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Payment Innovation session at the 2013 E-Tourism Africa Summit by Christopher Wood from Nedbank

Payment Innovation session at the 2013 E-Tourism Africa Summit by Christopher Wood from Nedbank

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  • 1. The following information is strictly confidential, is to remain in-house at Nedbank Group, is for in-house purposes only, and may not be disseminated to outsiders. Attendees and staff members are reminded that they are legally bound by all constraints imposed upon them in regard to privacy of Bank information whether in terms of their contracts of employment including the declaration of secrecy, and/or any and all codes and policies relating to conduct, including those restrictive as to share dealings, and in particular insider trading. NEDBANK GROUP INNOVATION PAYMENTS INNOVATION - POCKETPOS CHRIS WOOD HEAD: GROUP INNOVATION @CJWZA
  • 2. The evolution of payments had a slow start… Barter 3000 BC: The Shekel 180 grains of barley (11 grams) Chinese: The Cowry shell Precious metals 600BC: Coins 7th Century: Paper money 1816: The gold std 1950: Diners1959 (‘72): ATM92: 1st chip card ‘81: 1st online bank 1717: BoE printed 1st cheque ‘95: Contactless
  • 3. 3 But without a doubt, the future is mobile… In South Africa: • Mobile phone penetration is measured at greater than 100% • More users access the net through their mobile device than traditional desktops • More digital goods are bought on mobile phones than physical goods • But…The rate of growth of “real world” products is rising at a faster rate than that of digital products • As smartphone penetration increases, payment capabilities and user experience will increase the sale of physical product through mobile
  • 4. 4 Which is changing consumer’s buying behaviour
  • 5. 5 2011 2012 2016 $106bn $617bn $172bn Source: Gartner Mobile payments will represent US$ 617bn by 2016…partially new money, but largely disintermediation of current bank revenues Gartner indicates 52 payments based innovations across the Hype Cycle, while the whole of Banking and Investment services together reflect only 33!
  • 6. 6 Innovation @ Nedbank Home Page
  • 7. 7 What is Nedbank PocketPOS?
  • 8. 8 Driving Innovation with Payments in Mind • The first ever EMV certified mobile payments device to be launched in Africa • Turns your mobile phone or tablet into a card accepting device • Allows small or mobile business and sales people to accept payments wherever there is a cell signal • Reduces the need to deal with cash and reduces cash deposit fees • Call out services can be paid on site, rather than waiting for online payments to be made, which are often delayed • Smaller and cheaper than traditional Point of Sale devices, allowing more businesses to accept cards • Available as an app download on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices
  • 9. 9 And we believe the mobile payments landscape is OPEN App Development Type Provision of an Application Programming Interface (API) for wider adoption… Open API Partner Development Integrators  Available for download directly from Nedbank  Multiple Operating systems  Style guide included (Nedbank CI where applicable)  Nedbank develops an app solution together with strategic partners  Third party developers assist to integrate into partner environment  Nedbank payment capability integrated into Retail integrators e.g. Micros solution  Integrators supply payment capability  Single Payment API made readily available to be used across devices  Nedbank as a trusted partner in payments acceptance and development in mobile
  • 10. 10 Thank you! Please visit the and stand outside! CHRIS WOOD HEAD: GROUP INNOVATION @CJWZA