~2x Mobile RTB Spend Video RTB Spend Mobile RTB spend to quadruple in 2014, to reach $1.9 billion by 2016 (US only) Video RTB spend to nearly double in 2014, to reach $1.7 billion in 2017 (US only)
    4. 4. The programmatic opportunity New “kids” on the block Reportedly coming next
    5. 5. Real time ad market today However, it’s a compromise Knowledge is not shared with the true owners of the data Campaign customization is limited
    6. 6. Real time ad market today Limited campaign customization Little ability to customize campaigns to meet specific business and branding goals
    8. 8. Challenges of real time travel advertising Leveraging BIG data which is even bigger in travel Keeping brand top-of-mind during prolonged decision-making process Ultra-dynamic verticalNeed for great degree of flexibility
    9. 9. THE LONG JOURNEY OF TRAVEL CONSUMERS 67 DAYS 26.3 SITES 60.4 VISITS OVER 27.1 SESSIONS SPENDING TOTAL OF 4 HRS 48 MINUTES PRIOR TO PURCHASE finding the right ad mix throughout this journey is a challenge Source:
    10. 10. Business-driven customization in travel Adapting programmatic campaigns to fit an advertiser’s unique business & branding goals Prospects Inspiration Awareness over time Customers Short term cross-selling Acquisition Ancillary revenue Long term repeat purchases Loyalty club acquisition Incremental revenue = Acquiring new business + maximizing value of existing business …and integrating them throughout the entire programmatic ad campaign chain
    11. 11. Business-driven customization in travel …and integrating them throughout the entire programmatic ad campaign chain Customized business-driven segments Customized creative Customized pricing models Customized optimization models
    12. 12. Customized segments Pinpoint targeting Consumer journey Hotels, packages, flights User activities Engagement User value User geo location CRM Data
    13. 13. Customized segments Recommended retargeting segmentation plan in line with business goals Incremental revenue Inspiration Awareness Awareness over time Acquisition Acquisition Acquisition DEFAULT PROSPECTS HIGH VALUE TRAVELERS INTERESTED FAMILIES MIDWEEK SHOPPERS CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ADD SEGMENT Repeat purchases ALL USERS Incremental revenue RESEARCH PHASE USERS ALL USERS LAST MINUTE DEALS Incremental revenue Incremental revenue Ongoing Seasonal
    14. 14. Customized creatives Non-template, fully customized creative
    15. 15. Segmented retargeting campaigns Prospects Segment Price Interested families Segment Price B A Personalized products Midweek shoppers Segment Price c Seasonal retargeting Segment Price D
    16. 16. Customized optimization models Segment configuration Man Segment pricing Ongoing optimization Actionable data insights Fine-tuned micro segmentation Dynamic creative optimization & Machine Highly efficient programmatic media buying Lifetime value optimization
    17. 17. Taking a programmatic travel campaign to the next level The impact of CRM data in travel: Ability to leverage highly valuable data (e.g. data related to loyalty club & product margins) Ability to accurately target users based on long term consumer view
    18. 18. The end result Differentiated programmatic campaigns with unique pricing, creative, messaging and sequence For every user segment.
    19. 19. Success Story 0.64% 5.2% 5-6x higher than standard display Significantly higher than site average CTR PCCR Based on over 7 million impressions “We are very pleased with the solid performance we keep on seeing with myThings. Coupled with its dedicated account services, we consider myThings to be an essential tool for increasing conversions in the travel vertical." ” Wesley Koolen Roomport Internet Manager
    20. 20. New approach to display advertising From black box to glass box
    21. 21. Enhancing transparency Segment-level audience transparency Performance data Creative performance Analytics and Insights
    22. 22. Enhancing transparency Media transparency Domain-level performance Top publishers per network RTB win rates % of new customers from each media channel
    23. 23. To summarize Current state of real time ad market: Programmatic advertising disrupting industry Nonetheless, it has created two key pains: uniformity and limited visibility Customizing programmatic travel campaigns Taking it to the next level: Providing complete visibility into campaign
    24. 24. About myThings 150+ employees 5 billion impressions per month 60+ engineers, PhDs and data analysis experts 7 billion RTB requests handled per day 100% proprietary platform 300+ Partnerships with premium media networks & sites
    26. 26. Thank you Email: t a n j a . s a n d e r s @ m y T h i n g s . c o m Mobile: 06 4 4 - 2 9 5 4 1 1 Twitter: @ t a n j a s a n d e r s